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"WHAT!? A VACATION!?" Everyone in team seven screamed inside the Ramen Shop. Well almost everyone except Sasuke and Kakashi. Sasuke doesn't scream unless he's in mass pain.

"Well..."Kakashi started. "You all are now 16 and ready for some rest. You all have been working very steadliy and I'm very proud. I think it's about time for a vacation. So how about it?" Naruto's eyes lit up with sheer delight.

"Sounds fun! Where are we going!?" Sakura was interested also.

"Kakashi, can we go to the beach!? Please!?" Sakura begged her sensei.

"Well..." He tried to avoid her big green beautiful eyes. But he looked down and saw all (well not all) of his students with big puppy eyes. "If we all want to go...All in favor of the beach, raise your hand!" Everyone except Sasuke raised their hand.

"Hey...Sasuke...Raise your hand." Sakura wispered.

"..."Sasuke kept to his bowl of ramen. He looked like he was in a trance (but I think he can still hear them).

"Sasuke!" Naruto hissed. Still raising his hand."Raise your God forbiddened hand!" Sasuke looked out the window. He glanced at all the people walking by.

"Well, if he doesn't raise his hand, then I guess we'll camp somewhere and put Sasuke and Sakura in the same tent..." Kakashi said nonchalantly.

"YAAAY!!!" Sakura squealed. Naruto pouted at the statement while Sasuke finally caught the situation. Sasuke raised his hand in a heart beat. 'Anything but that...' he said to himself.

"Awright! Were going to the beach!" Naruto and Sakura jumped up together and did a dosey-doe.

"Some ought to think that they'd be lovers.." Kakashi said to Sasuke who was across the table. He rolled his eyes and finished eating his lunch.


Sakura was at her house looking at a magazine she was going to pack. She told her parents of her going to the beach with her 'companions'. Her father was not for it though. Sakura's dad was very protective over his daughter. But her mom liked the idea.

*"I hope you'll bring that darling Sasuke home one day." Her mom would always say.

"You better not bring that little freak over here!" Her dad would always say.*

Sakura turned a page and began reading again until she heard a knock on the door.

"Honey..." It was her mom.

"Coming!" Sakura ran to the door. She opened it and let her mother in.

"Honey I want to talk to you. Close your door, I don't want your father listening." Her mother giggled as she sat on her daughter's bed. Sakura closed her door and sat next to her mother.

"Yes mom?"

"Sakura, I want you to take the utmost care of yourself on that trip. Do you hear me?" Sakura rolled her eyes. Its gonna be one of those 'conversations'.

"Yes ma'am. Nothing is going to happen, I promise!"Sakura said trying to avoid the conversation.

"Well. Since you put it that way, I guess there's no need for me to worry is there?" Her mother smiled. "But honey, don't let any boy take advantage of you. Just because your a pretty young girl doesn't mean they have to-"

"MOM! Nothin will happen..." Sakura blushed. Her mother giggled at her furiousness.

"Alright. Well, you'll be off tommorow won't you? I'll pack a lunch for you and your little buddies alright?"

"Okay. Thanks mom." Her mother patted her head and left. 'She always understands...' Sakura thought to herself. She smiled until...She could hear loud footsteps coming. It was the dad.




"Hmmrph." Sasuke growled to himself as he packs his clothes for tommorow. 'Hmm...these too. I guess my shorts I'll fry if I don't take them.'


"Pork ramen, miso ramen, tofu ramen(is there such thing?), chicken ramen, shrimp ramen, mushroom ramen, creamy chicken ramen...What else..." Naruto got up to find another bag to put his clothes in. The first bag was filled with ramen packages. He packed his stuff and sat them next to the door so he won't forget them in the morning.'All packed up.' he thought to himself.


The next morning everyone had arrived at the right time. Everyone was chipper and excited.

"Kakashi! How are we gonna get there?" Sakura asked the tall Elite ninja.

"Were walking!" He replied brightly. Sakura went white.

"Do you know how far we are from the beach from here!? HUH? DO YOU!?" Sakura tugged on Kakashi's sleeve.

"Yep, about 140 miles. Isn't it great?" Kakashi smiled brightly.

"NO! THAT AIN'T COOL!" Naruto hissed.

"LETS GOOOO!" Kakashi annouced. He started to walk along a path set out in the the east.

Naruto, Sakura nad Sasuke looked at each other. "This is gonna be one long stupid trip..."They thought.

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