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In a bedroom high atop a skyscraper, a red reptile was happily sleeping the day away, dreaming of an endless supply of tasty bread. A Lopmon walked into the room, saw the snoozing reptile, and shook her head. "Big Brother! Big Brother, get up!"

The reptile snorted and cracked an eye open. "Wha?"

The Lopmon ran over to the reptile. "Big Brother, get up! Do you know what today is?"


Lopmon frowned. "Of course you do, silly! It's that special day that comes around only once a year…that day where you light candles and make wishes…that day where you exchange lots of presents…that day where you get to pig out with nobody to stop you…you know what day I'm talking about!"

Guilmon instantly got to its feet. "Oh boy! It's Hanukkah already?"

Lopmon sweatdropped. "…You really don't know what today is, do you?"

Guilmon's face drooped. "You mean it isn't Hanukkah yet?"

"No, it's Renamon's birthday!"

"Oh." There was a pause. "IT'S WHAT?!"

"Renamon's birthday!" She blinked. "Oh no, don't tell me you forgot AGAIN!"

Instead of answering, Guilmon jumped out of bed and dug through the piles of junk in his cluttered room. "Oh gods, where did I put that thing?! Lopmon, how long have I slept? Do I still have time to make it to the party?"

Lopmon sighed. "Guilmon, it's a quarter to noon." Guilmon's eyes bulged. He then said several carefully chosen words that caused Lopmon to gasp and hold her tremendous floppy ears. "Mom said you're not supposed to use that language in the apartment!"

"These are desperate circumstances, Mom would understand!" he said frantically as he continued to search his room. He pulled something out from underneath a MetalEtemon CD. "Ha! Got it!" He shoved it into his pocket, turned around, and kissed Lopmon on the forehead. "Thanks for waking me up. Gotta go!" He ran from the room so fast that the door was slammed shut by his passing.

Lopmon sighed and shook her head. "My brother, the Hero of Winds. Sometimes I wonder why Shinjuku is still standing."

The entire city seemed to pass by in a blur as Guilmon raced towards the Shinjuku Metropolitan Building. He dashed through the sliding glass doors (Leaving a twenty car pileup in the streets outside), ran through the crowded lobby, and skidded to a halt in front of an elevator next to the prominent statue of the three great Goddesses at the very back of the area. He stabbed the up button next to the elevator and impatiently waited for it to come down. Anxious, he glanced at a nearby clock. It was five past twelve. He moaned. "I don't have time for this!" He ran away from the elevator, threw open the door to the stairwell, and started rushing up the stairs three steps at a time. Only a few seconds after he was gone, the elevator dinged and opened up.

Several minutes later, an exhausted Guilmon staggered to the top of the stairwell and collapsed in front of a door. He panted. "I…made…it…" Struggling to his feet, he caught his breath. He pushed open the door, entering the large and beautifully decorated sacred chamber inside one of the towers of the Metropolitan Building. The holographic images of Shinjuku's ancient kings stared down from the walls at the party underway. Banners and ribbons were hanging all over the place, with HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY! Written all over the place. The room was packed with all the nobility and upper class members of the city's society, all chatting away about money and philosophy and who was cheating on whom.

Guilmon looked around the room and quickly spotted a yellow vixen leaning against the statue of the benevolent Lucemon in the center of the chamber, looking extremely bored as a Flamedramon was chattering into her ear. Guilmon quickly pushed through the crowd and made his way to the isolated platform where his beloved was waiting.

Renamon immediately saw Guilmon as he climbed onto the platform and cut her admirer off in mid-sentence right as he was about to get to the punchline of a very lewd joke. "This really is fascinating, but I just saw an old friend that I need to talk to. This shouldn't take too long, do you think you can wait for me at the punch bar?"

"Uh…sure." Said the disgruntled fire dragon. He walked away, looking unhappy.

Renamon glared at Guilmon as he walked over to her. "You're late." She said icily.

"Sorry. I stayed up too late reading fanfiction again." Said Guilmon, embarrassed. She folded her arms and looked away. "Look, I'm sorry I'm late…again." He said sadly.

Renamon sighed and shook her head. "Is it really too much to ask for you to be on time just ONCE for my birthday party? I've spent the last couple of hours listening to people lecturing me on how great a ruler I'm going to be when I grow up or trying to endear themselves to me for money or power. You know how much I hate these gold diggers."

Guilmon looked at the ground. "I'm really sorry I'm late, Renamon. Would it help if I promised not to be late again?"

Renamon couldn't help smiling. "No, because I know if you do that you'll just end up arriving later than ever next year."

Guilmon chuckled. "You know me too well."

Renamon gestured to the stairway entrance Guilmon had used to reach the chamber. "Let's get out of here. Now that you've shown up, I have an excuse to skip out on the rest of the party."

"Okay." Guilmon acted as her bodyguard, shoving people out of their way and loudly proclaiming that the princess was coming through, which loosed a few giggles from Renamon. They made it to the stairs and climbed away from the hustle and bustle of the party, exiting on the building's observation deck.

Renamon sighed in relief as they walked out onto the rooftop. "Finally. I haven't had a breath of fresh air all day." She walked over to the railing around the edge of the roof and leaned on it. "So, what's new with you?"

Guilmon joined her on the railing. "Nothing much. Schoolwork, nagging parents, giant monsters trying to destroy the city…you know, the usual. Hey, has your dad said anything about our engagement?"

Renamon rolled her eyes. "Daddy says we can't get married until we're both of legal age."

"Can't he just change the age limit?" Guilmon asked hopefully.

Renamon shook her head. "Tried that. He says I can't get married until my eighteenth birthday, and not a day sooner."

Guilmon sulked. "I can't wait that long!"

"Well, you'll have to. And if the last three birthdays are any indication, you'll be late to our wedding day too." They said nothing for a little while, enjoying the nice view and each other's company. Then Renamon asked, "You didn't happen to bring me a birthday present, did you?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that! Hang on-" Guilmon started rummaging through his pockets, pulling out a large assortment of junk, including old candy, spare change, a yo-yo, enough weapons to level a small village, and a few empty glass bottles.

Renamon raised an eyebrow at the growing pile. "Just how deep are those pockets of yours, anyway?"

Guilmon hesitated in his search, a thoughtful look on his face. "You know, I've never actually found a bottom to them." He continued sorting through his pockets, then finally pulled out the Wind Waker. "Here it is!"

Renamon's other eyebrow rose. "You're giving back the Wind Waker I gave you when we first met?"

Guilmon frowned at her. "No! I learned a new song, and I thought you might like it!"

"Really!" she said, interested. "What's it called?"

"The Song of Soaring. Would you like to hear it?"

"Not hearing it would defeat the purpose of giving it to me as a birthday present, wouldn't you think?" She pulled out an ocarina and brought it up to her mouth. "Ready."

Guilmon conducted the winds, moving the magical baton V^V^. Renamon mimicked the notes on her ocarina. When the sound of the last note blew out from the small potato-shaped instrument, Renamon felt a sharp pain between her shoulder blades. To her immense surprise, a pair of great feathery wings burst out from her back, spreading into the air! As the royal fox looked at her new appendages in disbelief, Guilmon sprouted a pair of wings as well. "Yeah, neat aren't they?"

"Where did you learn this song?" she asked, stroking the feathers of one of her wings, checking to make sure they were real.

"I got it off of this one Owlmon that did nothing but talk a lot." Said Guilmon, flapping his wings a little.

"Do these things actually work? I mean…"

Guilmon nodded. "Can they make you fly? Yes. I've been spending a lot of time practicing with these things. It's a great way to relieve stress." Guilmon gestured towards the city. "Wanna try them out?"

Renamon hesitated. "But I don't know how to use these…"

Guilmon smirked. "Don't worry. I'll hang onto you to make sure you don't fall until you get your wings working properly." He walked over to the railing and noticed she wasn't following. He frowned. "Come on Renamon, don't you trust me?"

Renamon walked over to him. She smiled. "Of course I trust you." She grabbed his outstretched hand. As one, they jumped off the top of the building.

And, with the wind as their guide, they flew.

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