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Severus paced in front of the large grandfather clock that stood in the hall. Where on earth could they be. They had promised to be there at seven exactly and now it was fifteen till eight. They weren't going to be allowed to do anything if they didn't show up before the sun went down. A large crash came from the living room followed by a woman yelling.
" You two should be ashamed of yourselves bursting in here like that. You could have hurt some one."
Hearing this Severus ran with all he had to the living room. " Its all right Mrs. Lupin. Really it is. We love having your boys over."

Severus rounded the corner and slid to a stop behind his mother. The glass coffee table that once sat in front of the couch was now in several thousand pieces. Mrs. Lupin whipped out her wand and repaired the table the grabbed the twins by the ears.

"You apologize right now or we go straight home."

The boys looked at each other then at their shoes. " We're sorry Mrs. Snape. Please don't be mad. We didn't mean to. Honest."

Mrs. Snape knew better those two had been breaking something things in her house for years now. They especially like the coffee table cause of the sound it made when it shattered. She smiled and hugged the two boys.

"Now why don't you two go find Sev and .. Well there he is. Why don't you three run along and play while Mrs. Lupin and I talk."

The boys looked at each other and ran from the room. They stopped in a large bed room that was covered in green and silver. Severus personally hated green and silver. He was afraid to say anything though. His father was a Slytherin in school and hoped the same for his son. The large door slammed behind him they then turned and hit the closest twin Romulus in the arm.

"I have been waiting for almost an hour where were you two." He stood and glared at the two of them. They had been friends since the Lupins moved in down the street when he was three. Which would have made that four years ago. If his math was correct.

" We got a bit lost. Ended up in a joke shop on Diagon Alley I think. Mum wasn't too happy. We did nic... I mean get you a present." Said Remus who then turned to look at his brother. They both smiled simultaneously. Sev hated when they did that. It always meant trouble. Remus turned back and stuck his hand in side of the sleeve of his robes. His hand returned to sight full of Dung Bombs. " Its al we had time to grab before Mum showed and drug us off."

The boys sat in the floor and made plans for the bombs. They had been having the best time too, then their mum's had to come and ruin all the fun by telling them that it was past their bed time.
" Why do we have to go to bed. We aren't sleepy at all. And you and Mrs. Lupin will be up for at least two or three more hours." Sev yawned in protest. " Just a little while longer. Please."

The mom's looked at each other and then agreed and left again. The boys moved from the floor to the bed Romulus sat quietly and stared out the window, while the other two played exploding snaps. Just on the other side of the fence around the back yard of the rather large Snape Estate was a large wooded area that the boys were never allowed play in or even near. They didn't understand why exactly. Sev never questioned his parents when they said no. Well, he had once but he didn't come out of it very well.

" Remus," Romulus said turning from the window to face to two boys. " You and Sev want to play a game?"

" I am always up for a good game? But a game of what my dear brother?"

" Oh nothing special just hide-and-seek. In the wood back there."

" Oh no! We cant do that. My mum and dad will have my head if I even think about going in there. Cant we play in side or something you guys. Please guys I don't want to get into trouble." Sev always ended up begging for them to not do something at one point or another during their visits. It almost never worked, but he always tried.

" We do risk a chance of getting caught brother. I mean both our mum's are down stairs." Remus almost sounded like he was agreeing with Sev.

" Look its easy you guys. We just wait till they are in the living room having the last of about seven night caps and we god quietly through the kitchen and out the back door. There is nothing in those woods that will hurt us. I asked dad. Now come on. It will be fun you can count Sev and we will hide and you only have to get one of us then we'll switch. Come on."

" Okay. But if we get caught I swear I will never forgive either of you." Why did he always have to give into them?

The boys followed Romulus's plan and it went off with out a hitch. The boys played for what felt like hours the moon was full and gave enough light you would have thought the sun was still shinning. The three boys had decided that this would be there last time to play then they would go right up to bed. It was once again Sev's turn to count. He couldn't believe that he hadn't wanted to play. He hid his eyes and began to count to 100 as loud as he could. He finished counting then went in search of his friends. He wandered only a few trees in when he heard a giggle.

" I'll get you if your aren't quiet." He warned. Then went in the direction of the noise. He thought for sure that he had one of them. But no they had gotten away. The twins always hid together never alone. Sev thought that it was a twin thing. They had told him once that if they were ever apart for a long period of time they would both surly die. He believed it too. Those two couldn't do any thing alone. Sev thought of his two friends as he wondered along. He had almost for got they were playing until he heard a noise in front of him. There they are he thought. He wasn't going to warn them about being loud this time. As he walked closer he could hear his friends try to snicker as softly as they could. Sev smiled and inched closer. He stopped when their laughter did. He had no idea which way to go if they were quite. A low growling noise rang through out the woods. Sev stood unable to move. Its just them. Nothing to be afraid of. He stepped closer. A scream came from in front of him. It wasn't an ordinary one either who ever it was, was in a lot of pain.
Sev turned and ran he knew he had to get help for who ever it was. If this was their idea of a joke he swore they would kill him. Please don't be hurt to bad. He emerged from the woods and ran right into Mrs. Lupin.
" Remus and Romulus..."

" Just stay here" she said before he could finish.

Sev sat there alone with only the moon for company. The screams had stopped shortly after his mom and Mrs. Lupin had entered the woods. He felt like he had sitting there for days. I hope every thing is okay. Please let everyone be okay. He thought these words over and over again. He saw his mum and Mrs. Lupin coming toward him carrying something. He knew instantly something was wrong they were walking to slowly for every thing to be fine. The look on Mrs. Lupin's face when she stepped into the light confirmed his fears. As they came closer he could see his friend both life less and dripping with blood. The flesh on one of there arms had been ripped completely off. Leaving the bone exposed. Sev felt sick.

"Are they." he could barely get the words out as they passed. His mother shook her head and kept walking. He could see they were both still breathing but not like the should be. He ran ahead of them to get the door. He knew that he had to do all he could to help he couldn't let then die. He wasn't going to let them die. If he had only found them sooner none of this would have happened.


Severus straight up in his bed, cold sweat dripping down his face. It had been six months since the accident in the woods. His parents had been acting funny about the whole thing too. When ever he asked about them they would act like they didn't know who he was talking about or that they even really existed. The twins had not been to school and the teacher wouldn't talk about it either. The only trace of there existence left were the Dung Bombs that he hid in a box under the floor boards of his closet. He had made a vow never to set them off unless the three of them could do it together like they had planned that night.
Sev lay there and tossed and turned till he finally gave up. There was no point in trying to go back to sleep he would only have the dream again. He slowly got out of bed, threw on some robes and walked down to the kitchen. His mother was sitting at the table. She looked like she had a bad night sleep too.

"You okay mum?" he asked. She jumped when she heard his voice.

" Your up early. You feeling alright?" She said shoving a piece of parchment into the pocket of her robes.
" I am fine mum. Who's the letter from?"
" Its nothing dear. You hungry? "
" No. Not really. Mum I had the dream again. I have been having it almost every night now. Why wont you tell me any thing? Where are my friends, Mum? What happened to them? I need to know something? Anything , Mum Please!" Sev sat startled by what had just came from his mouth. He knew he was going to be in big trouble for bringing it up again but he didn't care he really did need some kind of answer from her.

" Severus, Why don't you just forget about them. You just need to find new friends and forget all about the twins." She turned around and to faced the cabinet she had just opened. " Now what do you want for breakfast?" she had turned back around to find the chair her son had been in was now empty.

Sev stormed back up to his room. For get his friends. Make new ones. What kind of mom was she anyway. How could she say things like that? How was he supposed to forget his two best friends? Mrs. Lupin was her Friend was she just going to forget all about her too. " I bet that letter was from her" he mumbled. He flopped down on his bed to think. He could always write Mrs. Lupin or the twins. The owl was gone so much with letters that dad was sending to people and he had no idea where they were. There was no sign of life at their house. He couldn't just let them think that he had forgotten them but there was nothing that he could do. The letter. It might say something about where they are. He jumped up and ran back to the kitchen. He arrived just in time to watch the last of the letter turn into ash.

"Forget them Sev. Its best if you just forget all about them." He watched the fire burn and die out it didn't leave a trace of the letter. There was nothing left to do but to just try and forget.