~*~*~*~* Chapter 1 ~ School of Four Souls or something like that *~*~*~*~

The darkened room was suddenly very cold. I couldn't believe what I just heard. I turned over to my mom, who looked at me with that weird expression, then at my brother, whose mouth was hanging open. I tried to argue, but my mom wouldn't give me the chance.

"No, Kagome. I don't want to hear excuses. I'm having a hard time myself. You think it's easy for me to let both of you go to a boarding school that I myself had never visited before?"

This time, however, I replied as quickly as a thunderbolt,

"I don't care. No matter what your purposes are, I don't care. I'm not leaving this town. I'm not leaving my friends. I'm not leaving this house. I'm not leaving you."

My mom's sad face turned into a small smile, but nonetheless, she will not give in.

"Listen, Kagome. You have no choice, I have no choice. It is just the way it is. I'm sure you understand that the education in this town is not good enough for you and Souta. For both your futures, we have to give in."

"If it is education you want, we don't have to leave you!" I shouted, "All of us can leave this town and start a new home."

"You know better than me that our business will never let me move from this town." My mom continued to wear that weird expression.

"Mom! We don't need anymore money! We are rich enough.!"

"Is it true that we are now one of the richest person in the world, mom?"

I turned around and glared at my younger brother, Souta. He edged away from me, clearly understanding that he is being no help. I decided to ignore him,

"Mom! Why do we have to go to a boarding school? Why?"

"I've explained that to you." My mom mentioned quietly.

I opened my mouth to protest again but my mom suddenly stood up and turned around.

"You better start packing now. I forgot to tell you this, but you are leaving in 3 days time. don't start complaining again, Kagome." I had just opened my mouth in surprise, "You too, Souta. Go to your room."

And my mom left. I through my pillow into the floor and then glared at Souta, who quickly run for my door.

~*~*~*~* 3 DAYS LATER *~*~*~*~

There came a knock on my door. It's mom. I know it.

"Kagome, dear? Are you ready to go?" It is her but her voice sounded muffled and strange. "Souta is already downstairs waiting for you. I'll go downstairs myself."

I heard her footsteps became more distant. I buried myself into my baby blue, fluffy pillow and erased my tears. I have to be strong. It's not as if I'll never go back. Of course I will. On vacations and stuffs.

The soft ticking of my clock brought me back to my senses as I longed those vacations and holidays where I can go back to mom. I put on my coats and scarf. It's a good thing that mom had chosen a boarding school without uniforms.

~*~*~*~* 10 MINUTES LATER *~*~*~*~

"Listen, Kagome, Souta. I don't want you two to call me every single night, alright? But that also doesn't mean that I don't want no phone calls from you. Call me, say. once every 3 days."

"Why?" Souta asked before I even mouthed the word.

"Because I want both of you to be independent. I realized you two are much too depended on me. That is actually another reason why I want both of you to go to the boarding school." She added as an afterthought.

I groaned. Is she going to use our last precious moments for another explanation about our boarding school? Can't she at least hug us or.

Suddenly, I have a wish come true. My mom hug me so tightly to her chest that I thought every bone inside me might have broken. I then realized warm liquids falling to my coat. She let go of me and I quickly glance and notice the tears.

She shifted me and then hug Souta. I suddenly pitied mom more than myself. But then our driver opened the door of my car. I looked quickly to my mom. I didn't know my new, flashy red Ferrari car (I got that for my top student award from mom) will be joining me. My mom smiled between her tears.

"You do know that a boarding school is not a prison." She sniffed, "you are free to go to malls and other stuffs anytime you wanted. As long as it's not school time. And I can't imagine how you're going to do all that without one of your cars."

I raised my eyebrows. This boarding school is not as disastrous as I thought. I noticed that Souta had already went into my car (he's too young to drive, so he didn't have a car of his own). He quickly lowered the window and reached out to hug mom's neck again.

When they let go, mom give me another quick hug and shove me into the car. I opened the window and we say our good-byes before we finally took off from our house.

~*~*~*~* 1 HOUR LATER *~*~*~*~

I didn't expected that the journey to our new school/home will take this long. I rolled my eyes to look at Souta, who was trying to call his friend with his brand new cell-phone, but seemed to have failed because his friend are not on the other end of the line. I clear my throat.

"Ehem, remind me of our school's name." I was trying to make a conversation. Even though, as a matter of fact, I do forget our school's name.

"School of Four Souls, or something like that." He said without looking away from his cell phone.

"Err. okay. So. you think you'll find new friends there?"

Souta muttered 'yeah. probably' and then drop the conversation again. I sighed, and instead look at the now green scenery. It's not until another 1 hour that I can first take a glance into that so called 'School of Four Soul. or something like that.'

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