Chapter 11 A Star is Born

It was day like none other hollywood was coming to town to film there latest movie everyone was excited about this. Stars were pouring in trying to get a role in the movie it was a day that mite change this small town and one person mite meet her destiny and there life mite be changed forever.

Tea was in class chatting with Heaven and her new Friend Ryoko, isnt this cool I want to be an extra in the new Sailor S movie says Heaven, Yeah it sounds so cool replies Ryoko, unless your invited it's a closed set says Tea, they says darn at the same time, but we can sneak a peak at what there doing, yeah that will be so cool says Heaven, all of a sudden Ryoko licks Lucius, Lucius cringes and edges away from Ryoko. Why did you do that Ryoko Asked Heaven, I just felt like it Replies Ryoko, "You're the weirdest girl I know" says Tea. I try my best says Ryoko and then laughs. As the teacher and says I have good news class theres a field trip to the movie set. oh cool Says Tea, all you have to is bring in this permission form sign by your parent or legal guardian says Mr Raijin as he handed out piece of paper to everyone, when is this trip? asks Tea, its this friday replies the Teacher, This is gonna be awesome says Ryoko as she winked at lucius sending him into a panic, Mr Raijin asks Lucius whats wrong? Its that girl shes freaking me out, Lucius points at Ryoko and says that girl, you mean Ryoko says mr Raijin, if shes hitting on you why does it freak you out says a voice in the back row, She creepy retorts Lucius, "but you're a total dweeb says a voice from the back row, Where is that voice" says Mt Raijin, If you build it they will come says the voices from the back row, "Quit that Ryoko" says Mr Raijin, Ryoko looks innocent and says Im not sitting in the back row why are you blaming me, your last teacher told me you were good with throwing your voice says Mr Raijin, Ryoko smiles then laughs. Tea starts laughing too, lets get to todays lesson says Mr Raijin as he starts writing something on the chalk board and says what is seven times four plus five and devided by ten and times that by 6. Its how meny have had sex says Ryoko, That not appropriate Ryoko says Mr Raijin. As the whole class either cringes or laughs Tea suddenly notices Bakura was staring right at her, turns away when he noticed her watching him, Tea mutters what does that guy or does her have the hots for me? Or something else

The Airplane landed out in the Air field to be meet by reporters and fans, as the plane stopped its doors open to reveal a girl with Aqua hair wearing a leather jacket born to be bad on the back of it she was wearing low rider jeans. as she came out she by two out of uniform police officers and her agent a fat Caucasian guy with mustache the size of a two rats, he had a sour look on his face that said don't mess with me or you'll never work in this town again, the fan started as Ayna got closer to them, then came the cat calls and whistling, Ayna just ignored them like they werent even there. Ayna just walks past them and gets into a limo and it drives off In the limo they were met by an executives that want to talk about buseness with Ayna'a agent. Ayna just looked out the window and watch cars and people pass by the window, breaking into the hollywood life wasn't all it was cutt out to, Ayna has been hollywood since she was 10 yrs old, Now at the age of 14 she was still were she was when she started but with a fan following of losers who want to be like her, as they got there they were by the director Gary Stanton who shakes Ayna's Agents hand as he got out of the limo, I never heard of you Mr Stanton, its my Directerial debut replies Mr Stanton as he greets Ayna. Ayna just walk by him and head to her dressing Room without saying a word, She enters her dressing room and sits down reads the Script. suddenly the lights go out and something that looks like a sphere hits Ayna knocking her out. When woke up she rubbed her and thought she mist of dozzed off maybe jet lag. Ayna got and got into custume which looked like her old school uniform blue and white and left to the movie set

Tuxedo Mask stood under of a belcony looking up into a foggy scene infront he barely saw anything but an out line girl in a gown, you must save tuxedo mask you must find the rainbow crystal it is your destiny to find them and free me, show your face Tuxedo mask demanded by the girl just repeated what she said before. Kaiba wakes up breathing heavilly, it was that dream again the one with the moon princess, I have to gets some air says Kaiba to himself and walks onto his apartment belcony, Kaiba looks and says who is this moon princess?. And what are these rainbow crystals? and where can I find them?

Tea walks into her house and says Hi Mom, Hi Dad, and Hi Yugi. Tea hands her mom a permission to go on a field, cool says Yugi as he read where the field trip is too, this is gonna be cool says Tea the form is signed, Tea jumps for joy saying hollywood here I come and ran up to her room and jumped on her bed and hugged her permission form and thought this will be the best field trip ever a movie set for the Sailor S movie this is gonna be cool as she said this her mom called Tea phone its your friend Heaven, Tea ran out the door And down the stair to answer the phone, at the window stood a figure watching through the window the figure vanishes in a bink of an eye leaving a view of the street unabstructed. Where a naked man was being chased by cops. and people walking down the street and people having normal live not knowing one of mite have a rainbow crystal this unsuspected people not knowing theres shadow inside one of them.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon Says) (Tea: I need a high (Ryoko: Sniffing farts is a good why to get (Heaven: Ewwwwwwwwwww (Tea: Ewwwwwwwwww (Tea: Sailor Moon Says HeHeHe cya