Chapter 10

Severus stood in the headmaster's office for what seemed like the millionth time in his life. He was alone for the moment; Dumbledore was talking with the head of house for Griffindor about a proper punishment for the boys. They would not get as harsh a punishment as he would of course he was the one who was up side down. He sat down next the window on the table in front of him was a large black book. It looked to be as old as the headmaster, maybe even older. Severus stuffed is hand into his pocket, nothing there. Nothing in the other one either. He began looking on the floor of the office and again nothing. He sank back into the chair. He tried to think maybe he left them in his bag. As Severus got up he noticed that the book was now open and there was writing on the page.

"Don't bother looking they aren't there either Severus."

"What the hell?" Severus mumbled. He looked back at the book. The next sentence started to appear

"Language, Severus, Language."

Severus couldn't stop staring at the book. How did it know what he was looking for?

"I do know what you are looking for. The letters are currently being given to the headmaster; they have had some nasty things added to them and the name has been changed. Oh dear. It looks like you might be getting into a lot of trouble this time. I would suggest that you watch you temper in the future young master Severus."

What was it talking about? The book was just as crazy as the stupid old goat that they had running the school. Severus Jumped at the doors to the office flew open.

"I suggest you sit down Mr. Snape, we have something I think we need to discuss." Severus did as he was told. It did no good to argue anyway.

"Can you explain this to me?" Severus was handed the two letters that he had dropped earlier. He opened then and the book was right they had been changed. They were now from and to that Evans girl. One sounded like a scared little girl and begged him to leave her alone the other was from him made his face turn red both from embarrassment and anger. He couldn't believe that anyone, with the exception of James Potter, would want to do any of those things to that mudblood.

"I am sending you home tonight. You will be allowed to return next year at the start of the term. I am surprised at you Severus. I really thought you weren't like the rest of them. You will be allowed to finish your exams over the summer at the Ministry; it will of course be at your own expense. On you way out tell Sirius that he can come in now."

Severus got up slowly and left the room. He was still trying to figure this out. What was he going to tell his mother?

"Did ikle Snivelus get him self detention for writing naughty letters?" Sirius's voice had brought him back from his thoughts.

"It was you weren't it?" Severus had not note of anger or any emotion at all, in his voice.

"Only partly," Sirius said rather bitterly. "Remus did the charm to change things I just told him what to make it say."

"Never were the brains behind any of it were you Black." Severus turned to walk away and Sirius grabbed his robes and swung him around and shoved him into a wall. Severus pushed him backwards. Sirius hit the banister and would have gone over if Severus wouldn't have caught him by the front of his robes and threw him in the direction of the headmaster office.

"Look I don't want to fight with you right now Black. Just go get what ever award of service to the school it is that you are going to get and leave me alone." Severus turned walked away. He could have flattened Sirius right there but he just couldn't see the good it would do. It only would have gotten him into more trouble and he was in enough already thinks to that jerk. He would have other opportunities to get him just not now.

He returned to his room and packed all of his things and then began dragging his trunk to the front steps of the school where he was going to wait for whoever it was that was going to take him home. His plans to sit quietly and wait to leave didn't last long, in fact he had only been sitting there for about thirty minutes when the front doors to the school burst open and the Marauder came charging out.

"So, you got kicked out?" James said loudly as the rest of the gang snickered. Severus just sat on his trunk and stared at the gravel path. They could have there fun. It's been what they were waiting for since they started school there. He wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of letting them know that they were getting to him. He was going to just sit there and wait.

"Wow," a cold voice said in his ear, "Getting kicked out in the middle of your OWLs, mommy wont like that. Well, I guess you will always have that little muggle girlfriend of yours to comfort you. That is if she is still talking to you after she gets our letter." Severus started to shake. I have to ignore them he kept telling himself. How could they send her a letter? She is not use to getting owls; she won't know what to do. The more he thought the madder he became. It was one thing for them to pick on him but Emily. They didn't even know her.

"I think you hit a nerve there Remie. What don't think it was funny that we told your little whore......"

Severus had all he was going to take. If they wanted a fight they where going to get just that. He grabbed Sirius by the neck and lifted him from the ground. The other three stood frozen and watched as their friends feet dangled several inches above the step he was standing on just moments before. Snape still shaking with anger flung Sirius, who was beginning to turn several shades of blue, at the stone wall his friends were now standing in front of. The boys ducked as their friend flew by, turning only just in time to see his body slam against the side of the school and then slide down into a semi lifeless lump at its base. Peter and James ran screaming to his side. Remus turned to Severus, his face was as red. His fist clenched tight at his side.

"You bastard," he growled as he lunged for Severus seizing his throat as the both fell to the ground. Snape grabbed at the fingers that were now digging into the back his neck and began to slowly pry them away. Severus now free of his grip was able to throw Remus aside. He jumped to his just in time to prevent Remus from grasping his throat a second time. The two boys stood with there hands clasped together both struggling to get free from the others grip. After several minuets at this stand still, Severus managed to catch his opponent off balance and shoved him toward where his friends stood. When had Remus got this strong? Remus stumbled back several steps and the came at Severus once more. This time Snape hit him in the center of his chest. The cracking noise made by his ribs was loud enough to be heard by the two conscious boys at the top of the steps. Snape shoved Remus towards his friends once again, but this time he did not catch his balance. His back snapped loudly as it hit the sharp point of the large stone steps. James and Severus pulled there wands out as Peter fell to the ground with surprisingly soft thud.

"Expelliarmus," before they could utter a curse the tiny charms Professor Flitwick had disarmed them both.

A crowd had now gathered at the open door. Several girls screamed as the looked around at the three motionless body's. Flitwick picked up the wands of the two boys from the ground. Before he had a chance to ask for an explanation from either of them the headmaster followed by several members of the staff made there appearance in the door way. McGonagall gasped as she surveyed the scene, she then offered her assistance to Madame Pomfrey who was grumbling about irresponsible boys. Professor Flitwick handed the wands to Dumbledore who was now standing between the two boys. A carriage used by the school to transport students at the first of the year pulled up along Severus. With a flick of his wand Dumbledore had placed Snapes trunk onto the carriage and opened the door for him. Severus climbed in turning to ask for his wand before he shut the door, but he did not have to say a word. Dumbledore gave him a look that turned his insides to ice and handed him the wand then shut the door in his face.

His Mother met him at platform 9and 3/4 red faces and holding a letter with the school crest on it. The silence on the ride home was welcomed by Snape. He had too much on his mind at the moment. What was he going to tell Emily? Maybe they hadn't written to her. Maybe they were just joking to get him mad. He had to talk to her as soon as he could manage, but knowing his mother he wouldn't be allowed to leave the house once they got home the taxi they had taken slowed to a stop in front of the house. Severus took this chance to escape. He jumped out of the car and ran. He couldn't let her get that letter. He reached her house just in time. Lizzie he little sister was getting the mail and on top was a letter written in green ink with what seemed to be his writing. He reached down and ripped the letter from her tiny little hands. Lizzie didn't care. She flung her arms around his waist and squeezed as tightly as she could. Severus bent down to give her a proper hug.

"I missed you so much. Why are you making noises like a puppy?" Lizzie asked.

Severus was not aware that he was still out of breath from all the running he had just done.

"Lizzie! You didn't get kidnapped.......Severus!" Emily tackled the two hugging in front of the mailbox. "I thought that you had another two weeks at school. Why are you home so early? Not that I am complaining that...." Severus decided now was a good time to shut her up. If not she would keep that up for hours. Lizzie squeaked and kicked Snape in the arm, shot them both a look of disgust, and ran for the house. After prying themselves from the ground they made there way to the swing on the front porch and Severus began his tale, leaving out the magic of course. Severus then pulled the letter he had just retrieved for the mailbox moments earlier from his pocket. He and Emily read it, even thought he told her she didn't want to know what was in it. The contents of the letter were similar to that of the letter he was said to have written to that mudblood. After staying for dinner he said his good byes and headed home to face him mother. He didn't know what she would be madder, him running away or all the mess that happened at the school.

Severus reached his front door, he wasn't to sure he wanted to open it. He walked slowly into the house his mother was waiting for him in the entry hall all she could manage to do was point to the living room. He turned to start explaining things to his mother but all she did was shut the enormous doors that separated the room from the hall. He walked slowly to the couch by the fire place and sat down pulling out the letter.

"You going to tell us what happened?"

Severus jumped, Lucius was standing next to the fireplace and sitting in the large arm chair next to him was Lord Voldemort. His skin was lighter then usual; it almost looked as white as Malfoy's hair.

"Your mother contacted me when she got the first letter. The Dark Lord and I were discussing something...."

Lucius was interrupted by a soft hissing sounding voice, "When I heard I was concerned. This isn't like you Severus. Would you like to tell us what happened?"

Severus told his story this time not leaving out a thing. When he finished he looked up at Lord Voldemort expecting a look of at least disappointment, but that's not what he got. The look on the dark lord's face seemed to be more of one of sympathy.

"May I see the letter they sent to your friend." he asked Severus watched as he read the letter. When he finished he handed it to Lucius and looked back to Severus, "This is the kind of filth that we are fighting against. This group of boys is more then likely going to be Dumbledore's biggest supporters, if they aren't already working for him in someway. The special treatment they get would suggest that they are. I mean why would he want to expel his star supporters in the fight against the "Dark Lord". I am the bad guy here, he has filth like that working for him and I am on the wrong side of things. Severus I know you are only fifteen and I don't usually ask people as young as you this, but I think that with all you know of the other side you are more then ready to make this decision. I need some one to keep an eye on Dumbledore and his followers while they are at Hogwarts. Would you be willing to do that for me?"

Severus was shocked. He was actually being asked to help the Dark Lord. This would be his chance to thank him for every thing he has helped him with in life. "Yes," he said sticking out his arm.

The dark lord laughed, "No, I don't think that marking you now would be a good idea. You and I both know what side you are on. And that's all that need to know for now. You go get your mother and we should talk about you finishing those OWLs." He smiled softly at Severus as he walked from the room.

"My Lord, do you really think it wise to recruit someone so young, he cant possible know what he is getting him self into." Lucius said as soon as Severus was out of ear shot.

"I will pretend just this once that your little comment did not sound like you were questioning me. I do understand your concern for your friend, but an opportunity like that doesn't come along very often. I had to take it. I could not chance Albus getting him. I am sure you understand Lucius."

"Yes, My Lord."

Albus sat in his study with his head in his hands. Where had he gone wrong? Things were not supposed to end up this way. He had done every thing like he was told to but only bad things happened.

A cold voice started to laugh, "You stupid old man. You really have gone and messed every thing up really bad now." The laughing grew louder.

The headmaster grabbed the book that was lying open in front of him on his paper covered desk. He slammed it shut and shoved it into a gap between two books on the shelf behind him. What was he going to do now? How could he possibly fix what he had just done? There had to be a way. He left his office quickly. The cold laughter, now muffled, still filled his office.