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Take Me or Leave Me

The first three soldiers charged Shalimar, hoping to send her off balance with their coordinated attack, she jumped high in the air over their heads, slightly confused as to how her body had regained it's strength in such a short time but at the same time grateful for it. She landed behind the three and landed a kick in one of their backs, sending him flying into the wall with a vicious crack. The other two spun around and, in sequence, aimed blows at her with their fists. Whilst this was happening one solider ran at Emma, jumping up to snap kick her in the chest, Emma barely dodged as he flew past her and landed easily next to her. She quickly lashed out with a punch to the nose and he fell to his knees as blood splurted out.

"Bitch", another spat, grabbing her around the neck, she desperately elbowed him but he simply tightened his grasp on her neck, dragging unconsciousness closer to her. Something flew towards her, almost in slow motion and she felt the man's grip upon her loosen all of a sudden, she threw her elbow back and elbowed him in the groin, sending him to the floor in agony. She wasn't sure what Shalimar had thrown but it had certainly been well times. The other 5 guards had been effectively dealt with by Shalimar, but the look on the feral's face was less than happy. She looked slightly anxious and very cautious, as though she were expecting something big and bad to suddenly materialize in front of her.

"That was too easy", she quietly explained as Emma approached her, "he's playing at something and it's pissing me off that I don't know what". Emma placed one hand on Shalimar's shoulder and gently squeezed it, feeling helpless without her abilities to help her with the situation.

"Perhaps he underestimated you", Emma suggested, "he hasn't seen you for years now so it's possible right?". Shalimar went to shake her head before shrugging instead.

"Anything's just doesn't seem like his style to be is all", Shalimar explained, "he's always been careful to make sure a job gets done, why the sudden ease of challenges?". Emma was at a loss at what to say, after all it wasn't as is she knew this man or anything.

"All right we'll stay on guard but I'd just..sit down if I were you Shal", Emma suggested, her eyes suddenly noticing a deep cut on Shalimar's arm, "it looks as though one of them got you after all". Shalimar followed Emma's eye line and looked slightly confused as to how the cut had gotten there.

"None of them were carrying knives....they were all unarmed", Shalimar mused quietly, "So unless one of them needed their nails clipping badly how the hell did I get that?". Emma shrugged but sat Shalimar down anyway so she could apply pressure to the wound.

"Small knife in the palm of the hand? I doubt these guys were fighting fair doesn't seem like their type to be honest...I think you're reading too far into this sweetie", Emma whispered, leaning in and softly engaging in a kiss. Shalimar responded slightly before pulling back as a noise reached her keen ears.

"Did you hear that?", she whispered, looking around. Emma slowly shook her head and glanced around, the sound of footsteps soon reached her ears, her eyes fixated on the door as Harvey's bulky figure filled it.

"Well done ladies...but like Shalimar's not over yet", Harvey smirked, "Are you ready for the second part to our physical game?". Shalimar jumped to her feet and quickly put herself between Harvey and Emma. Harvey nodded and clapped his hands twice, lights seemed to appear from nowhere and blind the two women. Emma fell to her knees, clutching her face as her eyes seemed to burn within their sockets, Shalimar desperately struggled to keep an eye on where Harvey was stood but lost him in the brightness was didn't look like it was going anywhere fast.

"How can you survive when your friend is helpess and you have no eyes Shalimar?", Harvey laughed, his voice filling up the room and echoing around her, preventing her from determining his exact location. Shalimar slowly stepped back until she were at Emma's side, her heart was breaking as she heard Emma whimper with pain, she was fighting off her emotions and keeping her mind focused on the job at hand. She closed her eyes, they were of no use to her now. She listened for a few minutes before realizing that although Harvey was moving, she could sense him, he wasn't making a single sound as he moved.

"Shit", Shalimar cursed, she took a deep breath and focused her mind, trying to visualize Harvey moving amongst the light. She sensed him moving forwards slowly before speeding up as she ran towards Emma with his arms outstretched. She hurriedly spun around and kicked out, hoping to distract her opponent. She was surprised when her foot conencted with Harvey and he landed heavily on the floor a metre or so away, she ran forward and grabbed hold of his throat, lifting him off the floor.

"Well done", he whispered before clapping again, Shalimar gasped as all the strength went from her body and, in one motion, she let go of Harvey and crumbled to her knees.

"Shal", Emma called, tumbling over to kneel beside her friend, she gently caressed Shalimar's face as the other woman struggled to combat unconsciousness, "Stay with me". Harvey laughed suddenly.

"You better hope she wakes up soon...the next challenge will start within two hours", he commented before leaving Emma to nurse her friend.


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