Out of Dreams

Sentaro x Skuld

By Ekai Ungson

4/30 Fic Challenge; for Urd and Belldandy.

Standard disclaimers apply.

She lies on her back in the soft grass, in the soft light, brown eyes lifted to the half-blockaded sky, to the branches and leaves of the trees they have hidden themselves in. In the middle of it all, she seems as if she were floating, as if she were flying, as if she were a goddess and not at all a mortal girl.

She holds between her fingers dandelion stalks and wildflowers, some she picked and some he had placed in her hair when he called her a princess and her laughter rang out in the meadow, crystal tones bouncing off the trunks, making it sound as if the woodland was laughing with her, rejoicing with her.

A dandelion to her lips and he suddenly wishes to be a dandelion himself, to be close to her as the gossamer fibers are, to be blown away by her breath in the wind forever jubilant for the experience, as if the wind would never stop blowing, and he would never stop flying.

Sure enough the white strands dance around her in a circle, reminding him of faeries who pay homage to their queen. She smiles brilliantly, and then she turns to look at him.

"Come here, Sentaro—look, they're dancing."

He smiles as he walks to where she is, lying down in the grass beside her. Then he whispers, in a voice only she could hear, "You are a goddess."

She turns to smile at him, and then back at the dancing dandelions above them. If only he knew.

Long ago in the same meadow, a little boy and a young goddess had come to play. They made a promise involving a ring and never forgetting.

Skuld hoped someday she could have the same thing.