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Summary: Sarah, just finishing a tour of a popular show, receives a note from an old friend, stirring up old memories.

Hi all. Well, this one just hit me a few hours ago. I had this idea, and had to get a first chapter down right away before I lost it. Now, I don't exactly have all my thoughts in order for this story, but I can assure you that once I sit down and organize everything, I will continue on with this one, and deliver what I hope will be a most- enjoyable fic. Please feel free to leave me some the feedback, or else I won't be encouraged to write more chapters. Enjoy!!!!


Sarah felt like crying, but she knew that she had to hold it in. Here she was, on stage, taking her bows for the last time. She had been originally cast as the understudy for the role of Lady Macbeth, but just before they were to begin the tour, the lead actress was involved in a serious accident, throwing Sarah into the lead role, and also throwing her into a life of fame. She had received critical acclaim for her part, and could now be considered a successful actress.

But now, the tour of the show had ended with its final performance tonight, and the cast was taking their final bows. Once the curtains, went down, there wasn't a dry eye among the entire troupe, except for Sarah, who was holding it in, trying to appear strong. Most of the actors circled around Sarah, wanting to tell her how much they enjoyed working with her, and wishing her well in her future.

It took Sarah nearly twenty minutes to get to her dressing room. When she was able to get in, people still were flooding in and offering congratulations and well wishes. When she was finally able to get the door closed and have some privacy, Sarah turned the locked so that no one else would be able to barge in. She rested her head on the cool wood and sighed heavily. It was now that she was able to let the tears fall freely.

The past few moths had been the best of her life. She had just gotten this job right after graduating from college. Her acting professor had invited numerous talent scouts to her senior reading at school, where she performed monologues from various playwrights and poets, her most-talked about one being her monologue from Labyrinth. After the show, every agent wanted to represent her, saying that she was a gold mine.

She finally signed with a well-known agent, and he promised her that within a few years, she would be a household name, also warning her that they had to start at the beginning with smaller parts. Little did they know that she fate that was to occur. Sarah had to admit that her luck seemed to be too good to be true. For the past six months, this show had been her entire life. Now that it had finished its run, she had no idea what she was going to do with her life, and she was terrified about that.

Sarah never felt comfortable with revealing her emotions to others, and always held everything in until she was alone. She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her dress and turned to begin her post-show ritual, taking off her make-up, hanging up her costume and turning them back into the costume department, etc.

When she looked at her vanity, she noticed that someone had placed bunches of flowers all around it, filling the area with color. She smiled, wiped her eyes again, and moved towards the vanity to read the cards that came with the flowers. One was from the entire cast, one was from her agent, one was from her mother, and one was from her father, stepmother, and Toby. She smiled again as she read each card, which all basically said the same thing, but they each had their own personal meaning.

She began to move the flowers to another part of the room so that she could take off her heavy stage make-up, when she noticed two of the most beautiful roses that she had ever seen, one being red, and the other white, lying on the vanity along with a small card. Sarah had no idea who could've sent these flowers.

She picked up the flowers and studied their beauty. They were both absolutely perfect in every way, rich in color, and seeming to be extremely delicate. She brought them up to her nose and inhaled their divine fragrance. She set them back down and picked up the card. Her name was written on the front, in a handwriting that she didn't recognize. It looked like it was calligraphic, which puzzled her even further.

She opened the envelope and pulled out the card. She opened it and began to read.


I thought that I might offer congratulations on the success run of your play, seeing that you have received an abundance of fame with it."

Sarah's grin grew with these words. She continued to read on.

"I also hope that you like the roses, I made them especially for you."

The smile left her face with this odd sentence. "Made for me?" she thought. "What the hell does that mean?" Puzzled, she continued.

"I look forward to seeing you again very soon. ~Jareth"

Sarah dropped the card and brought both her hands up to her mouth, gasping as she read the name at the bottom of the card. It had been nearly ten years since she had been to the Labyrinth, and since she had last seen Jareth. And it took nearly that amount of time to get over and get past the events that took place there, the hardest one being the Goblin King himself. Sarah still had some anger in her for what he made her go through, and even though she hated to admit it herself, she also had other feelings of love for him at the same time.

Sarah mind was racing, and she was trying to make sense of everything. "What the hell was this all about? Why did he choose to do something like this now? What does this 'looking forward to seeing me soon' crap all about? She was in such a state of shock, she didn't realize the hot tears that had escaped from her eyes and fell down her cheek to land on the card, which now lay on her lap.

She was so wrapped up in her emotions that she didn't see the hand that was offering her a lace handkerchief. "Come now, Sarah, I didn't expect you to react so joyfully to my note." Sarah gasped, looked up in the reflection of her vanity mirror, and saw Jareth standing behind her, his arm outstretched, holding the handkerchief, a somewhat wicked, yet attractive grin on his face.


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