Scarlet Stains on White Tile

By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: Wish I did own Wanda (heh heh) but I don't own jack.  Might wanna keep the kids away from this one.  Just for continuity sticklers, Wanda does actually have her real memories so it's probably set sometime after 'Day of Reckoning'.  This is just a little diddy from the POV of my favorite Evo character.

            Scarlet, crimson, burgundy, fuchsia, rose, vermilion, wine, magenta.  They're all the same color really.  They're all different shades of red.  I wonder which shade is on the floor now.  I wonder which shade of red I bleed.  Scarlet I bet.

            There's blood on the tile floor of our bathroom.  My blood, scarlet blood.  It's oozing from the two gashes on my wrist but I long ago ceased to care.  Soon I won't have to care about anything if I ever did in the first place.  Soon it will be done.

            They boys are downstairs watching TV.  By the time they come up here I'll be long gone.  I wonder if they'll cry for a monster like me.  That's what I am after all, a monster.  I didn't start out that way but it didn't take long.  Maybe that's why Father locked me away.  Monsters like me don't deserve to have friends or even to be around people at all.  Monsters like me don't deserve to live.

            The Brotherhood, I'm going to miss them.  They weren't so bad after all I guess.  They'll probably make Toad clean up all the blood.  It'll break his heart.  I'm sorry that I made this mess on the floor and of my life.

            Pietro, darling big brother, how could you know?  How could you know that your scared little sister loved to cut herself, to watch the wonderful scarlet blood ooze out of her body?  I used to do it when we were little.  Father never told you but I'd sneak into his room and use his razor.  This time I used yours, Pietro, the one you'd use to make yourself look so handsome for all those girls you'd go out with.  I used yours because you turned out just like him, just like Dad.  Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood.  You were the only one in the world who cared but now you care more about Dad than me.  How could you ever love a monster like me?

            I stopped doing it when they locked me up but it wasn't because I wanted to quit.  Anything that could cut was taken away.  I ate my meals with plastic silverware and even then they'd check to make sure it was all there before they took it away.  Shatterproof glass with its funny little wire patterns was installed in my window along with cold, iron bars.  They never let me near a mirror.  They were right to treat me that way.

            I am a monster but only by inheritance.  My only regret is never getting the chance to kill Father but that's okay now.  I beat them both, Pietro and my Dad.  Pietro will still have to live with him; I won't anymore.  Father will hurt the most when he learns.  That will show him.  I hope he cries.  I want to hurt him so badly and the best way was to hurt myself because in his own weird way he loved me.

            It's in the blood, my monstrous ways, but that blood's all out of me now.  It's running on the tile floor and making stains on the moldy, white squares.  They'll never come out.  Pietro will have to see them every single day and he'll remember.  They'll all remember.  I'm the one who got the last laugh in the end.