Act IV: Awoken

It has been fifteen years since Misao's departure from her beloved. She has since setteled down with Yakoto and she now has one child with him. Mistress Centipede has just rampaged the town and the men along Kaede have followed the ghastly demon. They are also following a strange girl whom Mistress Centipede is after. The village is calming down from the chaos for the night. Many women worry over their lover and husbands. Children have been put to bed, along with Misao's child.

Misao sighs as she sits back in her chair, watching her child sleep. He hadn't been bothered by the chaos at all. As soon as she had layed him down, he'd fallen asleep. Yakoto has went with the many men. As all the other women do, Misao worries and hopes her dear husband will return safely. Silently, she prays. She does not want to lose her one and only. She sighs and slumps in the chair.

Suddenly a feeling of shock comes over her. She felt it. At first the shock barely registered in her, but then she was able to hear something. Something loud and clear. The voice was so familiar, yet at the same time it was not. A shiver went down her spine at the evilness in the voice she heard.

I smell it. The blood of the woman who killed me. And it's coming closer...

"Inu Yasha!"

Shocked, her eyed widened and she sat bolt upright in her chair. "It's Inu Yasha! He's awake! What has happened!" She stood from her chair and began pacing the floor back and forth, thinking aloud. "I heard them say Mistress Centipede was going through Inu Yasha's forest... To the well. The well is just upon the Gengokubu tree...oh no..."

She pressed her hands against her mouth. What was she to do? What was she supose to do? The moonlight shone into the room slightly, and it attracted her attention. She went to stand just outside the door. Anxiously, she gazed about the town. It was in ruin, but there was no sight of anyone. The women were waiting quietly with their children in their homes. What was happening? Why had Inu Yasha's kind and gentle voice changed so? Would everyone be alright? "Oh, I hope so... Inu Yasha..." She sighed and her hand touched her heart. "What happened to you...?"


"Move away for the injured!"

Misao awoke with a start from her sleeping mat and immediately ran outside. Almost frantically, her eyes surveyed the crowd of men heading back into town. As soon as she saw Yakato, she sighed out of relief. "Yakato," she smiled and hugged him around the neck and kissed his cheek. "You're alright!" Yakato grinned sheepishly, if not tiredly, and hugged her back. She ran her fingers over him delicately, "Aye? Ye are not injured?" He chuckled at the worried crease in her brown and took her hands in his. "Aye, I'm fine." He kissed her forehead.

"How is Yorito? I trust he is troubled by all the commotion?" She laughed quietly. "Oddly enough, he fell straight to sleep." Yakato chuckled, "that's my boy," he said. They heard the moan and groans of a few men behind them. "Forgive me, Love. I need to tend to the injured now." Misao nodded and left him to his business.

As she walked down the bustling street, the moon shown down upon the street and on the roofs of the huts. The tranquility of the night was suddenly pierced by one girl's voice.

"You are so STUPID!"

She cringed as the girls voice raised yet another decible. Placing her hands on her hips, she turned her head toward the girls voice. Her eyes widened considerabily as she stared at the couple. It was Inu Yasha and the strange girl. She shook her head and walked toward them.

"Keep your voice down, young one! How do you expect my son to sleep when you're causing such a noise?" She glared down at the young girl as she looked up. "Oh, I'm so so sorry!" She bowed her head at Misao and clasped her hands together apologetically. Misao couldn't help but grin. "Do not fret. Try and keep your voice down, aye?"

Just to let the strange girl know she had no hard feelings, she smiled at her. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Inu Yasha was not looking at her. "I am very sorry, once again. Oh! By the way, my name is Kagome." Kagome bowed her slightly. "Konban wa, young Kagome," she said, and bowed her head in return.

Misao turned around and walked across the street. "Inu Yasha, how can you be so rude!" misao heard her say. "Get off my case, wench" she heard him say. She shook her head and made a tsking noise. Yorito was standing in the doorway to his room. "What's going on, o-kaasan?" he asked sleepily as he rubbed at his sleepy eyes. "Nothing to worry yourself about Yorito. Go back to sleep," she said and sat down in her chair. Yorito yawned and walked up to his mother, tugging on her kimono. She sighed and pulled him into her lap. The four-year-old liked to have bed time stories usually...Misao began her story.

"Once upon a time, there was a hanyou, Inu Yasha, who was slain by a miko named Kikyou..."

El fini! bows