And Everything In Between

Nope. Not mine. The characters are not mine. Well, three are. But they're really minor. And the story, its my own brain child. But Sydney,
Vaughn, Jack, Weiss, Will, Francie are not mine. Don't sue!

The invitation arrived on a boring, dreary, Monday. The weather seemed to agree with Sydney's mood. Rain pounded her umbrella as she ran into her house. She shook the rain off her umbrella, and closed it. She had taken two steps into the house before she realized that she had forgotten to get the mail. She cursed and opened her umbrella again before going to the end of the driveway to get the mail. Once inside she flipped through each piece. Bill, junk, letter for Francie, bill, bill, bill, junk for her, magazine for Will-wait a sec, Will? Why was his mail coming to her place? Sydney shrugged it off, and continued looking. "Junk, junk." She muttered. The very last piece of mail was small. Easily could have been missed.

The return address told Sydney that it was from her old high school. Figuring they were inviting her to homecoming, or begging for money to refurnish the auditorium, as they did every year, Sydney casually opened it. She opened it and groaned. It was worse than being solicited for money. It was an invitation to her high school reunion.

She cast it aside as she busied herself that night. Francie and Will came home from heir date late, but Sydney was still up, working and watching a late night show. "Hey Syd." Francie greeted.

"Hey guys." Sydney spun around. "Will, a magazine came for you today. Why is your mail coming here?"

"It was Francie's idea." He said, walking over to where the mail was kept. Sydney raised an eyebrow, and looked at her best friend, who only smiled.

"Hey Syd! I see you got one too!" Will said, holding up the invitation. "Are you going to go?"

"Go where?" Francie inquired.

"Our 10th high school reunion."

"So, are you going?"

"I don't know?"

"Oh why not?" Francie said. "I'll be there."

"You will?"

"Sure, Will's taking me." Francie assumed. "Right sweetie?"

"Huh?" Will looked up form his magazine for a second. "Right."

"You could take Michael."

"I could. But he's still just my boyfriend. Everyone else will have succeeded in their goals. Me, I'm still working at the same bank I was in college, and still not married."

"Hey, I'm in the same boat." Will spoke.

"You're at least a journalist at a travel magazine."

"You're going, end of discussion." Francie stated.

"Fine!" Sydney exclaimed. "I'll go."

"Good. Now, I am going to bed. Will, honey, are you coming?" Francie asked.

"Naw. I got to do a couple things for work first." He explained. Francie smiled and retreated to her bedroom. Will put down the magazine, and turned to look Sydney in the eye. "Tell me Syd, what is the real reason you don't want to go." He instructed.

"Will, you remember how everyone hated me when I left school."

"They probably have all forgotten that by now."

"I don't think so. Those people don't forgive easily. And not after what happened and all."

"Syd, it wasn't that bad."

"I left school the most hated girl in all the classes. It's a wonder they still allowed me at graduation ceremonies. True, I was booed, but they let me there. And gave me a solo in the school song. Once again booed. Even the teachers hated me. Besides, its just more people I have to lie to. For safety reasons, I still cannot tell everyone that I work for the CIA. I still have to spit out 'bank' and I am getting sick of it."

"I may not have the same experiences as you do, but I am in the same boat. I don't like the idea of using a travel magazine as a cover up. So what? We'll lie together."

Sydney chucked. "Why are you guys forcing me to do this?" She asked.

"Because you're always at work, or with Vaughn. You need to start getting out more."

"Fine, but I am going to take Vaughn with me. That way I can prove that I have a boyfriend."

"Using guys are we?"


"Ok, I got to finish this report." Will said, opening a secret compartment in his backpack and pulled out a file.

"Is that the satellite footage from Hong Kong?"

"Yeah. We need to find out where those me came from. What are you working on?"

"Translations. But I think I am done for now." Sydney closed her work, and put it in her bag.

"See, you don't have to have a secret compartment in your bag. One less secret."

"Night Will." Sydney carefully shut her bag, and went to bed. The only light left on in the house was the one belonging to Will.

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