Title: Like It Like That

Author: Yih

Disclaimer: All rights are JK Rowling, just borrowing the characters for some slashy goodness!

Warning: This is slash! M/M relationship! Don't bother flaming since this is your warning, got it?


1: Life is Pain

"You are such a slut," he panted at his writhing lover underneath him as he slowly slipped into him. "Such a little whore. But you're mine, you little tease."

"Could you... stop... talking... and just fuck me?!"

"Anything you want," he murmured smoothly, sexiness dripping from his voice. "Anything you want. You know you almost begged me." Pulling out of his lover shaking in anticipation, he rubbed his hard penis against the slick and quivering hole. "But I like it. I love to hear you beg me. Do you want me? Come on, why don't you tell me? I won't shag you brainless until you plead with me, until you beg me."

"You are such... a... gitty... bastard... fuck me! Please... fuck me..."

"Where has that notorious proud upstart prat that I know gone?" he chided without mercy as he suddenly slammed into his quite willing lover with all his strength. "Who ever would have thought you'd beg me?" Whatever he'd wanted to continue to say was cut off when he felt the firm ass clench around his arousal fiercely, squeezing him so sweetly--- so deliciously that he forgot that there was no heaven.

His lover cried out, but not his name no never his name. He might be lost totally in the throes of passion and desire and sweet temptation, but he never let himself let go enough to let an actual name slip out of his delicious lips. No, no matter how hard he pounded into that delectable ass. It didn't matter how many times he made him cum either or how many times he sucked him into sweet oblivion. All he did was cry out his ecstasy in moans of pleasure, but never his name.

It didn't matter to him, not in the least. After all, he was the one in control... wasn't he? Yes, he had to be. It had to be him. Who else could it be? The gloriously beautiful man that was getting thoroughly shagged by him? He didn't think so, and he smiled as he moved one more inch to rub against the sensitive prostrate that he knew drove his lover crazy.

Just like he thought, he reflected with agonizing pleasure as he was hit with his euphoric release. Wave after wave of blissful gratification nearly made him collapse, but he remembered not to stifle his lover with his sweaty body not that he was worried about crushing him. No, he was quite sure his lover would be able to support him, but he always felt this insane urge to cuddle that was definitely not like him.

He certainly wasn't going to give into the urge no, not even if he desired to. They had both gotten what they were after, a hard and furious shag. That was all they were about, nothing more. Pulling his body away from his satiated lover, he grabbed his wand and started summoning the clothes that were tossed all around the room.

"Same time?" he questioned, the only thing that really needed to be asked.

"Same time," came the echo of concurrence.


He was glad the bastard was gone, even if he was the most delicious fuck buddy that he'd ever had. It was so like that git to leave, just leave after giving him the most satisfying sexual experience of his life. And he was sure that it was going to be repeated and would continue to be repeated until there was no energy left in him to continue.

It was miracle that prat didn't comment on how skinny he was becoming, but then again it was just like him to not have a care in the world other than getting the most out of the almost daily shag sessions. Not that he cared if the git cared or not, he preferred him not to care which was why he'd gone about seducing him in the first place.

Because he knew that he didn't care, and that he'd use him to his satisfaction which would bring his own gratification. There was nothing more that he hated than to be treated delicately like he was some fragile being that'd break at any point. It wasn't like he was simply going to drop dead, no it was going to gradual and it was going to be painful. That much was a certainty.

It had already begun. Over the past the year, he'd seen how his body had deteriorated--- how he was slowly losing his magical abilities, how he was losing his physical strengths. It was damn hard for him to come to grips to, but he learned to accept it. It wasn't like he had much choice right? It was going to happen; it was only a matter of time.

Damn him. Damn all of them. But even if he only had limited time left, he was going to live it how he bloody well pleased no matter what anyone else said. It didn't matter, they didn't know and he'd made sure of that. It'd taken him the very last of his once great magical strength to obliviate the one person that knew. Now no one knew, only he knew that he had at most a year to live, a year he'd almost used up.

Maybe he had more than a year, who was keeping track? He sure wasn't. He was just trying to live life to the fullest, even if it meant shagging the one person that he hated as a person more than anyone else. At least that bastard didn't treat him like he was going to breakdown, if his friends only knew how close they were to the truth!

They were all worried about his mental health when they should have been worried about his physical one. The dramatic irony of life. Sweet, bittersweet life.


"You screwed him again didn't you," his roommate commented as Draco strolled into a room with a thoroughly fucked expression smeared onto his gorgeous face. Even though he didn't bother to deign the statement with a response or even encourage Blaise to talk more, the Slytherin still decided continue, "You are so bloody lucky."

Draco quirked his eyebrow up at that particular statement. That was certainly different. "I beg your pardon?"

"I don't care if you hate him, he's a good man," Blaise remarked blithely. "A damn fine man actually. I wouldn't mind shagging him if I knew you weren't such a possessive bugger with your boyfriends."

"He's not my boyfriend..."

"Whatever," he cut Draco off. "It doesn't matter, the only person you're seeing is him right?" Draco just stared at Blaise, wanting the damn Slytherin to get to his ruddy point so that he could get pass him and go to bed and maybe dream of pounding that ass since he couldn't very well do it when he was miles away. "And it's not like he's seeing anyone, not with the tabs the newspaper keeps on him. It's a miracle they don't know about you two yet."

"We haven't been together..."

"No," Blaise interrupted once more, "you haven't been together at all, but you've been shagging him for months. And you'd think you'd get tired, knowing how insatiable and how fast you get bored. But you keep going back for more, that's why you are bloody lucky, you git. He must be a royally good lay. If anything, you're spending more time at his flat than you are at ours."

Draco rolled his eyes. Sometimes he thought that Blaise only thought with his prick. "Are you finished analyzing my bloody sex life?"

"You know that nothing interesting is going on with my own, so why can't you just give me something to slake my wandering thirst on?" Blaise whined quite prettily despite the nauseatingly deliberate high pitched tone he used. "There's nothing better to do than to question you about yours considering I have a nonexistent shag life."

"Then hit the clubs, go to the bars and find yourself one instead of interrogating me every night about mine!" Draco exclaimed, his silvery blue eyes blazing with fury. It wasn't like him to break the usual calm that surrounded him like a tight sheath, a composure that never left him unless he was screwing the brains out of Harry.

Blaise backed up a step from the rather furious Draco, the side of Draco he hadn't seen in a long time and reminded him far too much of Lucius Malfoy for his own liking and comfort. "Geez, I was just teasing," Blaise muttered. "There's no reason to fly off the handle, is there?"

Draco snorted, but the direction Blaise had stepped back provided him enough room to sweep pass his roommate and gain access into his room. Before Blaise could make a move, he slammed the door in his face and muttered a locking spell with a quick wave of his wand. For good measure, he added a sound blocking charm so that he didn't have to hear Blaise yelling at him to tell him what was wrong.

Sometimes it just sucked to have a roommate that was too curious and concerned for his own good when all he wanted was to be left alone to--- to his utter bloody horror--- to fantasize about the Boy Who Lived who was such a damn good fuck buddy.


Author's Note: I got bored, and I really do want to do a HP/DM fanfic and so here it is. It's a lot shorter than my normal chapters b/c I don't know if I'm going to continue this or not. Just decided to write it and so here it is. Do you like it? It's not just a PWP as I thought it was going to be. Damn mind, I'm always into bloody intricacies! Please review? Pretty please?