It has been several years since the completion of the Shikon no Tama. On this happy summer evening, the sky has changed colors from a baby blue, to a mixture of pinks and purples, and the moon shows ever so slightly. From inside a hut on the edge of the Inu Yasha Forest, you can hear screams and curses spilling out the mouth of a woman in obvious pain.

Sitting near the hut is a young man of about twenty six years. The only things that move are the silver strands of his long, straight hair and his amber orbs, flickering from between the people gathered around the campfire to the hut. This man's name is Inu Yasha, and not too far from him is his adoptive son, Shippo. His actions are the exact opposite of his foster father, he's very much excited and somewhat anxious. Shippo sits for a moment right outside the hut entrance, but then jumps up and walks over to the group by the fire only to return once again. He wants to be the first one to see his little brother or sister.

The group of people around the fire range in sex and structure and age. There is a man approximately the same age as Inu Yasha, though he is more tan and his hair is shorter. His name is Miroku and the dark brown nearly black locks of hair are gathered into a small pony-tail on his neck. His eyes are closed and he is praying silently, while his wife, Sango, sits next to him. She is gazing anxiously at the hut, holding one child in each arm. They are her son and daughter, Kohaku and Koharu or ages one and two. The babies are sleeping quietly, thought there is much noise being generated from the hut.

There is even a few more unexpected guests for this very special occasion. Yet another silver haired man is present, with a crescent shaped moon on his forehead. Inu Yasha's brother, Sesshomaru is standing beside his wife, who is seated on a tree stump nearest to the fire. Rin is patiently waiting, as she wraps her arms around the shoulders of their young child, Jun. He is about three foot-tall, and six or so years in age. He's just as beautiful as his father, but with dark hair, and no crescent. Though the stripes on the sides of his face are visible, he is very quiet and pensive, wondering what they are all doing there.

The screaming stops and an old women, Kaede, emerges. She nods her head to Inu Yasha and walks away, toward the stream to wash her bloodied hands. He and Shippo are automatically inside the hut. Soft murmers are heard and a baby is screaming and crying violently. Soon the crying stops, and Inu Yasha walks out of the hut to signal everyone to come in. Everyone trampels in and stares at the beautiful new born baby in the mans' hands.

Finally, someone speaks...

"Inu Yasha, what is her name?"

There is a pause before Inu Yasha smiles down at the baby.

"Her name is Misao..."