The Potential

Summary: What if Dawn really was a potential but hadn't told anyone? AU After Potential.

Spoilers: Up to Season 7 Potential. 

Author: Pumpkin belly

AN: This story takes place right after Potential.  Potential ended the same but Dawn felt a little different.  The story is AU After Potential so nothing happened after Potential.

Dawn walked up to her room with Xander's words running through her head.  'Your extraordinary' he had told her.  She was extraordinary because she wasn't a potential.  If only he knew.  She was a potential she could feel it. 

Right after Buffy died jumping off the tower she felt new power in her.  She didn't tell anyone.  It wasn't like anyone would care they were all to busy in their grief to notice her.  They took care of her by giving her food and drink and the necessary things.   But they didn't help her when she woke up crying at night. 

She hadn't even noticed the power at first.  Dawn knew there was something different about her but she couldn't tell what.  It was only when Willow was destroying the world and she was stuck in the hole with Buffy to realize that power was what was new. 

There was no reason to tell anyone Buffy was the slayer and she was training with her anyway.  When the potentials started showing up she was put in the back of everyone's mind.  There was no reason to notice little Dawnie.  Just because she was made out of the same blood as Buffy meant nothing.

When the big orb hit Dawn she knew that she was suppose to be a slayer.  When it hit Amanda also Dawn was once again but into the back of everyone's mind.  The orb couldn't have found two potential slayers. 

Dawn felt no need to correct them. She liked researching with the gang.  She was included in more things then the other potentials.  The position she held was fine with her. 

A movie line ran through Dawn's head 'I'll never tell'.  She laughed and dismissed the thought.  She would tell if it became necessary.  She would.  But would was slowly becoming maybe.  Maybe she would tell.  Maybe. 

Dawn climbed into bed and drifted off to dream land.  Unbeknown to Dawn two glowing eyes were starting at her through her window.

"So the key is also destined to be a slayer.  This is going to get interesting." The creature said. 

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