A/N: This is written thanks to inspiration I got from Frizzy's wonderful Magnetic Attraction. I have her permission to use the Veela theme.

A/N II: This story is written for pure fun. Characters may be OOC and everything is just crazy. And this is secondary to my Golden Snitch.

Milk Is My Sugar

1. Snowfall

The Central Garden, situated in the middle of the Hogwarts School. A rather large, square-shaped field of grass, surrounded by gothic columns from all four sides. Several stony benches scattered all across the open place. Safety from the outside world, safety from the tempests of the nature.

It was the beautiful green heart of Hogwarts, both day and night.

It was thirteen days to Draco Malfoy's seventh year at school. He was sitting on one of those stony benches, watching the sky with an elated expression over his pale features. The time was close to ten in the evening, yet the sun was still slumbering in the horizon. Hundreds of gothic windows that were inlayed in the fortress' walls were reflecting its orange-pink glow.

Draco stirred his eyes. He looked around, at the enormous castle walls that closed his small figure deep inside their stony embrace. He could not see the horizon from his place in the middle of the high walls, but it was important that he knew it was there. It was important he knew that the sun was there.

Draco dropped his head down, allowing a couple of radiant blonde locks intrude his vision. The sun meant everything for him. It was his salvation, and his damnation.

"Fuck this all…" the young wizard muttered at himself. "Sometimes I really wish I was born somebody else."

Draco fumbled for something in his robe pocket. When finding it, he sighed with relief. Careful with his movements, he pulled out a small argent cube of the size of a match box. It felt ice cold in his fingers. Smirking, Draco straightened his back, moistened his finger between his lips and checked the wind. Only a soft coil made his wet fingertip prickle. It was so weak that it didn't even make his hair twirl.


With crowning care, he opened the miniscule box and dredged a barely discernible path of silvery powder over his left forefinger. Then he brought the finger under his nose and inhaled all of the diamond-coloured dust, with a firm breath of air.

"Damn… So bitter…"

Closing his eyes, he held his breathing for some time, slightly grimacing at the burning feeling inside his head. He felt his body tremble, the blood in his veins freeze. He cringed and fell to the ground, covering his temples with his pale hands. And then, finally, the relief was gracious enough to melt over him, letting him float into bliss and liberation.

"Yes… So good… Perhaps I survive… yet another day…"

A loud clatter of a fallen broomstick distracted Draco from his thoughts. It had come from the stone-floored gangway that circled the green garden from all four sides. Draco tried to decide from which direction the sound had come, standing up to gain some self-control. However, he couldn't help glancing around in a nervous manner, like a helpless caribou in the middle of a forest glade. His heart jumped in his throat when he got a glimpse of shiny black hair.

Harry Potter stepped forwards, under the orange sunlight, looking both horrified and angry.

"Oh, fuck."

Harry was at Draco's side in mere ten seconds. Swiftly, he snapped the little box from Draco's hand and took it under a severe examination of his exceptionally green eyes. Draco was sizzling.

"Hey! Give that back to me, Potter!" he yelled, very annoyed, furrowing his dark silver brows in a menacing manner.

"I really don't think so, Malfoy! Are you mad?" Harry hissed, "Using drugs isn't exactly what you are allowed do in this school!"

"It's none of your fucking business, Potter, what I do and do not with my life!" the Slytherin retorted, stepping closer to the Gryffindor. "Give the damn box right back here!"

"Well fuck you, Malfoy! I'm very serious with this! Tell me, how many younger students have you already brainwashed to using this stuff, you fucking drug dealer?" Harry rampaged, waving the cube in his hand rather carelessly.

Draco flinched with fright. He stretched out his hand and looked at the Gryffindor severely. "It is solely for my own convenience, you fuckwit. I'm not a drug dealer. I wouldn't let anybody else take that stuff, even if they crawled begging at my feet."

"Yeah, and the likelihood of me believing you is just as big as the likelihood of somebody actually crawling at your feet, Malfoy," Harry huffed. "I'm going straight to the Headmaster for this."

"Then go! Go and whine to that old goat, I don't fucking care! Just give that box back to me right this instant! The contents of it are very hard to get, plus very expensive!" Draco said with menacing, low tone and tried to snatch the cube from Harry.

"As if I cared!" Harry sneered, avoiding Draco's attack. "In fact, I'm going to make sure that this particular share isn't going to spoil anybody's lives anymore. Not even yours, although heaven knows how much I'd like to stuff this all up your prim nose in one draft, and give you an overdose. So look… Here falls your precious snow."

With those words, Harry wrenched the lid of the box open, letting the fine shining powder flutter down on the green grass like icing sugar on a cake.

Draco went completely colourless with shock.

"Aaaaaargh! You fucking stupid damnable motherfucker! Prick! Retarded dickhead!" Draco roared at Harry, leaping at the Gryffindor, hitting Harry's jaw with his left fist rather unceremoniously. "Bloody fucking sordid IDIOT!"

Harry was taken by surprise and staggered back, holding his face. "Shit, Malfoy! That stuff has obviously made you completely rampant nuts!"

"You say that I am rampant nuts, you muckrake? I am nuts? Ha! Do you have any idea what you have just done? You complete ass, you just happened to destroy the rest of my school term totally and irreversibly! You just happened to destroy my fucking personal life as well! I'm going to tell Dumbledore!" Draco fumed.

"You are going to tell Dumbledore?" Harry raised his brows, spitting blood. "What the fuck are you ranting about?"

Harry watched in daze as Draco strode past him, back towards the castle, muttering something about Harry going to be very sorry for what he had done.

Without knowing exactly why, the Gryffindor ran after the Slytherin.