Chapter One By Anthropuppy

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Tell me again why we're staying, Major?"

Major Docter Samantha Carter sighed, casting a pleading look toward the newly decended Daniel Jackson.

"Well, Jack, when the tides come in, they usually go back out afterwards."

"Yeah- but, Daniel, it's wet! This whole island is covered in water." Jack O'Neil was very angry now. His feet were wet, squishy and all around uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Captain--" Daniel's voice tailed off as the Stargate activated without so much as a sound "...Obvious."

Teal'c's staff weapon came to bear on the shimmering blue pool. Each member of SG-1 fallowed suit, watching the 'Gate with weary eyes.

Without warning a large unconscious figure fell through the event horizon, landing with a splash in the shin-deep water.Sam's automatic tracked the body as Daniel cautiously moved toward its resting place.

"Daniel?" Jack lifted an eyebrow.

"He's alive, pretty unconscious, but alive."

As if on cue the man began to wake, coughing. The stranger lashed out suddently, connecting solidly with Jackson's jaw. Caught off guard, Daniel fell back into the salt water.

"Don't move!" Jack scrambled to his feet, waving his gun in the black-haired man's face. He did as he was told, and Daniel, now sopping wet, climbed to his feet.

"Who are you?"

The man shoved the gun away. "Sirius Black" He looked around taking in his waterlogged surroundings and his companions. "Last I knew, I was dead, but this doesn't look like any heaven I've ever heard of. Where am I?"

Daniel gave a wry little smile "P3X-859, and welcome back, by the way."

"Where on Earth is P3X-859? Somewhere in the Pacific?" Sirius looked rather befuddled.
Daniel and Jack exchanged looks, along with a short, silent, converstion.

"Well... um, it's a bit difficult..." Black's eyebrow lifted a fraction, "you see, we- you, um, it's-- no." Daniel studiously avoided the gazes of his teammates and the newcomer as he spoke.

"Sirius frowned slightly. "Well then, where am I? And while we're at it, who are you? Oh, and you with the glasses , there's a jellyfish by your leg."

Jack and Teal'c smirked and lowered their weapons and Sam laughed out loud. "Now that's karma!" Daniel just glared and moved away from the offending creature, escaping the jellyfich in the process. He looked into Black's confused eyes, smiling warily "Another planet?"

Black took a moment to digest this. "Mars?"

"No," Daniel said, shaking his head. "A lot farther away than that. Anyway, that's Jack," Daniel pointed to each of them in turn. "Sam, and Teal'c. I'm Daniel, Doctor Daniel Jackson, to be exact." Again a shy smile.

"Nice to meet you all," Sirius said sarcastically. "Now, can one of you fine people please tell me how I got here from the Ministry of Magic, which is in London, on Earth? I have to get back. Harry's still in danger."

"...Come again? Did you just say London, Earth? In that?" Daniel exclaimed, indicating Sirius's dress, which consisted of a long black robe-like garment over a tunic and slacks.

Sirius look down at his clothes. "What? They're just robes. Oh, you must be muggles."

By this point, Jack had had enough. "Muggles? And while we're at it, Ministry of Magic? What the hell is this, some sort of sick fairy tale? And what are you doing here anyway?" O'neill aimed his automatic right between Sirius's eyes. "I want ome answers."

Sirius brushed the gun away from his face, unimpressed. "Would you please stop sticking that thing in my face? I don't expect muggles like you to understand what the Ministry of Magic is. Now, can you get me back to London?" He turned to the gate, examining it. "Now, how does this thing work?"

Daniel's eyes seemed to harden as he muttered unrepeatable curses in many different languages. Sam didn't seem too happy either. "It creates a stable wormhole between planets."

Daniel picked up where Sam left off, an evil little grin on his face. "It's millions of years old, but I wouldn't expect someone quite so primitive as you to understand that."

Whirling to face Daniel, Sirius pulled a slender stick, about a foot long, from his robes, pointing it directly at Daniel's forehead. "Call me primitive again, muggles, and you'll be eating slugs faster than you can say 'Merlin's Beard.'"

Daniel gave the stick a disinterested once-over. "Bite me, Stick-man." A second later, Jack had to abandon his vigil over Sirius Black in order to restrain a livid Daniel.

"Down, Grasshopper! Down!"

"Let me hit him, Jack! Come on!"

"Stupefy!" Sirius shouted, firing a bolt of red energy at the two grapling men. Their eyes rolled back in their heads, and they slumped down, leaning against one another in the water.

"Do not move>" Teal'c's staff came to bear. "Drop your weapon or I will be forced to fire on you."

Sam moved to keep Jack and Daniel above the water, checking their vitals only to have them both wake with a start. Jack looked around, arms still restraining his best friend.

"What the hell just happened, Major?"

Sirius hadn't recognized Sam and Jack's guns as a threat, but in the face of Teal'c's staff, he put his wand away, showing them his empty hands, and growling sullenly. "He started it."

"Oh, real mature, Sirius! 'He started it?' First you're magical, now you're five! Jesus Christ!" Daniel looked at Jack. "Down, Fly boy." He extricated himself from Sam and Jack's fussy clutches. "Tell me about your people, then. Your customs. I'd love to know all about it. You say you're from London, England? Is all of your world "magical?" I'd love to know. Please, tell me." The sudden change took Sirius a-back, but Sam and Jack just laughed.

Sam gave Jack a sly look. "Anthropuppy mode: Active, sir," she whispered. He guffawed.

Sirius scowled at Daniel. "In the interests of magical secrecy, I'm not telling. In fact, I should be Obliviating all of you right now."

Sam muttered, just loud enough for Sirius to hear. "What? With the twig?"

Jack smirked at that, and at the offended expression on Sirius's face. "Give me the stick, and I won't shoot you, got it?"

Sirius pulled out his "stick," twirling it lazily in his fingers. "It's a wand, muggle. Nine and seven-eigths inches long, with a dragon heartstring core. Expelliarmus!" Sam, Jack, and Daniel's guns all went flying, and Teal'c's staff landed about fifty feet away, floating in the gentle waves.

"Well shit," Jack observed ironically. Daniel stiffened, still sore about the lack of information. "Fine. It's a wand, and it's got a dragon string in it. We aren't hostile. We don't want to hurt you, we just want answers!"

"You're the ones who brought me here! How about you answer some of my questions? How can I get back?" Sirius articulated his question carefully. "For all I know, You-Know-Who is killing my godson right now!"

Daniel shook his head, confused. "You-Know... killing your godson? And we didn't bring you here, you did that all by yourself!" Daniel softened as his anger began to cool. "We can take you to Colorado with us. That's where our base is, and I can buy you a plane ticket to London." He paused. "I didn't know about your godson..."

Daniel smiled reassuringly and, moving towards the DHD, began to dial home.

"Um, Daniel? We kind of have a job to do here, remember?" Jack eyed Sirius warily.

"Please, Jack. We came for mineral samples. Don't you think that this might be, maybe, just a little more important?"

Teal'c stepped forward, having retrieved his staff, to put in his comment. "Daniel Jackson, I do not think it wise to bring a strange man back to the SGC based on a single comment. Furthermore, I do not believe him to be trustworthy."


"Daniel, he did knock you and the Colonel unconcious for a moment."

"And he's disarmed us, Danny." The team, plus one Sirius Black, had made their way closer toward Daniel, who had stopped, mid-dial, to listen to his friends. Daniel looked down at the controls, then to Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and finally, Sirus.

"I believe him, Jack. Just trust me." And with that, the Stargate burst into life.