I could feel the wind ripping through my hair, as if I could feel my dad's presence. It reminded me of how he would mess with my hair. I felt sad. I shook my head opening my eyes.

Out in front of me was a view of my town, houses dotted the landscape below. There was a lack of people though, everyone was either inside or at work. Not me though. I had nothin to do.

Well, thats a lie. Im in the middle of skipping class, out on an adventure! Or something. Anything was better than the peanut gallery at my school. My name was Nikomedes Aurea, though everyone called me niko. I had black hair and brown eyes. Unimportant though.

I continued down the dirt path that led away from my school. I spotted a couple pidgey flying overhead. Distracted by them, I bumped into something.

I fell backwards, stunned. I looked up at whatever, I mean who I bumped into. They were wearing a gray hoodie, with a red backpack on. They looked to be from my school actually.

"Oh uh, please don't report me or anything. If your headed to school that is."

They didn't answer. They were just staring at me. Two green eyes that seemed to pierce through my soul. I felt a growing tension in the air. They had a medical mask on too. The more I thought about it, the more sketchy this situation seemed. I stood up.

"Okay, I take your silence as a yes? Great!"

I started heading off, but when I passed this guy.. He quickly grabbed my arm and I felt a sharp sting.

"Ow?" I saw him jabbing my arm with a hypodermic needle. "Wait THE FUCK?! ARE YOU DRUGGING ME?!" I punched the guy off me, ripping out the needle and booking it.

I didn't get far though. My vision started hazing up, I felt really dizzy. Shit. I face planted into the dirt. Then my vision blinked out into darkness.


I woke up floating. Suspended in some weird fluid. It was green. I looked around. I was disoriented as hell. I could see a couple figures outside of the glass. But thats as far as I could make out. I had iv tubes and a whole slew of medical equipment attached to me. I was, terrified.

I tried taking the iv tube out, but my body was paralyzed. I could only slowly move my arm. Before I could reach it, I felt the tube tense up. A chill went down my arm and I fell dizzy again.


I woke up to the sounds of chatter around me. Their voices were echoing, and I had an earsplitting headache. I could barely make them out.

"Isnt that a lucario? Whats it doing here? And whats with the clothes?"

"I dont know. Must have a trainer. Dont you think it looks a little beat up though?"

I was curious as to what they we're talking about. It seemed weird for a Pokémon to be wearing clothes. I opened my eyes and looked around. Everything was blurry, but it all came into focus.

"Oh its awake! Thankfully its not injured too bad."

What did they mean? Were they talking about.. me? There were two people towering over me. One looked to be a man in their 20s brown hair and stubble. The other was a girl in her 20s with purple hair. There was no way they were talking about me.

'Im not a pokemon'


Wait, what was that? Why is it so hard to speak? My mouth felt so alien to me. I looked down at myself, I couldn't believe my eyes.

My legs were black! The blue of my legs was mostly covered by my cargo shorts, but my eyes weren't deceiving me. I screamed. GrWaaAAAAHHHHH!

"Woa, ive never heard one make that noise before… is.. it okay?"

I was oblivious to them and I was occupied with smacking my face seeing if I was dreaming. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" I was shouting to myself. Though, reality wouldn't budge. This was real.

"Lucario, do you have a trainer? I mean, clothes." The girl asked.

I shook my head, which shocked them.

"Wait wait, how did you get the clothes then."

'Id love to tell you.' "Graw rawr."

"Oh, right. Yes or no questions. Umm."

The dude chimed in,"You think its a human?"

They both laughed as if it was supposed to be a joke, but they saw me nodding a yes. Their faces went from laughing to pure shock.

"Whaaat?! No way!"

"Hey im with you. Theres no way its actually possible. Right?" The man chimed.

"Then.. we should test them right? Lest ask its name! Humans can spell their name, right lucario?"

I felt insulted by this.. but it made sense. I nodded, though I didn't hide that I was pissed. I started using a claw? Like my nail to scratch niko into the soil oriented to them.

"Niko huh? Nice to meet you! Im kate, and this oaf right here is davis."

"Hi.. this is not awkward I guess."

I nodded. I couldn't say anything so I no longer tried speaking. This was a pain. I stood up, checking if I still had my satchel. Then I waved trying to leave.

"Hold on, are you sure you'll be okay? I couldn't imagine the consequences of this situation your in. If you need help, call us. Okay?"

I turned around. She had just finished writing something on paper and put it into my bag. I nodded as an attempt at thank you. I waved them goodbye again and I was off.

I was deep in thought my entire walk. Like, what would the motivation to do this to someone even be? What was up with that dude? Is this just some sick twisted game that a mad scientist came up with for kicks? I had too many questions, not enough answers. And they let me go after? No weird experiments or surgeries? Well maybe the experiment is already done. And being a pokemon is the result. I sighed.

I eventually got to my house. I approached the front door, hesitantly knocking. I should've had my keys but they were on my desk. A woman in their 40s answered the door. The woman being my mom. She shared the same eyes as me but had brown hair down to their shoulders.

"Hello? Oh a lucario."

She was looking past me worried. I was hoping she would at least recognize my clothes. I waved trying to get her attention.

"What could it possibly be? If it isn't about my missing son, I don't care. No solicitors."

The door was slammed in my face. It took me a second to process that. Missing? How long was it.. I searched for my phone. No dice. I guess its been at least a day or two? It was may 12th, or it should be?

I started thinking harder. So my recognizable identity is just gone I guess. Nobody knows who I actually am except for those two. I sat down on the porch steps. So how do I continue? I cant just break in, find a way to communicate? No phone. Writing. She would know what my handwriting looks like.

I pulled out a scrap peice of paper and a pen out. She must be worried. I started to write: mom, sorry I cant talk in person. Im now biologically incapable I guess. But thats not important…

I paused thinking about my situation. The more I thought about it.. the angrier I got. I had to find them. Get them to turn me back. : Something happened to me that made me unrecognizable to you. But Ill find the guy who did this to me. I guess Ill just be missing for a while until I find the guy who can reverse this. Until then, say hi to my friends for me? Love you.

I stuffed the note into the mailbox and headed out. I started walking in no particular direction. I had to find somewhere to spend the night.


I had been walking around for hours, it was almost dark. I didn't really know what to expect from wandering but It didn't get me anywhere. I was in the commercial part of town outside a bar. I remembered the note kate gave me. Without second thought I walked into the bar.

The bar had people everywhere right about now. It was happy hour right now, so it made sense. At the bar I spotted an employee phone. I pulled out my note and reached for the phone without asking.

The customers seemed oblivious to me, but the barkeep was surprised by me. I ignored them and started dialling the number. Beep boop beep bap!

The dial tone seemed to catch a couple more onlookers. They started gossiping about me but I really didn't care. The dial sound seemed to take an eternity. But they picked up.

"Hello? Whos this?"


"Ohh. Hi. Where are you? Or ill tell you were I am. Head to the bar in town. We should be in a booth at the back."

"Wrah." I said hanging up.

I was pleasantly surprised that they were right here already. I started making my way to the back of the bar scanning the booths. Though I was noticed first.

"That was quick! Come sit down!"

I saw them. They already ordered drinks but still had open menus. I joined with them sitting next to davis. I felt awkward, like I was intruding on a date.

"So why did you call?"

I couldn't answer yet. I had to pull out my notebook and pen. I wrote describing how I wasn't recognized by my family and just kinda wandering at the moment. She took a read and seemed deep in thought for a moment. Glancing back and fourth between me and davis.

"Uhhh, davis?"

"Yes honey?"

"Would you.. want niko sticking around for a bit?"

They paused. "I don't know.. like to stay with us?"


He sighed. "I mean, do you want them to stay?"

"Yea, I do! Ive been talking to you about a pet anyway!"

I glared a dagger at her for that. I was kinda mad about being called a pet. It was leverage though. I couldn't complain. But still. Mean. Worst part is she didn't notice my disapproval.

"Okay, if your exited about it I cant say no."

I clasped my hands above my head and bowed at them, trying to show gratitude. All it did though was make them laugh. After that I leaned back into the booth seat looking up. I felt the stress wash out completely.

"You want anything to eat niko?"

I nodded enthusiastically. I was hungie. Walking all day was taking its toll on my energy supply.

"Okay, just point out what you want to order then."

I looked at all the options, mainly at prices. I didn't wanna be a burden to them so I pointed at this stuff called poutine on the menu. The name was exotic to me, but it was pretty cheap. It was about 750 calories give or take. The listed ingredients were cheese fries and gravy. About 1000 poké. (200=1 usd ish, yen)

"Poutine? You from sinnoh?"

I shook my head no. Though I think the species I am is. Didn't matter. I just needed food right now.

"So, do you think I should digitize my old mans library?"

"I think so I mean-"

They started chatting with each other, which I saw positive. I felt like I was intruding on their date. If this was a date. They are obviously a couple though. He called her honey. Definitely dating. At least dating.

Eventually the waiter made their rounds, eventually our order was made and arrived at the table.

"T bone steak for the miss, spaghetti for mr and.. which one of you is the poutine?"

They both pointed at me and I waved at them.

"My apologies, you must be craving the taste of home. Bon Appetite."

It was placed in front of me. Though, why is everyone just assuming im from sinnoh now? I guess Its fine. Probably their first time seeing a lucario in person.

I grabbed a fork and started shoveling the savoury cheese gravy covered fries in my face. Honestly the taste surprised me. It was really good. Like a triple salt combo. But not overwhelmingly salty. And the cheese would melt with the gravy in your mouth. Honestly you should try poutine. I think im addicted now.

I just now noticed people giving me looks, wondering what my deal was. I mean fair. Im eating with a fork. Not really what a normal pokemon does. Also clothes.

I finished the last bite and continued to scan my surroundings. Many different characters were in here. Some looked sketchy while others looked well dressed. It seemed to advertise itself as a bar but its more like a restaurant with a bar. It was wild western themed, I guess it made sense now. This restaurant was kind of themed after sinnoh.

Eventually the bill arrived. I felt super greedy when it came. I started fishing around my satchel and pulled out my wallet. I was glad I had it. I tried pulling out some of my cash but davis stopped me grabbing my hand.

"Niko, we appreciate the gesture but its our treat. Don't worry about it, please."

I was confused by this, it was only 1000 poke. But I obliged and put it all away. They paid with a check. I found it strange they would but it didn't bother me. Though I couldn't help but feel like a leech.

We all got up and left thanking the waiter on the way out. I followed close behind the two. We walked out and they started getting into a car. I hesitated. Ive never really been in a car before. It was a first.

"What are you waiting for niko? Get in!"

I nodded. I opened the rear passenger door and sat down. I watched them take out these harnesses from the side of their seats. I copied them because I found one in my seat. It clicked in and sat over top of me and my shoulder. It felt weird but I felt like it was important to do.

The car started backing up, then we lurched forward picking up speed. I instinctively grabbed at the door and the seat in front of me. I was shivering. Kate took notice.

"Ahaha oh man, I don't think nikos ever been inside a car before! They are terrified. I mean I am too since your driving."

"Hey, mean! Im a good driver. We would've crashed by now if I wasn't!"

"You know im just teasing them, come on now. It wasn't at you, it was to make them more scared."

"Hehe You are mean."

I tried letting go of the seat and door. I wasn't really being knocked around so my nerves calmed down a bit. It actually felt kind of comforting. I sank into my seat trying to relax. I peered out of the window. The sun was now over the horizon with most of the stars glowing into the fresh night sky. I was staring into the deep purples and pinks before they slowly faded away. Disappearing with the sun.

I laid back in the seat, getting more comfortable. I felt out of place here, but I was invited. I had mixed emotions about the experience. Yea its nice that these two could help out, but I wouldn't even need it In the first place if that asshole didn't kidnap me. I sighed dozing off. I couldn't help it, too comfy.


I was prodded awake by davis.

"Niko? Niko were here! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes. I could see the orange glow of lights from somewhere. I started messing with the seat strap until it freed me. I got up out of the car an looked around, and my jaw almost dropped out of its socket.

We were standing in front of what I visioned a default mansion of high class would look like. It was white marble with pillars, seemingly greek themed. It had twenty ish windows facing us! We started heading to a huge set of double doors. They swung open and we were greeted by a staff member almost immediately.

"Good evening master bash, may I be of service?"

"Thanks hugo, mind showing niko to a vacant room? Also please tour him."

"Ah, splendid. Er.. master niko. Right this way."

I followed him through the mansion. We moved past the foyer. On either side were stairs with halls that seemed to never end. So many doors and halls. It seemed like this was bigger on the inside! Id have to do more exploring later.

He led us up the right hand stairs and he took me to room 40, not too far from the entrance. I honestly couldn't have even imagined this.

"This will be your room. It has a bathroom and queen bed, I hope its to your liking." He stated swinging open the door for me. I was taken aback from how big it seemed.

It was already fully furnished, as if it was already lived in. Yet It was spotless. There was a dresser, nightstands, lamps, computer desk… a COMPUTER?! My small mind was blown. I didn't even notice the table either.

"Yes, that computer your eying was put in here as requested by master bash. Anything unsavoury to you?"

I shook my head no and gave a thumbs up. Kinda. I didn't have thumb's anymore. Just three pudgy finger claw things. Paws? Uhg.

"If its not to your liking we may rearrange for you, no problem sir."

I shook my head again. It was more than enough. Almost too much. I felt smaller and more feeble in this house. Though it made it feel like a gym. I could probably fit a gym in here.

"Are you ready for the rest of the tour master niko?"

I nodded. We continued through the rest of the tour. It was overwhelming to keep track of. There was a kitchen, a kitchenette on the other wing, like six shared bathrooms. I didn't wanna know the number of private bathrooms now. And there was a dining hall, courtyard and like two living rooms. Also there was a library too. A clubhouse somewhere outside as well. Again, overwhelming.

Eventually the tour concluded and I went back to the room. My room for now I guess. I b lined for the computer. I had to know the date. I turned it on and it whirred to life. It looked like a windows installation. I shook my head. The date. May 23rd..

Shit. I was out for eleven days. At least I made that note to my mom. Let her know what's happening. I opened up the computer, glad they didn't put a password on it. I got to searching. : cases of people turning into pokemon. : I clicked search.

Zero results found. Figures. Guess im the first to get screwed rather than helped by a scientist. Are they even considered a scientist? A professional one wouldn't take someone off the street.. so an independent amateur? Maybe its amateur genetic modification. Ham gene modding.

The thought of that kinda made me laugh but I still winced at the thought. It made the world feel more scary. Something caught my eye in related searches though.

Do lucario normally act human? I clicked on the link. It opened to a social media post.. it was about me! It read : I saw a lucario today. And that would already be a highlight as we dont have them in kanto. But will they normally wear clothes and eat with cutlery like this one? : following the text was an image of me, probably someone at the bar. I scrolled down to see any replies.

: This is the strangest picture Ive ever seen. No normal lucario would do that. Must be the way it was raised by its trainers. Also that poutine looks like it bussin :

: Im around their kind every day, and Ive caught one of my own. Yea that photo is weird. For one, poutine is not part of their natural diet, they eat purely meat and maybe some berries. They wouldn't really want to be eating starches as its not good for them. :

I felt like I might drive too much attention with what has happened. It felt so hard to fit in now, just me using cutlery and clothes is weird to them. I started thinking harder.

Maybe I wanted the attention? If anything it might help me get back to normal! Maybe. But if im too outspoken about being transformed into this, they might lock me in a lab, or try to reverse engineer whats been done to me! I noticed a webcam atop the monitor. That made me think harder.

I've decided, we do a little trolling. I made a new email and social account on pokebler. I grabbed the camera and took a selfie. I made sure to smile at least giving a peace sign. I replied to the thread about me.

: That poutine was delicious, and my stomach feels fine. Thanks for the concern. Also wearing clothes and using cutlery isn't the only thing I can do. I like to read a bit. And like normal hobbies? ;p :

I sent it. I waited to see what people would think of that. At first nothing. I sat there like an idiot without refreshing. Bad internet etiquette. I refreshed and I was blown away with replies.

: Is this even real? Did someone shop this? :

: Whaaat?! A lucario using the Internet?! How?! How possible?! :

: This photo is unedited. The metadata is still intact and there seems to be no sign of photo doctoring. Its real. Doesn't mean its the lucario posting though. I doubt that lucario can read anything. It lacks the brainpower. :

I grabbed the camera in response to that last one. The thread had six comments now including mine. I gave a sad face and began to write.

: Mean, I can in fact read you know. Not only that Im currently writing. Typing. :( :

I refreshed the post. I could almost feel them falling from their seats freaking out. Dont ask how I know.


: I fell from my chair. Ill never doubt again. :

Knew it! Hehe.

: I think this lucario is a good find. Whatever its origins are Its worth opening a field of discussion with it. This is the first chance we will get to knowing what life is like as a pokemon! Though I worry for it. It's probably worth alot of money now… :

That last one kinda terrifies me. Worth alot of money. I had completely forgotten about that little detail. Im not human anymore. No more rights. Damn. At least im lucky enough to be privileged now, though its a bad trade off. My risk to living is higher now. I replied to them.

: I never even thought of that, thank you. Yea Ill be careful I guess. Ill try not to get stolen or murdered. Goodnight everyone. :

I refreshed one last time.

: WAIT! I have so many questions ToT at least tell us who your trainer is! :

I sat there for a second. Do I say? I didn't realize any consequences for it. Why not tell them the truth? Its not like im doxxing anyone.

: I don't actually have a trainer. :

Thats what I sent last before I tabbed out and shut down the pc. Then I got up switching the light before walking over to my bed. Then I grabbed the blanket and burrito rolled myself into the centre of the bed. I closed my eyes, trying to sleep off this whirlwind of a day. At least its not all bad. Im comfortable for now.