Fear of Commitment

By Emily Carol



Disclaimer: I dunno why everyone keeps thinking I own Gilmore Girls, because I sure as h*** don't.

Summary: Just a one parter about Dean when he gets 'cold feet' before his wedding.

Rating- PG to be safe, probably only G though

A/N- This is a one parter, enjoy.


Rory sat at the front desk of the Dragonfly Inn watching the preparations for the wedding. Her mom had given her the job of receptionist for the summer before her junior year at Yale while Michel took a vacation back to France to visit his family.

Dean walked up to the desk. "Hi Rory," he said.

"Hi Dean," Rory said with a smile.

"You want to go get a coffee?" Dean said. "Get away from this madness?"

"Sure," Rory said.

"Great!" Dean said.


At Luke's Diner...

Rory and Dean sat in the far corner while Rory drank coffee and Dean sipped at his soda.

"So how are your wedding plans going?" Rory asked him.

"Plans, good," Dean said.

"So what's bad?" Rory asked.

"It's just," Dean said. "I'm not sure if I want to commit myself to something this big right now. I mean the past 2 years haven't been bad; I've been fine just being with Lindsay, but now the day is almost here and I'm not so sure. I'm scared the commitment."

Rory nodded and listened to Dean keep talking. "I mean, what if Lindsay isn't The One? What if we end up divorced in a few years because we got engaged right out of high school and married right before our junior year in college?"

Rory nodded and thought for a minute. "But if you felt this way why'd you ask her to marry you?" Rory asked him. "Don't you love her? And can't love keep you together?"

Dean shrugged, "What if it doesn't?"

"But Dean," Rory said. "I know you. You are in love with Lindsay and that can keep you two together."

"But..." Dean started before Rory interrupted him.

"No buts Dean," Rory said. "I bought you that mixing bowl, I expect a wedding to happen. And you love each other, everything will be fine."

Dean smiled. "Yeah," he said. He stood up and Rory stood up with him. "Thanks Rory," he said and he hugged her. Rory waved good-bye as he walked out of the diner.


One Week Later...

Rory slipped into the church just before the ceremony started. An usher seated her on Dean's side of the church, near the back like she requested.

First down the aisle was Dean's nephew. Rory noted that he wasn't carrying the ring, a tip she'd giving to Dean a few years ago.

Next came a girl she didn't recognize and figured she was from Lindsay's side of the family. Then came the bridesmaids. Girls Rory recognized but couldn't place names to. Girls from Stars Hollow High.

And finally came Lindsay on the arm of her father. Rory's eyes followed Lindsay to the alter but when her eyes flickered on Deans she lowered them.

She didn't look up again until she heard, "You may now kiss the bride." She looked up to see Dean kissing Lindsay like he used to kiss her.

After Dean and Lindsay walked back up the aisle Rory made a quick escape and went around to the side of the church and leaned against the church wall.

Tears escaped her eyes.

Another boy, another chapter in her life, over.