Material Girl

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(Narcissa's Thoughts are in Brackets.)

"Miss, Perkins is instructed to tell Miss Narcissa to get changed into finery and come down for dinner." Perkins announced in the doorway of Narcissa's room. It had been a couple of hours since Lucius went to his prepared guest room.
"Coming, Perkins." she responded, shuffling off the bed.
"Sorry to be asking Miss, but do you know what is wrong with Master Malfoy?" he enquired.
"I'm afraid I don't, Perkins." she lied. She didn't feel like going into details for a nosy little House elf. "Please leave so I can change."
"Yes, Miss. Perkins shall tell Sirs and Madams downstairs that you shall be down soon." With that, Perkins went downstairs.
Narcissa sighed and searched her cupboards for a suitable dress.

Once she was dressed in an elegent Pink Silk dress, she made her way downstairs into the dining hall. Everyone else was already sat around the large table, but the vast array of food was untouched. They stared at her as she entered the room.
"Narcissa, Glad you finally chose to join us." Costosa glared. "There's a seat next to Lucius."
Narcissa looked to Lucius and he pulled the chair out for her. She thanked him and sat down. He then sat back down.
"Tuck in!!!" Charles cheered. They all started eating delicately(Except Bellatrix, who shoved food in her face like a pig. She has proven she can imitate just about any farm animal).
"So, Draco, Where's the Missus?" he shouted stupidly. "Haven't seen her in ages!"
Draco looked casual. Too Casual. "She's on a holiday with some friends. Where is she now, Lucius?"
"Greece, Father." Lucius replied nervously from across the table.
"She loves Greece! One of her favorite countries." Draco laughed. He carried on talking to Charles about Greece and expensive things.
"Greece?!?! You told me she'd been murdered!!!" Narcissa whispered harshly to Lucius.
"Do you think he's going to openly admit that, Narcissa?!?!" he whispered back. "He's not stupid!"
"Why didn't you say something?" she hissed.
"Yeah, Sure, then get cursed to a pulp! My father is not a kind man!" he concluded. "He murdered his wife, whom he loved for many years so I doubt he'd be leniant on his son that he often claimed to be an accident!"
Narcissa nervously started poking at a piece of chicken with her knife. "Sorry." she whispered. She made desperately sure not to say anything else untill they left the table.

Narcissa was invited to have tea and biscuits by the Fireside with everyone, but she declined claiming that she had homework to do upstairs. (I don't feel safe in the same room as a Murderer and Bellatrix. God knows how far Bellatrix and her jokes can go.)
She sat at her desk for a while, merely stroking the piece of parchment with her quill. She was distracted. (Was Lucius lying? If he was, it's a pretty big thing to lie about. But he did seem pretty sincere earlier. Infact, he seemed insulted that I doubted him.)
There was a soft knock at the door.
"Come in." she mumbled just loud enough for whoever it was to hear.
Perkins appeared at the door. "Perkins came to see if Miss is okay. Is Miss okay?" he asked.
"Yes, Miss is... I mean, I'm fine." she replied. She was in a slight daze.
"Is Miss sure? Miss seems upset. Will Miss tell Perkins what is wrong?" he persisted.
"Miss is fine. Will Perkins leave Miss alone?" she growled.
"Perkins only wants to know what is wrong with Miss!" he insisted.
"It's not your place, Perkins." she said firmly.
"Yes Miss, But Perkins was requested to find out what was wrong. Master Malfoy thought Miss would confide in Perkins." he sighed. His eyes widened and he put his hands to his mouth. "Woops!!! Perkins was foolish!!! Is Miss wanting to punish Perkins?" He held out his hand.
"Shhh.... Hush Perkins. I don't want to punish you. For now." she sighed.
"Master Malfoy surely will want to punish Perkins! Perkins is in trouble!!!" he wailed.
"Perkins, Hush! Tell Master Malfoy that I want to see him!" she snapped, trying desperately to calm him down.
"Really, Miss?"
"Yes, Perkins, Really."
"Thank you, Miss! Master Malfoy hoped you'd want to see him!" He announced as he hugged her leg. He then skuttled off to get Lucius. (That Elf is seriously deranged.)

Shortly after, Perkins returned, gleefully leading a disgruntled Lucius.
"You needed to send a messenger to ask me if I was okay?" Narcissa chuckled.
"Like hell you would even anwser me. I had to send that damn elf." Lucius replied with a slight coldness in his voice.
Narcissa sighed. "Okay. Can we just... calm down on each other? You know? You were kissing my sister whom I'd been upset about and I was harsh on you even though you'd lost your mother. Why don't we just... try to forgive and forget?"
"Well... I guess you didn't know that my mother had been murdered." he said, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.
"And you... well... I am a wonderful forgiving person." she smiled.
"My Mother would've loved you." he said quietly after a short pause.
"Oh..." she didn't really know what to say.
"She forgave anyone and everyone. She was a kind woman... I don't know what she ever saw in my father." His eyes had a glazed, distant look to them. Like his mind was in another place.
"Well... Opposites Attract, I guess." she said. (Why couldn't I have said something a little more useful?!?!)
"I see what you're trying to say. The same thing you've said from the start. You're a beautiful kind forgiving girl and I'm an arrogant beast with a Blackened Heart." he snarled.
"Lucius, That was not what I was saying at all!" she cried. "It was just a saying that seemed to apply, not an accusation!"
"May Perkins make a suggestion?" Perkins piped up, raising a hand.
"Go on." Narcissa sighed.
"Perkins thinks it would be best if Master Malfoy and Miss kiss and make up! And stop fighting!" he suggested.
Lucius and Narcissa looked at each other.
"Well, I don't have a problem with that idea." Lucius drawled.
"Well I do. What if my parents come in? Or your father? Or my sisters!" Narcissa argued. (Bellatrix would probably want to join in...)
"It's just a kiss, Narcissa!" he sighed. He then pulled her close and kissed her. (Ooohhh... Maybe I don't have a problem with this afterall...)

The kiss was short-lived as a knock on the door interupted.
"Come in!" Narcissa called after pushing Lucius away gently.
Bellatrix stood in the doorway.
"What do you want?" Narcissa hissed.
"To apologise and explain." Bellatrix sighed.
"Not by your own free will, I'd imagine. You want to get in Mother and Father's good books again." she scowled, gripping tightly to Lucius' hand.
"A little from Column A, a little from Column B." she shrugged.
"Go on then. I could use a laugh." she prompted, letting go of Lucius and folding her arms expectantly.
"As Lucius said. We're both members of this... club. We'd talked at a few of the meetings. I'd been offered a few drinks at the meetings and I ended up making passes at just about everyone, Lucius happened to be there and I accidently arranged a kind of date with him... You're actually lucky you came in when you did." she explained quietly. It then appeared that she gained a sudden fascination with her feet.
"Well, I'm glad to know that my sister is a drunken strumpet." Narcissa growled, with her nose high in the air. "I'd like it if you two left. I want to get some sleep."