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A-Chan: So basically, I decided that I did not like how this story was going, because I don't really like Yaoi fics unless they are with my two fav characters: Veggie and Kaka! So I took this idea, and made it into a Vegeta/Goku Yaoi. I just enjoy writing those a lot better anyway. I had to do some major changes in this fic to make it like that, but I don't care. A Vegeta/Goku yaoi is always worth it! Woo hoo!

IMPORTANT This ficcer is in the POV of Goku. It is A/U. It takes place sometime after the Frieza saga. Basically, he captured Goku and Vegeta. I am sure all of your questions up to this point will be answered if you bother reading it. Everything will be explained eventually. And I promise this fic is worth while, it will be pretty good once you get into it (I hope) If not, there are always my other fics you can check out! (hint hint) hehe. Thank you for your time! ^.^

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, rape, cursing, etc. The whole kit and caboodle. I am warning you ahead of time, so beware!!! hehe.

Italics= thoughts and sometimes noises.

****= flashbacks


I lie on a cold ragged floor. Half of the carpet lays overturned where underneath mildewed boards are decaying, and I am forced to lie next to it, taking in the putrid smell every second. My jaw is sore from the ache and pain of unclean teeth. My chin is over-bearded, and my body is malnourished. My mouth is dry from dehydration, and lays open unwillingly. My eyes will hardly open, feeling weighted down and forced.

How long have I been here? I do not know. All I know is I do not deserve it. To be locked in a dark room and fed only once a day is my torture. And for what, you ask? Deprivation. Not doing what my master commands. Depriving him from all he wants, and not pleasing him. My punishment is three months of torturous brutality from him. His beatings are more often because of my punishment, and I am forced to bare his greedy pleasures.

It was a never-ending torture. I had already died from it though. I am already dead to the world. No one would ever recognize me anyway. I have become bitter and sick. I am no longer a cheerful person. But who could blame me? My family would never recognize me if I ever made it home.

Family... I remember my son... My son who my 'master' willingly murdered after he had taken me prisoner. He had murdered my son and my best friend. Gohan.. Krillin..Piccolo even. He had murdered them all. Even Bulma.. All dead because of him..

I'm surprised that shattered piece of glass in the corner that is so thirsty for blood has not been drug over my flesh by myself already. I am too weak to use it against myself, let alone any others. I wouldn't even be able to use it in my own defense because I am so weak now..

I have not been fed for over a week.. nor have I had something to drink. And that is why I drag myself over to that unfamiliar noise I hear right now.

Drip Drip Drip.....

It's the noise of some kind of liquid being carelessly wasted. My stomach turns with disappointment. I roll over and pull myself toward it. It is coming from the part of my cell that is deteriorating. I still manage to pull myself over the rotten boards, and they moan under my weight. I cannot see, but I try and position myself under the liquid. I lap up the stale water greedily. I do not care that it is not fresh, because I need it so bad.

After gaining as much of the leaking water as I can, I attempt to stand up. I position my hands on either side of myself, and press them firmly on the wall. I lift my legs one at a time so that I am squatting about a foot above the ground. I lift my body very slowly and find myself still hunched, but I cannot fix that part of my posture.

I stumble slowly to the opposite side of my cell where the door stands. I sit again, looking solemnly at the door, begging for it to open. I was fed once a day before, but they had forgotten for a while. And what they fed before was so minimal, that I would have still been starving even if they continued. I moan under my breath as tears of frustration burn my dry eyes. They sting.

I'm sure that this time is up. I should have been out of this cell a long time ago. More than three months has had to pass up.

Why have they forgotten about me?

They captured me over three months ago. I found then that I was too weak.. to weak to defeat the one that had carelessly destroyed my friends. We were on the planet to gather the dragon balls, and that is when we ran into him. Frieza. I tried to defeat him, but found my attempt unsuccessful. He was too powerful, and once my attempt to go super saiyan had failed, I was beat. And then I and my fellow Saiyan Vegeta were taken captive.

I had failed...

I lie down again. It is worthless. I am never going to get out of this cell. I wonder how Vegeta is doing? I have heard him scream and struggle down the hall several times.. There is nothing I can do about it though. I know what Frieza is doing to him, and it makes me sick to my stomach. How could Frieza be so sick as to take advantage of him? I don't know if he has gone that far yet.. But I sure hope not.

I tried many times to get out of this cell. I have kicked and punched and even attempted to use all of my energy on it. It never works. We are on Frieza's spaceship, so escaping out of the one small window is definitely not an option.

The cell is made out of non-damageable steel. Figures huh? I wish I could get out of here, and help Vegeta.. I feel terrible that he has to bare Frieza taking advantage of him. Frieza tried to do the same to me, but he never got it, and that's what put me here. He locked me up in here because I was so defiant.

I wasn't going to let him do that to me! That's just not going to happen, ever.

I know Vegeta is fighting him, and probably getting beat by him. It's terrible. Frieza has no sympathy or pity. He thinks all saiyans are fools. He thinks we are worthless.

" You are just an arrogant young saiyan, Kakarot. You're a worthless, cocky saiyan; a waste of oxygen," Frieza told me once.

His voice still rings in my head. It haunts me. I wish I was dead. Anything would be better than here. Even an eternity in the other world. I would prefer it, even. I mean, I've been there before, It's not half bad. Especially when you compare it to a place like this.

I hear Frieza's voice down the hall.

" Vegeta, it would be smart not to try and fight me. Just do what I say, and I will spare you."

" Never! I will never let you touch me Frieza!" I hear Vegeta yell and I hear him struggle.

I can feel Vegeta's emotions. He is scared. I feel scared for him even. I do not want Frieza to do anything to him. And I have to do something about it. I owe him. He saved my son and my best friend while on Namek.. even if they were killed later. I remember Frieza taking us on his ship and locking us up. I heard him go back outside and destroy the others.


" You are worthless to me! The Saiyans are the ones I need. heh." Frieza said as he destroyed them all, then the planet.


I don't want him to destroy Vegeta. He is the only other Saiyan still alive.. and he has kind of turned into more than an 'acquaintance' of mine. He has kind of grown on me. He is kind of a friend...

I hear Vegeta struggling again. Frieza is forcing himself on him. I need to stop this insanity.

I stand up, as hard as it is, and beat on the door. I throw my energy at it, and although it is useless; I hope to draw attention. Anything to stop Frieza's foul attempt to get his pleasure from Vegeta. I beat endlessly, until I hear footsteps marching down the hall.

Frieza is coming. Good. I stopped him.

I move away from the door, and Frieza kicks it down. He turns to me and screams.

" How dare you interrupt me you stupid saiyan!" He raises his fist, and sends it into my face.

I don't bother to fight back. I was not strong enough to beat him before, and I won't be now. I have grown so weak.

After a couple minutes of him beating me, I finally raise up my arm to stop one of his blows. He stares at me and frowns.

" That would not be wise Kakarot. Fighting me is not smart." He hisses.

I scream and throw my fist toward him, and see Vegeta coming from behind, doing the same. I am sure that if we both try our hardest, we can beat him together. But, Frieza is too fast.

Frieza catches Vegeta's and my fist. He crushes the bones in our fingers and then tosses us both into the cell I was in. He slams the door shut and opens the peep hole.

" Maybe that will teach you not to fight me!" He screams, " One month."

He leaves us alone in my cell; a whole month ahead of us.


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