When they reached the park,Richie threw Lizzie down.Lizzie fell and landed on her back.She tried to get up but Richie kicked her in the stomach.Lizzie held her sides and tried to crawl away,but Richie stood in front of her.She looked up at him,and he pulled her up by her hair.She stood up,and he slapped her.She put her hand to her face and looked at him.He pushed her down again and she curled up into a ball and cried.He looked at her disgusted and sat on the edge of the sandbox,watching her cry.Afterawhile he scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to her house.When he got there,he rang the doorbell.Mr. and Mrs.Mcguire answered the door.Mrs.Mcguire gasped and Mr.Mcguire looked at Richie."Mr. and Mrs.Mcguire.,I'm soo soo soo sorry,but as we were walking back from the park,a thief ran upto Lizzie and tried to steal her purse.He pushed me aside and he hurt Lizzie.I tried ever so hard to get him off of her,but he just fought me off."Mr.Mcguire looked at him suspiciously,and took Lizzie from his arms."Thank you Richie."Mrs.Mcguire said,as she slammed the door.Richie smirked and walked home.

Mrs.Mcguire took Lizzie upto her room,layed her down on her bed,and ran a cool washcloth over her forehead,Lizzie's eyes were swollen from crying,and she had a hard time seeing her mom."Lizzie,what happened?I...I know you didn't take a purse.Was it Richie,did Richie hurt you?!"Mrs.Mcguire asked angrily."No mom,Richie wouldn't hurt me."she said as she hiccuped from crying.Mrs.Mcguire looked at her,as if she were about to cry herself."Baby,are you sure?You can tell me.Did he threaten you?!"Lizzie turned over."No,mom,he didn't.I don't wanna talk about this anymore.I'm tired."Mrs.Mcguire kissed her forhead and went to her own room.Lizzie closed her eyes."I have to break up with him."she whispered to herself."But how?"Then it hit her."The police!Even if I do tell them,they can keep him from hurting me or my family."With that final thought,she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

The nest morning,when she got up,it was Saturday,so she had no school.She decided that she was going to go to the police,but she had to figure out what to say."Do i just go bust in and say my boyfriend abuses me?"she thought.

That afternoon,she left the house telling her mom that she was going to Miranda's,but instead she went to the police department.She stepped inside,and went straight to a desk which occupied by a police officer."Excuse me."she said.The police officer looked up at her and smiled."How may I help you."She asked.Lizzie tried to return the smile,but she was shaking too much."Um....I was wondering if you could help me.See.....I have this friend,and her boyfriend....well....he kinda hits her,and he told her that if she told anybody her would hurt her family."The police officer looked up at her."Well then your friend would have to come and talk to me,and get a restraining order.Do your friend's parents know about her boyfriend?"Lizzie looked at the ground"No."The officer looked at her and extended her hand."I'm Officer Leyba."Lizzie shook it."Lizzie Mcguire.""Ok Lizzie well have a seat and we'll get this in order.Lizzie sat down and told her everything.Soon Officer Leyba had all the paper work done,and all Lizzie had to do was sign the restraining order and Richie would never be able to touch her again.She excitedly signed it and Officer Leyba smiled at her."Now,if he ever talks to you again,you dial 911 and we'll have an officer over there in 2 minutes flat."Lizzie smiled and walked home,happy that she would never have to see Richie again.

When she got home,she put her key into the lock on her front door and twisted it.She happen to look up,though,and notice and piece of paper,and on that paper,writtin in blood red ink,where the words.

I saw what you did,and now you will pay!