Chapter 16 "Revolution"

At School all mourned the Death of Mr Raijin and also joke about it, wasn't he killed bye girl says one person Tea Scowls at them, don't get all bent out of shape says Ryoko. A man walks into the room wearing a fancy suit, he writes on the board while saying IM Mr. Pegasus, IM the replacement Teacher for the dearly departed Mr. Raisin my friends call me Maximillian, you people are gonna have fun in my class because were doing math toon style, 'you got to be kidding says a girl in the back row, 'IM not kidding says Pegasus, sudden a voices from Pegasus butt saying Feed Me' Pegasus looks down at his butt and starts laughing, who ever did that was so funny says Pegasus, as the class went noting seemed to bother there new teacher the class bell rings and the room empties out into the hallway heading towards there next class.

The theatre was filled with people in meny different color uniforms all watching the stage. Marik strode onto the stage and stands center stage. Marik says My fellow warrior of the Negaverse were here today to take action against Queen Mai are plans centre around helping Sailor Moon, the crowd fell silent at the sound of this name untill a person in the front said why should we help her she wants to seal us back into the shadow realm. are you stupid the only reason she wants to send us there is Mai and of we de throne Mai we will earn the respect of who ever this Moon Princess is says Zoisite, 'and Zoisite was a Sailor Scout till she turned to the Negaverse because of me I dragged her into this misery where warriors are treated like trash says Marik, You have a point says another voice in the crowd, and shouts of a agressment echo through the theatre. Then have it were going to War with Queen Mai says Marik, chants of Marik now echo through the theatre. a girl in a white dress standing beside Marik suddenly speaks says Im Ishizu personal protecter of the Moon Princess. Marik didn't know Ishizu was standing there untill she spoke. What are you doing here and how do you find us. Simple Marik I felt your Aura of Hatred if you rush in and attack Queen Mai you will do more harm then good I sence you have collected all seven Rainbow Crystals says Ishizu not taking her eyes of marik, how do you know that says Zoisite, I can feel them says Ishizu. To reveal the Moon Princess we need to get those crystals to become one creating the Millenium Silver Crystal, Good says Marik we now have a plan we give the Millenium Crystal to the Moon Princess and she helps us get our freedom back, Marik to ask Ishizu a question whe was gone. A guy with the same gray uniform walks onto the stage says I agree with your plan and im gonna fight by your side, Thank you Saturos says Marik as he shakes saturos hand. The chant saturos starts to scho through the treatre as Marik and Saturos shake hands.

-The shrine- The Cherry Hill Shrine was a beautiful to visit after visiting other shrines in the Area it seem a vary pleasant place, as Tea, Ryoko, Luna, walk up to the shrine Tea said I hope this is the right place IM not looking for any more shrines they got as far as the stair we this Raven hair girl came towards them saying without looking at them welcome to the Cherry Hill Shrine a place of peace and tranquillity please enjoy your visit. Sailor Mars says Luna, the Raven haired Girl looks down at Luna says "Good to see you again, this is Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus says Luna, the nearly Raven looks up at Tea and Ryoko and scowls and says You again, Tea suddenly realizes who this was and glares saying you again you pompous snob bitch. Ryoko slowly backs away, as Tea and Sonome glare at each other, so this is Sailor Moon the leader of the sailor scouts a ditzy twat that nearly got us killed last night it figure she is that Sailor Moon but why is she the leader I bet she cant even fight her way out of a paper bag says Sonome, Stop fighting you two says Luna, they just ignore her and just keep fighting. Luna sighs and watches the fight go on for nearly forever. Ryoko says it's the Pms twins show staring Sonome and Tea brought to you by midol when a your period gets you down use midol. Now both Sonome and Tea were glaring at Ryoko then started laughing, Shes right I was being a bitch but if you too don't like it deal says Sonome, deal with me kicking your ass if you fuck with me says Tea, lets get talking about the Negaverse says Tea, Sonome and Ryoko say ok at the same time, they were training room in the shrine, Sonome was the first one to ack a question, Who was that bitch scout that was trying to kill us, that is an easy one to answer her Name is Sailor Senna and she is the body guard of the Queen and leader of the Sailor scouts says Luna, why was she trying to kill us says Ryoko, if she was trying to kill you you wouldn't be here talking about it says Luna, why was she attacking us if she didn't want to kill us says Tea. Something is wrong with her says Luna. if theres something wrong with her what is it, What ever it is the negaverse has something to do with it. Whats with that girl with that Negaverse uniform on that saved us, her name is Zoisite former sailor scout she turned traiter and attack the Moon Kingdom with Queen Mai, 'why did she rescued asks Tea, 'I have no idea replies Luna, what is the Negaverse anyways says Sonome. it is kingdom of Pure evil bent on ruling the universe it's the sailor scouts job to defeat her. Don't ever face Sailor Senna alone says Luna, She has the Crescent Moon Wand sats Tea, figures she would lose ir says Sonome, "its not my fault she knocked it out of my hand" says Tea. Tea lowers her head then says "It was my fault" 'no it wasn't you had no idea what you were up against says Luna, 'Luna is right it isnt your fault even I had a tough time against says Ryoko, 'But you managed to hit her says Sonome, 'I was lucky replies Ryoko, luck or no luck we have to figure out what we do now says Luna, 'yes luna is right we have to figure the negaverse plan says Ryoko, they talking about thing they have encontered juring the last couple weeks.

Sailor Senna walk into a throne and bows while says im glad to see you again my Queen, Queen Mai Smiles and says welcome my chief sailor scout, still on bowing postion says our your order my Queen says Senna, there are imposter Sailor Scouts says Mai, Queen Dani I have encountered them they kept lying to me about you they said your dead I knew you werent says Senna, yes they will lie to you that what negaverse scum whould do says Queen Mai, do you want me to eliminate them my Queen says Senna, yes kill those imposters and also theres a traiter out there named Zoisite killed her too says Mai. Yes my Queen I will do what ever you say Replies Senna, Sailor Senna Vanishes with a bright flash of yellow light, Mai starts laughing say that poor sailor scout doesn't know when shes down this task she will die too says Mai,

-To be Continued-

(Sailor Moon says} (Tea: once in a while you think l.ife sucks (Luna: You Suck (Tea: Heh (Luna: Its True (Tea: Sailor moon says im gonna kill you luna hehehe (Luna:gulps