In the Name of Love

By Didi

Disclaimer:  Though the show has been cancelled, (damn those executives) I still cannot claim them as mine.  And anyone that even thinks so would be laughed out of the courts.  Don't sue; I'm not making any money out of this. 

Timeline:  Let's just assume this is after the last aired episode.  But assume that Nick Kokoris and Rae Brennan are not together.  I could not stand the two on the show so I refuse to write anything where they are together.  Don't worry; I won't ignore their history already established as the back-story from the show. 

Author's Note:  I didn't get to see the last two episodes cause CBS didn't air it where I am so I don't really know what happened.  Also, I'm not good with details so if there are any inconsistencies, you have my apologies now.  Please feel free to tell me if there is something wrong with canon areas.  I will strive to keep things right. 

Rating:  Let's set it at PG-13 for now because I'm going to be cautious about these things.  I may change it in the future due to content.

Warning:  The title and the summary are a little deceptive but it applies when you put a bit of twist on logic.  Oh, and this story is going to start out rather disjointed and confusing.  I'm going for mysterious but it didn't quite work out that way.  I'll try to clear things up in the next chapter. 

And for those of your who read A Friendly Hand, my first Presidio Med fan fiction, this story is not a sequel and has no connection to the other one.  Start afresh guys, I'm putting things in a whole new storyline. 

Couples:  Jules and Matt, cause they're my favorite.  But I haven't decided on anyone else yet.  Suggestions are welcome. 

Summary:  What would you do in the name of love?


Chapter One


            "Dr. Keating, phone call."

            Jules looked up from her clip and ran pass the reception desk, startling several nurses in the process.  The young neonatal specialist was usually so unflappably calm in the office that it was somewhat of a shock to see her agitated by a simple phone call.  "I'll take it in my office," she called over her shoulders before slamming the door to the said office shut behind her. 

            Anita looked up at the sea of curious faces before transferring the call with some reluctance.  Unlike house phones, you cannot eavesdrop on the hospital lines. 

            Rounding her desk and tripping over the new addition to her Warner Brother's Looney Toons collection, a twenty-two inch Sylvester the Cat with movable arms, she was completely out of breath by the time she picked up the phone.  "Hello?"


            "David," her heart pounded deafeningly as she held her breath.  "Well?"

            There was a sigh on the other end.  "I have bad news." 


            "Anyone seen Jules?" Rae asked as she sat down at the table, tray in hand and stomach grumbling at the late lunch.

            "Not since she almost ran me over this morning with her new scooter," Jackie laughed as she sipped juice.  "Yuck!" she stared at it.  "Man, I grabbed apple instead of orange." 

            "Trade you," Rae offered.

            "Deal," dropping her bottle onto the oncologist's tray and grabbing the other in return.  "By the way, has anyone noticed that other than when she's with patients, Dr. Keating seems to be a little… distracted." 

            Letty Jordan nodded her head in agreement as she sat down with the twosome.  "No doubt about it.  She's got herself a man."

            "Whose got a man?" Dr. Slingerland asked as he passed the table, make a pivot and came around again.  "I hope it's not another round of let's guess who nurse Betty is dating." 

            "You're just miffed cause she won't go out with you" Jackie pointed out with a smug raised brow.

            Matt frowned at her.  "Who told you that?"

            Jackie batted her eyes.  "Nurse Betty."

            Nodding his head, Dr. Slingerland said nothing more.

            Letty Jordan was considered one of the most brilliant doctors in the hospital; almost nothing ever gets by her.  "Why?  What do you have to say about it?"

            "Nothing," Slingerland replied and forked up salad calmly as he waited for his own lunch companion, a new nurse in the neonatal unit. 

            Now the cardiologist was sure something was up.  "Don't give us that.  You have that I-know-something-you-don't look.  So spill it, Slingerland."

            "Absolutely nothing," Matt insisted just as Nick Kokoris appeared in the lightly populated cafeteria.  Picking up his tray, "Excuse me ladies, I need to confer with a colleague."  Then took off before the girls could say anything more. 

            Jackie stared after him for a moment, appreciating the wonderful view from behind.  "He should go without his lab coat more.  The boy has a nice butt for an Englishman.  Very bouncy."

            "Don't even want to know," Rae said, her eyes on another doctor who was making his way to the dessert section of the dining room. 

            "You know what I think?" Letty said, her mind tooling along cheerfully.  "I think Slingerland turned Betty down."

            "What?" Jackie exclaimed, turning to her colleague.  "What are you talking about?"

            "I think Slingerland didn't want to make a liar out of our dear nurse Betty so he said nothing."  Dr. Jordan nodded her head slowly and grinned as she sipped juice and worked out the problem.  "Everyone knows that Betty Cole will sleeps with just about anything in pants these days, especially if they've got the letters M & D behind their name.  But Matt is a little choosier in his bed partners and quite the gentleman from what I hear.  And you know what they say, a gentleman never…" The sight of a distracted Jules Keating making her way into cafeteria suddenly distracted Letty's train of thought.  "Oh, here comes our favorite pediatrician."

            Rae turned in her chair just in time to see Jules tip over an entire whole tray of jell-o onto her pants.  Instead of squealing in dismay, or laughing like a loon as she is more want to do, Jules simply stood there for a moment and stared at the colorful bursts of stain across her pristine white pants and lab coat.  With a sigh, she stooped to picked up the mess as two workers hurried over with non-too clean rags. 

            Nick, three feet away from the young doctor, put his tray down and came over to help.  "Here, dab don't wipe," taking the rag from one eager young man that was having just a little too much fun trying to take the stain off the distracted Dr. Keating's thigh. 

            Slingerland placed his tray at a nearby table and came to help scoop up little squares of gelatins onto the spare tray the others were using to clean up.  "What's the matter, Jules?  That diabetes case this morning still bothering you?"

            "What?" she asked, brushing a curl out of her eyes, smearing blue jell-o across her right cheek.  "Oh no, I'm over that.  Jeremy will live a full and uninterrupted life as long as he follows orders and don't go on any more sugar binges." 

            Pulling an old fashion handkerchief from his pocket, Slingerland reached over to wipe the streak of blue from Keating's face.  "Asking a seven year old not to have excessive amounts of sugar is like asking an elephant not to crush anything living as it walked across a field of flowers."  Nick and Jules both stared at Matt for a moment.  Dr. Slingerland shrugged his shoulders.  "Something my grandmother used to say." 

            "It would have to be," Jules commented, finally cracking a smile just as her pager went off.  Grabbing at her waist, she practically ripped the pager off before glancing at it.  Scrambling to her feet, she spilled more jell-o in her rush.  "Oh, sorry.  Just leave it, I'll come back and clean it in a moment," then reached for the in-house phone on the wall.  Punching in an extension, "Dr. Keating here.  I was paged."  She listened intently for a moment as the rest of Presidio Med staff watched.  This kind of agitated behavior was not what they were use to coming from Jules Keating.  "Put him through down here.  Extension?  Um…" she looked at the phone on the wall.  "Extension 5866.  Thanks."

            "She looks a little hurried," Matt commented to Nick as the two doctors continued to watch her with interest. 

            "David?  No, no, you're not interrupting anything.  Don't worry about it."  She nodded to herself as the speaker on the other side talked rapidly.  "Okay, I got it.  Don't worry about; I'll take care of it.  Yeah, yeah, I got it.  I'll see you tonight."  She listened some more with the receiver pressed tightly to her ear.

            Letty turned to Rae smugly.  "Told you she had a guy."

            "Who's this David?" Jackie asked in a whisper as she leaned across the table. 

            "You're guess is as good as mine," Rae replied as she watched the frown settle on Jules's forehead.  "I'm the closest to Jules at this table and I haven't heard anything about this new guy in her life." 

            Jules made murmuring reassurances into the phone.  "Umh, um…" she nodded some more.  "I'll take care of everything.  Trust me, okay?  I'll make sure everything goes perfect tonight.  Just show up on time.  I've got patients I've got to get back to, I'll talk to you later.  Love you too, bye."  She hung up the phone with a sigh and leaned her head against the phone hook for a moment before remembering where she was and wiping the phone with the sleeve of her lab whites.  Turning around, she was confronted with a sea of amused and curious faces. 

            "Who was that?" Jackie, never one to beat around the bush, asked pointedly. 

            "No one," Jules replied quickly and pulled out her wallet from her pocket.  Tossing two twenties and cleaning up the floor the best she could with the rag she pulled from Dr. Kokoris's hand. 

            "What do you have planned tonight?" Slingerland asked quietly as he knelt to help her.

            "Nothing," she replied offhandedly.  "Thank you for helping," and dumped the content of tray into the wastebasket.  "I've got patients."

            "What about lunch?" Nick asked, as Jackie and Letty continued to throw questions at her, which she wisely ignored.  The rest of the staff in the cafeteria consisted of nurses that would no doubt pass on the news to the rest of the hospital staff by early afternoon.

            "Not hungry anymore," she replied and headed out before anyone else can waylay her. 

            Wiping his hands on napkins, Matt joined Nick as the Greek doctor watched Jules disappear into the elevator.  "You get the feeling that she doesn't care to share her social life with us?"

            "Maybe," Nick replied quietly, his dark eyes filled with concerned.  "But she appears to be rather… upset."

            "Jules?" Matt asked, going back for his tray.  "Nothing ever bothers Jules for long.  Besides, what does she have to worry about?"

            Nick shrugged his shoulder.  "There was her cancer scare," remembering hearing the news just shortly after his arrival at Presidio.  He had been more than a little surprised at her youth. 

            "There was that," conceding the point.  "But she's over that and everything should be peachy keens now."

            "Maybe," doubt being shook off even as he took a seat as far away from Dr. Brennan as he could.  The temptation to go to her and beg was still strong.  There was only so much self-control he could exert a day.  And the emergency amputation of a patient's arm this morning has taken up a considerable amount of it already.  "What do you need, Matt?"

            "I wanted to talk to you about the lung transparent you did on Karen."

            "Oh.  How is she?"

            "Doing well and planning on starting a family in the near future.  Wants to name her son Matthew Nicolas."

            Dr. Kokoris smiled, showing off dimples that caught more than one nurses' attention.  "Caution her, will you?  Pushing now is not a great idea."

            "Don't worry, I have.  Now, I've got this new case that involves…"

            Jackie watched the pair for a moment with a great deal of female appreciation.  "God love men that are eye candy for the rest of us."

            "What do you think is going on with Jules?" Letty asked, chewing on granola that had the texture of tree bark but didn't taste half bad with yogurt.  "It's not like her to be so secretive."

            "Why not?" Rae asked, ignoring the jealousy at the attention Nick was getting from the female staff, especially the plastic surgeon seated by her.  "She kept her cancer a nice little secret for long enough."

            "That's with Harriet's help," Letty pointed out.  "Harriet has tighter lips than a bishop of the catholic church."

            "She probably just doesn't want to be idle hospital gossip," Jackie pointed out.  "I know I won't want to have my sex life discussed over a surgical table.  How would you like to have the details of your life announced over the speakers?"

            "My husband and I are both in this hospital," Letty said dryly.  "Everyone knows when we have a fight."

            Rae choked on her laughter.  "Specially when you and Tom make it a point to yell at one another across the parking lot."

            "Makes for better sex later when we make up," came the cheeky reply.

            Jackie made a face.  "So didn't want to know that."     



            Turning, Dr. Keating found herself caught up in a hug that nearly squeezed the breath out of her.  For a moment, she allowed herself to not worry and just enjoy the warmth of love.  "David."

            "I'm so glad you are here."

            "Me too."  And she was too.  She might have felt some reluctance but she didn't doubt that she was glad that she was here.  "Which way?"

            "Come on, my car is this way," picking up her weekend bag.  "We've got a lot to do this weekend."


            "She's not here?" Harriet asked, her tone more amused than disbelieving.

            Anita shrugged her shoulders.  "Her eight-thirty, eight-forty-five and nine o'clock are all here but I still haven't seen her."

            Harriet Lanning frowned over the rim of her eyeglasses and glanced at the clock.  It was nine-ten and still no sign of Jules Keating.  "Have you called her apartment?"

            "Every five minute, all I get is her machine.  I've paged her like a hundred times now, no answer.  Why can't she be like a normal person and just get herself a cell phone?" Anita asked, flipping through her magazine as she ignored the blinking lights on the phone. 

            Harriet raised a brow and looked pointedly at the phone.

            Embarrassed as she could only be by Dr. Lanning, Anita picked up the phone and began to answer calls from patients that needed appointments. 

            Sighing, the head ob considered calling the missing pediatrician's apartment again just as the said doctor appeared in on the elevator.  To say that Harriet was a little surprised by Jules's appearance was putting it rather mildly.

            Hurried, rumpled and exhausted, Dr. Keating was also dragging an overnight bag over one shoulder.  Running pass Harriet, she apologized profusely to everyone in the hallway, waiting area and reception desk before disappearing into her office.  She was in and out in two minutes, struggling into her lab coat and trying to stuff her stethoscope into her pocket as she moved. 

            "Anita," Jules called, pulling the receptionist's attention away from the magazine hidden under the appointment book.  "Give me the charts for the first three."

            "Here," taking pity on the hurried doctor.  "Room one, two and three in order.  And you're late," she couldn't help but remind the young doctor.

            "I know, I know," Jules shook her head then look at Harriet.  "I'm sorry, was I suppose to have a consol with you today?"

            "No," Dr. Lanning replied calmly.  "But I was given a message this morning asking me to come find you at a free moment."

            Jules nodded her head with a sigh.  "I need to talk to you about something," then mindful of Anita's gossiping habits, she pulled Harriet away from the receptions, "Can you give me ten, maybe fifteen, minutes today?" 

            Raising a brow, "You need an appointment?"

            Considering it carefully, "Yeah.  But for now, it needs to stay as just a favor."

            Intrigued and concerned, "Personal?"  the last time Jules had asked for fifteen minutes of personal time, it had been because she suspected something was wrong with her body.  Has it turned out, she had been deathly right. 

            Jules nodded. 

            Harriet glanced at the number of patients in the waiting room.  "I'll ask Janice to set up a meeting.  My office."

            Grateful, she hugged the OB.  "Thanks.  I appreciate this."

            "What are friends for?"

            "That's what Matt said just before he gave me sperm."

            Harriet rolled her eyes.  "Funny."



            I know it's a little slow but I promise it will pick up soon.