Daddy's Little Girl

Prologue: For Want of a Nail

A Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic by Logan J. Goodhue

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First Version, 13JUL2003

For Want of a Nail

Little things have a way of changing people's lives in huge ways. For example, because a blacksmith was in a hurry, he didn't use enough nails to properly secure a horseshoe. This caused the horse to throw its shoe and become lame. Because the horse came up lame, its rider was unable to reach the scene of a major battle. Because of this, the battle was lost, and England's King Richard the Third lost his kingdom.

This is the tale of what happened when another nail interfered in someone's destiny.


Hans Langley was not a happy man. He shook his head in disgust as he looked at the flat rear left tire on his 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera. Apparently, he had run over a nail on his way home from work. Shouting a few choice obscenities, he stormed back into his house. In the foyer, he stopped suddenly as something caught his eye. He took it in his hands and sat down heavily in an oaken chair that had survived two world wars and Second Impact.

It was a photo of his wife and daughter. His wife was Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu, and she was absolutely beautiful. Her combination of Teutonic and Japanese features coalesced into an exotic, elfin face, framing two luminous blue eyes. Her long hair was a dark russet wave that led into a graceful neck. Her figure, as an American friend had once said, "had more curves than a mile of country roads." His daughter, Asuka Langley Sohryu, who had just turned two, showed all the signs of becoming just as beautiful as her mother, and, if the doctors and child psychologists were right, she was a prodigy. He smiled in pride for a moment, and then shame filled him.

He looked sadly out the window at his maimed car. He had been about to throw away his morals and hire a prostitute. He had been patient while Kyoko was pregnant with Asuka, and had bravely faced many nights alone as his wife worked on Project E around the clock. Now, after almost three years, he was as sexually frustrated as he had been as a teenager. And just because he wanted a little tail, he had almost ruined the one thing in his life that he could be proud of: his family.

Hot tears ran from his stormy gray eyes and down his chiseled features. He had never been one to follow the old tradition that men weren't allowed to cry. His family had long been the ones who gave nearly free rein to their emotions. A Langley's joys were ecstatic, and his sorrows were black as pitch. His anger was harsh and brutal, and his love was deep and boundless. Unfortunately, that meant that his lust was strong enough to almost overpower his love.

He brooded in silence, and almost didn't notice the sound of Kyoko's Mercedes sedan pulling up in the driveway. His eyes lit up as he watched her saunter up the walkway in her lab coat. His rugged face cracked into an ecstatic smile as she announced her return home and shared with him what she had bought that day at Victoria's Secret. Amidst giggling and whispered sweet nothings in three languages, Hans swept his wife from her feet and carried her into their bedroom.

It was good that little Asuka was visiting her grandmother. Otherwise, she would have gotten very little sleep that night.