Chapter 4: Trouble Arises:

"I need groceries." Chloe coming home from the Triskelion after a long day of hardworking realized that she needed groceries. I should've done this last week. She told herself. Chloe smiled at the idea of her always saying this. She really needed to get better with managing these things in her life, no matter how small they were.

Chloe on the way home makes a stop at the grocery store to pick up some things that would be enough to get her by for the next week or two. She was in a cheerfully good mood in spite of all things that happened recently such as her meeting with Director Fury. "What exactly was his deal and what did he mean by those words?" Chloe said aloud to no one in particular.

She sung to herself as she picked up a variety of foods and spices for herself. Eggs, rice, beans, bread, bacon, sausage, pepper, paprika you name it, Chloe had it all in her cart. And it still was not everything she wanted or needed for that matter. She gathered her meats, plus tons of other vegetables to go along with the meats as well.

While shopping Chloe received a phone call from her mother, Joanie Harper. Chloe knew that her mother would likely be calling her to pester her into coming home and visiting them, but that's what Chloe loved about her parents. The both loved and cared for her a lot as does she with them. Without hesitation, Chloe answered the phone.

"Hi mom, what's up, I'm in the middle of grocery shopping right now."

"Oh my mistakes Chloe, I don't know why I can never break the habit of not calling you when you're busy."

Chloe shifted the phone to her other ear as she grabbed a box of pancakes. "Mom, I've already told you this before, there's never a time where I'm too busy to talk to my favorite parent. I'll always have time for you, got it?"

"Oh honey stop, don't let your father hear that, it might break his heart too much, and we all know that your father is a gentle giant with a cushioned heart."

Chloe giggled softly, knowing that her mother wasn't lying. "I know, I still love daddy as much as you, but it'd kill him, although I'm pretty sure he knows that you're my favorite parent."

As Chloe operated her shopping cart, she could hear the sounds of her mother humming over the phone, much to her own delight as her mother was quite the harmonic voice. "Say dear, please tell me you aren't planning to walk home alone with all of your groceries again, are you not?"

Chloe sighed heavily, and she knew her mother would have picked up on that as well. "Yes mom, I know, I said I'd work towards getting a car at some point, I just haven't found the time to do so yet."

"I know you will honey, but still I don't like the thought of you being outside all alone and carrying all of that stuff around. It gets dangerous at night as well and I would be distraught if anything happened to my little girl."

Chloe chuckled softly, but she understood where her mother was coming from. "I know mom, I'll never take your advice for granted, but I'm twenty eight, I'm a big girl now, I'll be fine."

Chloe could hear her mother starting to tear up on the other line. Chloe would tell her mom to stop being so over dramatic, but she'd only be seen as hypocritical in her book as she and her mother are both very emotional people. So Chloe just let her get it all out. "Twenty eight is the new eight hun." Joanie sniffled. "You know, even after you moved down to Washington, D.C. to chase down your dreams and be with Emilia and Lacy, the void you left behind here in little old Park Slope of Brooklyn was too big to bear."

Chloe couldn't help but smile as her mother went on with her speech. It was these things that made her love and appreciate the genuine emotion that her mother felt.

Joanie sounded like she had begun crying or was already in the process of crying. "Every day I walk past that bedroom of yours and it just breaks my heart that an adorable little girl of mines didn't come running out pestering me and Johnathan to buy her the latest installation in her favorite book series. Or a teenage girl stomping out of the room and begging and pleading with her out of touch parents to go into Manhattan and spend the entire day with her best girls. I just miss it so much sweetie."

"I know mom, I miss being a kid sometimes to, but a part of life and growing up and being able to succeed in doing so."

Joanie suddenly went from tearing up to laughter. "That's my little girl, getting all righteous, just like her mother, though I wish you did not have to use my own tactics against me." She quipped.

Chloe laughed at her mother's overdramatic reaction. She giggled. "I learned from the best, Ma."

"And I curse myself for unwillingly and unknowingly teaching you that."

"Aw don't hurt yourself over it mom, at least I didn't turn into a juvenile delinquent as a child. I'm quite happy with being a sweet good girl."

Joanie laughed in a way she had never laughed before with her daughter.

Chloe, although happy and enjoying her phone call with her mother, was quite curious as to what her mother was in laughter over. "What's so funny mom?"

"If you call hiding and running around the local library and book store until me and your father brought you your favorite books being sweet, then yes, it counts as being sweet."

Chloe pouted and groaned, making her beloved mother laugh even more. "That doesn't count mom! I love reading and writing, and you know I want to be an author some day, so what better way to express that than to run off hiding inside libraries."

"If you say so dear." Joanie chuckled lightly, remembering how book obsessed her daughter was during her childhood. "Well for one thing, your sweet and genuine nature always worked on your father more so than me."

"Yeah I know, daddy always did what I wanted when I was younger. Sure you may have been my favorite parent." Chloe began giggling once again. "But anytime I needed something that you usually disapproved of, dad was always there to swoop to my rescue, speaking of dad, is he there with you now mom? I would love to speak to him and say hello, he probably misses me, just as much, if not more than even you do."

"You're not wrong on that one sweetie, your father is just waiting for the day that he can embrace his sugar jar and never let go again. And sadly, Jonathan isn't home right now, he's at the Academy right now dealing with two rival cliques of students getting into a fight in the lunchroom."

Chloe laughed, knowing full and well who the participants were. "Let me guess, it was the Jocks and the Nerds right?"

"Oh don't call them that honey, they're just insanely intelligent people who others dislike, but you're right. It apparently started out with the...intelligent gang being dunked in the pool one by one, and then an hour or so after that the geeks launched their revenge against the Jocks by assaulting them during their football and basketball practices with paintball weaponry, which resulted in the jocks firing back with dodgeballs and basketballs. Students from both sides of the two cliques were badly injured during the brawl."

Chloe, as bad as she felt for the kids who were injured, could not be surprised as she had seen these two social groups go at each other's throats when she was a student as well. "Good old fashioned Titanic Academy." She quipped. "Some things just never change."

"Amen to that sweetie, I just know your father is going to be more so disappointed and tired than angry as he's one to never get outright upset over petty disputes."

Chloe smiled to herself, thinking of her father. "I know ma, If there's one thing I know about daddy, it's that he's never angry unless it's something of great concern. Do you know what time dad will be getting home, I'd really love to talk to him soon and see how he's doing, I mean, running a entire Pre-Kindergarten to High School academy in Manhattan can't be that easy."

"I'm not sure myself honey, Jonathan is likely taking the time to call every last one of their parents and have personally one on one meetings with them, so he likely won't get back home until it's close to midnight." Joanie could hear her daughter's sighs of sadness. "Oh I know it's disappointing hun, but don't worry, before he left for work this morning, he assured me that he'd call you personally and check on you."

Chloe's mood quickly changed and she began squealing and cheering like the child she once was. She didn't care that most of her fellow Washingtonian shoppers were staring at her, at least she knew that were aware of how much she valued the ones she loved and cared about, such as her parents and her two best friends, Emilia and Lacy. She treated all of them like one big happy family.

Joanie could hear that her daughter was overly excited and for the sake of her old lady like ears, she moved her phone away from her ears and waited for Chloe's excitement and joy to conclude before deducing when it'd be 'safe' to put the phone to her own ears again. "I know sugarplum, I'm excited also, but please for the safety of my ears never, stop doing that."

Chloe could hear her mother groaning, causing her grin even more. One thing no one had the strength to do was tolerate Chloe's screaming and squealing. And Chloe knew this, as evidenced by her having stacks of books in her house that her parents brought her over the years. She was good, real good. "I'm sorry mom, I can't help it when I get excited over things like this."

"Oh don't worry about it hun, that just goes to show you how many you love your family dear, more than most. But back to the subject of your father, you know, he really wants to buy that car for you, he's still worried sick about you being all the way out there in D.C. without your own personal way of transportation. You know, we can easily afford it sweetie."

Chloe signed, being slightly disappointed about revisiting an idea that she was completely against. "I know mom, but I've already told dad that I want to work hard and earn things like a car with my own two hands and feet and my own money, even if it takes me until the end of eternity. You know that's part of the reason I moved down to Washington, D.C. with Emilia and Lacy to attend college with them, I wanted to carve out my own adulthood away from home. Don't get me wrong, I'll forever be a proud New Yorker and Brooklynite until the day I die, but being in Washington isn't so bad. The food is great, it's usually quiet on most days, much quieter than New York City that's for sure, and most of the people-" Chloe suddenly stopped talking. Right as she had gotten to the word 'people' she immediately began thinking about Steve once again, causing her to blush and start daydreaming again.

Joanie spent the next thirty seconds wondering why her daughter had suddenly stopped talking. She chuckled, assuming that her daughter must've met someone special. "Judging by that silence, i take it you've met someone out there in Washington?"

Chloe began blushing and cheesing. "Mom, it's not like that."

Joanie laughed softly. "Oh come on baby, you don't need to lie, who's the handsome hunk that caught the attention of my precious baby girl?"

Chloe burst out laughing at her mom's optimism about her love life, if she even had a love life at the moment. "Mother, it's not like that. I promise, right now we're just friends!" Chloe could hear her mother scoffing, indicating that she clearly did not believe her when she said that.

"Chloe Annalise Harper, don't you dare lie to me. Me and your father's colleagues at the academy are just friends, I may be out of touch with how you young people go about with romance nowadays, but I'm not clueless either, there's more to this fellow than you're letting on. Now tell me at least one he at least cute?" Joanie laughed at her daughter's displeasure, while Chloe in turn groaned and let out a sarcastic laugh.

Chloe eventually gave in and decided to let her mother know what she wanted to know. "Okay fine mom, and if you must know, yes, he's really cute, and he even has blonde hair like the both of us."

"Ahh I knew it dear, A mother will always know sweetie, no matter how hard you try to hide it. Now what is this fellow's name?"

"His name is Steve, mom, he's really cute and really sweet to despite us meeting each other not too long ago."

"Oh? That's lovely dear, and judging by how relaxed you sound when you're talking about this Steve fellow, I take it you really like this man, and clearly enjoy his company, am I right?"

Chloe facepalmed. "Yes mom, I really do enjoy his company, but he just wants a friend, and he genuinely needs it, he's been through a lot over the years, and with our particular not helping him any better, and besides that, he to seems to genuinely enjoy my a friend, at least I hope so."

"If that's what you want to keep telling yourself sweetie. I know that there's more to this man than you're letting me know, but because you're my daughter and I don't want to drive my precious sugarplum crazy by being overly nosey and talkative."

Chloe chuckled, before reassuring her mother. "It's okay mom, I'd never consider you or dad a nuisance in my life, In fact, you guys are high on the list of my favorite people ever."

"Oh stop it, that's too much of an overstatement, Chloe."

Chloe couldn't help but be amused by her mother's optimism. That was yet another thing Chloe took from her mother. "No I won't mom, I really mean that, if I didn't have you and dad in my life I don't know where I'd be right now, so yes, you and dad are both some of my favorite people in my life, and nothing's ever going to change my mind."

Joanie was genuinely touched by her daughter's words, causing her to tear up again. If there's one thing that should be known about Chloe's family, it's that they were all very emotional people, even in moments where they shouldn't. "Oh honey, that means so much to me! I just wish I could hug you right now."

"I know ma, I know. I've gotta go now, I've got a lot of groceries that I need to make sure are delivered to, specifically the meats and other frozen foods and treats, so I'll talk to you later."

"Alright Chloe, I don't want to keep you keep you from getting that done.But promise me two things before I go dear, please be careful about traveling alone, especially at night, I don't care if Washington is statistically safer than New York City, that doesn't mean you can never be too careful. And come visit us in Brooklyn soon, this big old brownstone house in Park Slope feels empty without you here with me and your father."

Chloe smiled as visiting her parents back home was one of, if not the first thing on her to do list. "Done and done, I promise you that I'll come home and visit you and dad." Chloe chuckled. "I've got to go now, seriously mom."

"Oh alright."

"Okay, love you ma. I'll talk to you later."

"I love you to honey, bye."


Chloe hung up the phone, concluding her conversation with her mother. Being in a good mood, she immediately focused her attention back to getting the items she needed and getting most of them delivered to her house.

"Are you sure you don't want to just have it all delivered to your house, young lady?"

"No it's fine, I'll just carry this one bag, I may need it for another pit stop on the way home."

"Well alright then, can't argue with the lady's decision. Your groceries will be delivered by nine thirty tonight, the latest will be tomorrow morning." The Packer at the grocery store was given a fifteen dollar tip by Chloe for helping her with her items and for being a kind person in general. After bidding the Grocery store packer farewell, Chloe took the one bag of other hand held items with her and exited the store.

After leaving the grocery store, she decides that she wanted to get herself something nice, so that meant a trip to the book store, even if it meant getting home late. She remembered how her mother had told her earlier that she should be very careful when she's traveling by herself at night, and even considered going home just to make her mother feel more secure.

But Chloe really wanted to pick up some new books for herself. She ultimately decided to hell with it, and headed in the direction of the book store where she'd splurge on books with the slight bonus from her successful scientific presentation to the hidden government officials, whomever those people were. Ugh. She mentally groaned. Why were these people hidden, what kind of an organization has a person standing in a room and presenting to unseen strangers on a hologram. A bunch of goddamn creeps. Chloe said to herself.

But some good did come from it. She did receive a decent bonus from S.H.I.E.L.D. due to their council buddies being so impressed with her work and research.

Her mind then began floating around towards a certain someone;

Steve Rogers.

Although it wasn't to long ago since she had last seen him, and as girly as it sounded, Chloe couldn't help but be eager for the next time she would see Steve.

In fact, she had the perfect opportunity for Steve to try and understand the modern world, while at the same time having a proper appreciation and connection to the past world he had taken from him. Chloe decided that she'd personally select books that she thought Steve would like and come to enjoy reading.

Unbeknownst to Chloe, while she was on her way to the book store, she was being followed by two masked men who were wearing all black clothing.

"Hey! What are you-"

One of the masked men grabbed Chloe by her waste, with the other trying to restrain the arms of the defiant woman. "Shut up and follow us, Miss Harper, if you know what's good for you."

The silent brute of the bunch pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Chloe, causing any acts of defiance and resistance that she portrayed previously to come to an abrupt halt.

To say she was terrified was putting it very mildly, Chloe was universal levels of scared. She had never been threatened and held at gun point by someone in either New York or Washington up until now. Not knowing what to do, she remained silent, and could do nothing but listen to whatever these overly muscular brutes in all black wanted.

"Hmph, good." The gunmen of the duo said grimly. "Now follow us, into this alley, we have much to discuss with you, Doctor." He motioned his gun as a sign to approval to move.

With no choice but other than the cards in her current hand, she abided and Chloe slowly made her way down the alley with the armed criminal walking beside her and the unarmed thug behind her. Being deep in an empty and dark alleyway past 10AM with no sort of support didn't exactly make her feel safe and secure.

" you want with me...and you people know who I am and what I do?" Chloe sounded like she was horrified from merely speaking a coherent sentence.

The brute with the pistol chuckled, and spat on the ground through his face mask. "It's quite simple, you know, you see, we know you work at S.H.I.E.L.D. and reside in the Triskelion for your day to day activities...being a scientist and nurse and earning your degree in both of those fields is quite impressive. And you seeeeeee, we'd hate to harm a beautiful young lady like yourselfff."

Chloe was now beginning to slowly start crying. "Please don't hurt me, I've never done anything to ever wrong anyone...I'm as sweet and innocent as they come, and cooperative! Please I'll give you whatever you want."

The unarmed criminal began caressing Chloe's cheek. Each touch he gave her was like a dry frozen icicle or a cold and sharp knife cutting at her skin. "Anything?" The 2nd assailant's mouth could be seen forming into a very small but noticeable grin.

Chloe wanted to try something. A punch, a kick to the cajones, a gouging of the eyes, anything. But what could she do? How could she stop them, she was, one, to scared to move or do anything to save herself, and two, she was being held at gunpoint by the other assailant.

The 2nd assailant tried to forcefully pull her into a kiss, but was stopped by the leader of their duo. "We're not here for that god damn it."

Chloe, although still terrified out of her mind was relived that she would not be raped by these men. Her whole entire body shook as she watched them argue amongst each other.

"But she's a pretty one."

"I said no dumbass!" The assailant with the gun slapped his acquaintance across the jaw. "The boss will kill us if you go that far, for an immoral murderer, his stance on this shit doesn't make any sense, but he paysss us so we do what he says, no questions sit there, keep watch, and shut the hell up while I get this doneeee." After The 1st Assailant dealt with his idiotic accomplice, he turned his attention back to the crying and traumatized Chloe, who was now cornered with no where to escape.

She sniffled repeatedly and gasped for air as if she were dying and taking her last breath. "Please..." Chloe begged and pleaded. "Please don't hurt me, I'll give you anything you want."

The armed assailant aggressively pinned Chloe against the wall. This is it, this is my ending. If it is, please make it happen quickly lord. Chloe was scared of the thought of dying. She was young, and more importantly had a lot more to live for. She wanted to live her life to the fullest, have a successful career, even become a successful author as her side hobby. But this was it, at twenty eight years of age, Chloe's story was going to end with her being shot by some petty scumbags who were a waste of life and air. Chloe expected her impending death to be swift and painless.

The armed assailant chuckled and hissed as if he were a snake, and like his partner, began caressing her cheeks. "Oh don't worry, it's not my job to hurt or kill you Chloe...or at least it isn't yet."

The terrified woman sniffled once again. "It''s not?"

"No, you seeee? We have a job for you Doctor Harper. As well all know, you're a S.H.I.E.L.D. employee and you have done extensive work particularly on scientific and nursing related matters." The armed assailant grinned. "We also know that as of late, you've been bonding quite the bit and getting close to America and the government's golden boy, Captain America."

Chloe's eyes widened unlike anything else she's ever experienced before. What could these men want from Steve? Why were they so concerned about her recently developed friendship with the super soldier? Did they intend to hurt or kill Steve? Chloe had too many horrifying questions and thoughts running through her mind to think of anything logical. It was all too much to take in for her right now. "What do you want with the Captain?"

The armed man chuckled like the creep he was once more. "It's quite simple Miss Harper, we know that you and Captain Rogers have grown rather...close as of late, so we have an assignment for see, we need a DNA Sample of Rogers for our personal use in studying of the Super Soldier Serum and other things. Your job is to gain a sample from the Captain and deliver it to us at a later date, do that and we'll leave you alone, no attackssss, no hostage situationssss, no stalkingggg, zilch."

Chloe was baffled. These horrible people wanted a sample of Steve's DNA in a tiresome attempt to recreate the original version of the late great and legendary Doctor Erskine's formula. The disgusting feeling she felt inside of her entire body was unreal. It began filling Chloe with a small piece of confidence to stand up, not only for herself, but for Steve's honor as well. "And what if I say no?"

The armed man scoffed and spit on the ground. His right fist balled up. "Then people will get hurt or worse Miss the names, Jonathan and Joanie Harper ring a bell? A lovely couple living in Park Slope of Brooklyn in a nice neighborhood in a beautiful and big brownstone home that is comparable to that of a large scale mansion? Or how about the lovely artist friend of yours, Lacy Hansley? Ouuu, what about the spunky museum Curator and second in command of the Smithsonian Institution Emilia Lopez?"

Chloe was reduced back to the terrified woman she was only a short while ago.

The armed man laughed menacingly. "You see, bad things can happen to your parents and childhood best friends if you don't cooperate with us, Chloe. And I'd hate to see innocent people suffer or be punished by the selfish behavior of those around them, I.e You." The armed assailant looked Chloe dead in her eyes, sizing her up. "It's as simple as this; get that DNA sample of Captain America, our else, your friends and family will suffer...and die...and if you cause us any trouble, you'll die along with them, and our boss will personally guarantee that. Are we clear?"

Chloe was frozen and paralyzed from her rapidly deteriorating composure.

The ringleader of the duo took note in this, chuckling as Chloe seemingly understood how serious they were. "Glad you're seeing the light to prove to you how serious we are..." The armed assailant suddenly punched Chloe clear cut and dry in the face. The force of his punch caused her head to hit the nearby wall very hard. The assailant followed this by brutally pistol whipping Chloe across her face, knocking her down to the ground albeit aggressively.

Blood was not gushing from her head from impacts of the punch and hitting the wall, and her face felt some of the worst pain she's felt in a long time. Chloe laid down motionless on the cold hard ground as her assailants stood over how, proud and tall, or rather cowardly and tall in Chloe's eyes.

"Thank you for showing us the same kindness and generosity that we have shown you." Said Chloe's attacker. "We'll be seeing you again Chloe." The two masked men then take off, leaving the injured lying on the floor.

For a few minutes, Chloe laid there, unsure of what to say or what to do, she was just beaten up and nearly killed in what was an elaborate and well coordinated attack on her by people that she did not even know. Chloe's strength and consciousness was greatly diminishing. She didn't know what to do, she was afraid. But she didn't want to rot away in an alleyway where no one would be able to find her. With the little strength she had left, Chloe managed to pull out her phone. She opened up the messages and shot a text to a friendly face.

S/3ve...please...koeme...kwikly...INed hellp.

Chloe was too tired and too injured to even type a coherent message. The only correct thing she managed to properly send was her exact location. With no more strength left, Chloe slowly and eventually fell unconscious.


Around ten to fifteen minutes later, Steve had hurriedly arrived at Chloe's approximate location after receiving her final message. He knew something was wrong the moment he saw the way Chloe had typed her message.

Upon seeing her unconscious body followed by the cut on Chloe's head, her messy hair, her makeup ruined and slightly bloody face, Steve with no hesitation rushed over to her and immediately picked her up off the ground in bridal fashion. "I got you, Doll, I got're gonna be alright." Without thinking, Steve's first order of business was to get Chloe over to the hospital to get her checked out and get her wounds tended to. "Clo, I promise you whomever did this to you, I'll make them pay. I promise you I'll hunt them down and be sure you receive the proper justice." As Steve whispered into his unconscious friend's ears, he immediately began carrying her to the hospital.

He meant every word he said to her unconscious body; whomever did this to her, would pay dearly, and Steve would personally make sure of it.

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