I've redone this chapter because I wasn't happy with the way it had turned out. If you have any suggestions for improvements then they're extremely welcome.


Take Me Or Leave Me

The peace of the Sanctuary was unnerving, it made Emma uneasy to lie there in the dark and think so deeply of things she never even considered in the day. She couldn't stop her mind spinning through all kinds of emotions, she couldn't stop other people's emotions trickle into her thoughts and disturb her sleep. She turned and tried to force herself into sleep, no good, it wasn't working, nothing worked anymore. All she could think about was what was happening around her every single day....and feel totally helpless. She sat up and left her room, walking around for a while might help, or at the very least exhaust her into sleep. She slowly walked the corridors, being extra careful as she passed Brennan, Jesse and Shal's rooms. She didn't want any of them to wake and see her like this, sometimes the way she acted even freaked her out. She reached the main room and froze when she realized Shalimar was awake.

"Hey, Emma. Couldn't sleep either huh?", Shal asked, getting to her feet. Emma nodded and raised an eyebrow in question at Shal. Shal shrugged and reached for her bottle of drink which Emma noted, in amusement, was a high caffeine drink, the type that made all the little kids hyper for hours on end. However she pushed the image of a hyper Shal from her mind and shot her friend a curious look again, Shal rolled her eyes,

"I'm in heat", Shal replied simply, Emma mentally kicked herself, of course how could she forget? Shal jumped up to sit on the table in the centre of the room and drew invisible patterns on the top with her index finger. Emma watched the feral, her eyes gently sweeping over the other mutants soft curves and up over the smooth skin of her neck.

"What's up?", Shal asked suddenly, shaking Emma out of the daze she had fallen into. Emma tried to think of a half decent lie to fool Shal, but as the other mutant could pretty much guess whenever she was lying that probably wouldn't be a very effective idea.

"You're not thinking of lying to me are you?", Shal asked, a sing song lilt to her voice, "Naughty, naughty Emma".

"I thought I was the psionic around here", Emma smirked, answering Shal's question. Shal laughed softly before sliding off the table and approaching Emma. Emma felt her emotions hit hyper drive and her body suddenly felt like jelly. She raised her eyes to meet Shal's and a torrent of emotions passed between them before Shal smiled slightly and lifted a hand to gently touch the tip of Emma's nose.

"Time for you to get to bed", she said softly, before leaving Emma in the room on her own, more than slightly confused at Shal's actions. She shook of her concerns before returning to her own room and struggling once again with sleep as images of Shalimar flew into her head over and over, tormenting her like a child tormented by a dark storm of the night.