Babes And Chicks


Minor L/G

Summary: In which Gordo comes home from Germany, Lizzie and Miranda get mad, and Matt gets hurt.


Guybehindthecamera: I'm back

Daddyslilgirl: welcome home, gordo

Richshoney: did you have a good time?

Guybehindthecamera: Not as much as Rich and you, apparently

Richshoney: shutup

Daddyslilgirl: Miranda, you didn't miss gordo, did ya?

Richshoney: not at all

Guybehindthecamera: Ok, truce

Daddyslilgirl: truce

Richshoney: ditto. so what did you do, really? Wasn't it like being on an old folks home tour, with your grandma?

Daddyslilgirl: she doesn't act at all like 'gorgeous'. (

Guybehindthecamera: You're telling me. But did you know it is legal to sunbath topless where we were in Germany? It was great!

Daddyslilgirl: Gordo!

Richshoney: Gordo!

Guybehindthecamera: I saw a 60 year old lady

Daddyslilgirl: *shudder*

Richshoney: Eww!

Guybehindthecamera: Then we ran into some hot chicks. ( Then some more old people.

Richshoney: HEY! gordo, how many times are we going to have talk about not objectifying women?

Guybehindthecamera: I guess Rich's SAT vocabulary is rubbing off on you, Miranda!

Daddyslilgirl: first you insult woman-kind, then you INSINUATE that we are not smart enough?

Richshoney: i didn't miss gordo at all

Daddyslilgirl: me neither

Melinalover: whatever, lizzie. *high voice* oh, miranda, i just don't know what to do!

Daddyslilgirl: MATT! You geek! I'm going to kill you! BRB, guys.

Guybehindthecamera: Before Lizzie gets to you, how'd you hack into our room, Matt?

Melinalover: Melina did it.

Richshoney: figures.

Melinalover: HELP!

Melinaliver has left the room

Richshoney: poor matt.

Guybehindthecamera: yeah, poor guy. That Melina chick has him whipped!

Daddyslilgirl: I have to go explain why Matt may have a broken finger to my parents. Later guys!

Daddyslilgirl has left the room

Richshoney: WE ARE NOT BABES!

Richshoney has signed off

Gordo sighed as he signed off and pushed himself away from his computer.

"Chicks!" He muttered.