Material Girl

This has some Minor Spoilers regarding Ootp. It is based in Narcissa and Lucius's time at Hogwarts but still, minor spoilers are there. In this story, I say Lucius and Narcissa are in the same year. So there. :P. Lol. Heheh, The book says were Malfoy mansion is, so I know where to do my daydreamious Draco/Lucius Stalking. :D
Disclaimers: I have no.... Uh.... Whatever, I don't own the characters in this story. Although, Some are my own characters. Uh... Ya.

Narcissa's Thoughts are in Brackets.

Narcissa Black was your ordinary Pureblood, teenage, Beautiful, spoiled witch. She lived in a mansion with her parents, Charles and Costosa Black, and her older sisters Andromeda and Bellatrix. Her mother was a thin blonde woman, with pinched cheeks, too much make up and her hair always in a tight knot at the top of her head. Her father was also blonde, but he was rather on the chubby side. They were both fairly strict, anti-muggle but still they spoiled their three daughters. Narcissa's sisters were both blonde. Narcissa looked up to her beautiful sister Bellatrix, but just considered Andromeda a muggle-loving freak.

Now, Narcissa was a pretty and popular student at her school Hogwarts. She was also fairly bright in her classes. She had passed fourth year and she was going to be a fifth year after the summer holidays.

Now, the actual start to this story was a beautiful afternoon later in the summer holidays. Narcissa was writing to her best friend, Violet Parkinson, when her father walked into the room. (What does he want?).
"Hello Narcissa." he said.
"Good afternoon father." she smiled. (If I act sweet for long enough, He might get me that broomstick I want).
"I thought that we should have a little talk.", he said. (Talk? I don't like where this is going).
"Yes father?" she asked with faked enthusiasm.
"I and your mother have been talking."(Wow, Mother's intelligence has improved)"We have come to a decision. We have decided that we want you to marry a pureblood. A Rich pureblood. We're not sure who yet, but we'll find you someone."(Oh thanks. Don't let me have an opinion now, will you?)"Understood?"(You don't give me much choice).
"Yes but... What if I don't find anyone?" she asked nervously.
"Of course you'll find someone. You're a black after all. And if you Really can't find anyone, we can always hook you up with your cousin Sirius."(Ugh. Old Dogface? He's more Andromeda's type. I.e., Loser.)
"Oh. Wouldn't that be grand?" she smiled with heaped fake enthusiasm.
"There's a girl." he left the room. Narcissa was left alone with horrendous thoughts of having to marry her cousin. One she had always thought of as a Dog-breathed loser.
(Yuck. I can't believe that. Couldn't he at least have chosen a better last resort? I mean, Sirius Black? Purrrlease!!!)

Several days later, Narcissa wearily pranced down to breakfast.
"Hoggie Letters!!!" Bellatrix shouted bouncing to the breakfast table.
Bellatrix managed to throw Andromeda's right into her eye. Whereas Bellatrix and Narcissa's landed softly on the table.
"What books do you need, Bellatrix?" Andromeda asked bitterly rubbing her eye.
"Who cares?" Bellatrix replied making a grab for some toast.
"Which books do you need, Sissa?" Andromeda asked. (I despise that nickname)
"Wait until I've opened it please." Narcissa frowned while opening her letter. Something small, green, silver and shiny fell out the envelope as well as the letters.
"What is it, Nissa?" Bellatrix squealed attacking the small item. (Who would know she's a year older than me?)
"I think it's a... Prefect badge." Narcissa gasped looking at one of the letters.
"I'm a prefect. I tried becoming head girl. But I have no letter announcing it." Andromeda groaned. (Well, It's got to be a popularity contest. How else could she lose so easily?)
"Shut up, Dromed." Bellatrix said. She was bored now. She had dropped the badge in front of Narcissa.
"Trixy, Do you think I'll make a good prefect?" Narcissa whispered to Bellatrix.
"No, But you can give it a shot.... Who's the other Slytherin prefect then?" Bellatrix joked.
"I don't know yet. I bet it's someone horrible." Narcissa groaned fiddling with the badge.

"Good morning, Daughters." Costosa glided into the room. (Maybe one day she'll learn our names.)
"Hello mother." we chorused.
"Ah, Hogwarts letters. Any news?" Costosa cheered.
"Nissa's a prefect, but stupid Andromeda didn't get to be head girl!" Bellatrix shouted.
"Excuse me! You never even made prefect!" Andromeda shouted angrily.
"Who want's to be a prefect? Can't cause trouble or even have fun." Bellatrix said coolly. Noticing Narcissa's piercing frown she quickly said "Well, Uh.... Just pretend you didn't hear me, Nissa.".
"If you carry on like that, I could give you detention." Narcissa frowned.
"Don't, You're sounding like Andro! She threatened me with that every day." Bellatrix groaned wearily.
"You would if you had sense." Andromeda whined.
"Well, We're going to Diagon Alley later today." Costosa announced.
"Yay!" Narcissa, Bellatrix and Andromeda cheered.
"Go get your coats while I get our father." Costosa instructed (Hm. Maybe she'll learn his name too.)