Welcome all. I knew I was going to make a sequel to Snow Hound. And, here it is. And, just like Helluva Family. It will start with a two-parter to kick off the sequel. Enjoy.

A hybrid. His tale was as old as time. A hellhound. Loose, promiscuous, and untameable. A rolling stone of a female that should've never fallen in love with anyone but her kind.

So, the question I pose to you, the readers, is this.

How does a hybrid and a Hell Hound fall in love? Despite having completely differing personalities? Marrying, and having a child with a mix of Hell Hound and Genesis blood in them work together? The answer? It's so simple to the point that you could call it chemistry. It was chemistry that should have allowed the two to thrive.

Snow and Loona's New Home. A Year removed from Zerachiel's defeat.

Bringing some of the boxes into the home. We cut to see Eric Snow carrying one of the many boxes he had with him into the home he'd bought for his family to live in.

Well, I say it was for his family to live inside of. It would just be himself, Loona, Eliza, Winter, and Evie living with him. Austin had moved out to live with his girlfriend four months ago. Something that had made Loona stay up all night on the phone with her only son. It had taken Snow hours to try and get Loona off of the phone with their only son.

'Everything's changing for the better.'

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the demons outside with the moving van. Mainly, he was smirking when he spotted Loona directing traffic with all the things needed for the couple and their kids to live comfortably in their new home.


Looking out of the window of his apartment. He could see the moving truck unloading all of Loona and the kid's things out of the back of said vehicle. While he watched his wife with their kids. Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie are seen helping the moving imps carry the things out of the back of the truck. A smile never left his lips while he was leaning on the windowsill.

While observing what was happening down below in the streets. He had made eye contact with Loona. The female had looked up while the kids were being kept occupied by Moxxie while Blitzo and Millie finished up moving Loona and the kids' things out of the truck.

"Okay, Looney. Everything is unpacked and ready... to... go."

Blitzo merely rolled his eyes. But, when he saw the smile on his daughter's face. He merely smiled too. Eric Snow had done wonders in bringing Loona out of her shell. And, it showed with how the two teased each other.

"Come on, kids. Let's leave your mother to her thoughts."

For the first time in a while. Loona smiled gratefully towards her dad for taking the kids off of her hands. As the two teenage girls walked towards the boxes beside their grandfather's van. Loona looked back up at Snow standing in the window of the new home they were about to share. Blitzo knew not to interrupt the moment the two were sharing. Even if there was a little bit of distance and a plate of glass in between them. Until later, of course. Once the two were done staring at each other with longing looks. Loona looks away before getting back to moving the boxes into their new home.

Things were looking up for the couple now they'd moved out of the old apartment that once belonged to Snow.

The Very Next Day

Greed Circle of Hell. I.M.P. Offices

He was entering the building that housed I.M.P.'s Agency. And, as he walked out into the familiar hallway from the elevator. He noted everything had been changed since he had last been inside the building. As he walked down the corridor. On his left. He saw a familiar sight that made his heart soar. There, bored out of her head and staring deeply into her phone for a distraction, sat Snow's favorite Hell Hound at her desk how he longed to just burst through the door and sweep his wife off of her paws.

Seeing Loona turn her head to face the window, found Snow standing outside. He was greeted warmly by the surprise on Loona's face the moment her Genesis walked through the door. Seeing the surprised look on his wife's face upon his entrance into the room. Eric asks.

"Anything come in today, Loo?"

The hound nods before answering her husband.

"The King and Queen have sent your dispatch to brief you on a new job they have for you. Seems like a big deal if the royals are sending you after someone."

Snow nods before Loona continues.

"Also, Snow. Don't forget that we're meeting Blitzo and Stolas in the Greed Ring tonight for dinner."

"Ah. That may be an issue, Loona. But, I promise you. I'll try and make this job quick so we can spend the evening together. Okay, babe?"

Loona nods with a sad smile on her face. She knew Snow was going to be busy today. So, she counted her blessings when she saw Snow enter his office.

Eric Snow's Office

The sight that greeted the hitman was that of a demoness with burning red hair sitting in a chair against the wall awaiting Genesis. Upon seeing the hybrid she was here to see. She speaks up.

"Welcome back, Snowman. How was the move?"

"Mind numbingly boring, Rouge."

Rouge couldn't help but chuckle. The laughter died down while Snow took his seat behind his desk. He takes the dispatch folder from atop the wooden desk before Rouge acknowledges why she's here.

"As you can tell, Snow. Lucifer and Lilith gave me your latest kill orders. How do you go about this? Well, it's completely up to you."

Opening the folder while nodding to acknowledge his dispatch. Eric begins skim-reading the notes in the folder before him. When the words 'con artist' and 'kidnapper' appeared in his line of sight. You could feel the anger simmering to a boil from how red his face was at reading these words. Causing Rouge to add some more light to the situation.

"When I say the King and Queen gave me this folder. It was Princess Charlotte who asked her parents to send this contract to you to complete. These two ran with you on Earth years ago. Do you know them?"

"I do, Rouge, I do. Penelope and Murphy. Species, two-faced demons. They tried to kidnap my daughter when she was twelve. But, we didn't think she'd resurface after I killed the goon they'd hired."

Putting down the folder. He asks his dispatch.

"Where do these pricks frequent in Hell?"

"Mainly? They always frequent that one restaurant in Hell's Greed Ring."

Deciding he'd heard enough. He stands up from his chair and walks around to the side of said furniture before grabbing his pistols. Once he had Cerberus, Mistress, and Persephone in their holsters at the sides of his thighs and on his hip. Rogue says something that makes the hybrid smirk dangerously.

"Lethal force is authorized. Her Highness was very specific that you should make these demons suffer for their crimes before killing them. She wants you to send a message."

Eric liked the sound of that. Lethal force was authorized to him? Perfect! Throwing down the folder with a light thud onto his desk. He asks the one question he wanted answering.

"When do I start, Rouge?"

"You start tomorrow, Snow. Good hunting."