Playful Stare

by: Red_F

Disclaimer: Don't own em'

Warning: KakaSaku Pairing of the Manga and Anime Series Naruto (I haven't seen enough of this ones!)

Rorikon (even thou Sakura is definitely not 12 on this fic, make her four or five years older, ne?)

Sap/Mush (I Just read a bunch of angsty stuff, needed the illusion of happiness)

Author Notes: Stuff your own flames against the pairing, IT'S FANFICTION, no harm done, ne?

Kakashi's POV


You are very pretty

Really, really pretty

You don't have any demon sealed inside of you nor are of a powerful clan.

Yet, you exceeded all of my expectations... by far

You deserve it.

I swear sometimes you surprise me

I'm very proud of you, Sakura-chan

Your eyes light up and your lips curl into a pretty smile

Are you gonna cry? Its been a long time since I last saw you cry...

It must be pretty too

Your arms rest themselves around my mid section, your hair tickles my nose

You hug me for some very short moments

I haven't seen the colour of your eyes in nature

they are some kind of green with light in them, like greenish water

Your build is also very feminine, but not weak; thin and full just on the right places

of course I don't tell you this, I'm merely wondering

Your hair? Well, I've never met anyone with pink hair before

Did you get your name because of it?

What? I didn't get my own name because of my hair!

Oh... so you mean I'm a "scare crow", huh?

Come here you little...

But even then I only pat your arm while my knuckle runs softly through your head

Maybe "Icha Icha Paradise" is finally getting to me

What do I mean by that, you say?

Well, I don't know exactly... maybe you'll know yourself when you grow up

Even if you're not a child anymore, you're still young

You don't know what to say, so you stick your tongue out to me

A small piece of pink warm flesh against your pale skin . It draws my attention

I stare. Even if only for some seconds... I stare

Probably my imagination but you seem more at ease without those two

Or is it because you are with me?

Nah, its probably because you love Sasuke-kun as you do and are annoyed by Naruto as you are

So I'm somewhere between those two, right?

Don't laugh

Ok, so I'm laughing

I'll stop

I can't while you're doing that... silly girl


But, what if I'm your sensei?

Mmm... so you never tought about me that way?

I won't say I haven't

You blush very prettily

Makes me want to lift you up

I'm staring again

I can't stop

Why do I wear a mask all the time?

Nah, I don't need to draw attention. Unlike your teammates

Well... it does make me look mysterious, doesn't it?

I plop myself on the grass, why are you suddenly so quiet?

I turn around and gasp, you're eyes are full of laughter as your fingers skim thrugh the pages of my cherised book

You speak out loud a line belonging to the main female character, dramatizing the tone, honey spilling out of your mouth

A line sketched in a very compromising situation, needless to say

I can feel myself flushing in embarassment

Hey! Where did you get that?

What? I couldn't have forgotten it at Ichiraku...

What!? Icha Icha Paradise isn't "corny"!

Your eyes grow big and you blush, curiously scanning the volume

Oi,Don't read *that* scene!

I reach out and grasp the book as you try to hid it behind you

However, I don't pull it out of your hold

With an amused tone of voice, you point out that I'm blushing

The redness in my face must show even with my mask on

I can't believe I'm fidgeting

Something happens. Could have been anything

Your hand moves very softly, slowly, asking permission...

Your fingers play with the rim of the cloth, then draw it down.

I can't breathe

I definitely smirk proudly this time.

You blush heavily and stutter my name, eyes wide, staring.


You always trusted in me blindly, even in the most desperate of events.

Even when everybody told you to suspect perverted me

I always had a soft spot for that

I'll trust in you too, Sakura-chan

Could you keep a secret?

You nod.

One palm turns to the small of your back and my other hand to the back of your neck, pulling you towards me

Your scent is already heavy on my nostrils and the softness of your skin doesn't go unnoticed, either

Your mouth is tender and warm, your cherry lips mold against mine

And even when my tongue finds yours I'm still inside my body, but somehow my senses perk up, overwhelming me; and I am everything then but numb.


And I don't know what I'm doing; you're on my team, you're younger... this is somehow wrong

But I just can't ignore it anymore, I just can't let is pass, I won't let myself suffer like that anymore...

You hear my monologue, you stare at your feet

...If you grant me that

Your choice

I can't see your eyes, your head is tilted down

My insides clamp themselves against my stomach

And there you are, between a void and another

but you know you can't go back and yet, you can't comfortably fit in the later.

You don't have to choose Sakura-chan; you can stay with me.

I wouldn't mind, really...

I really wouldn't

But then again, what is it about you that...?

Somehow, I know you can be my home








You embrace me back