A/N: Hi this is my first Harry Potter fic even though I am a true Harry Potter fan. I just wanna say a couple things before you start reading.this is a Hermione/Draco/Tom Riddle love triangle but no slash. I wanted to do a story about Hermione and Tom Riddle, but I love Draco and Tom Felton so much I had to put him in there. TTYL

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, but I wished I owned Tom Felton.


"Beep, Beep, Beep!" Hermione's alarm clock was going off. She turned over on her side and looked what time it was, when she looked at the time she shoved the covers off of her. Today she would be going back to school for her last and final year at Hogwarts. She was so happy when she heard that she was named Head girl this year but she wondered who the Head Boy was? The past few years have really helped Hermione with her figure and her looks too, she didn't believe it was the same girl staring back at her in her reflection. The girl Hermione saw had waist length soft curled auburn hair and light brown chocolate eyes, she even wondered how she became this beautiful, of course the fact that she grew 2 bra sizes helped too. After she decided that she looked ok, Hermione decided to head downstairs to say good morning to her parents. She smelled the coffee her dad made every morning. 'Vanilla and Cream' Hermione thought to herself.

"Mom, Dad are you down here?" said Hermione

"Yes sweety were just reading the newspaper" answered her dad.

"Ok mom I'm gonna ask you your honest and truthful opinion how do I look?" she asked nervously. Her mother scanned her from top to bottom, half of her hair was pulled back into a messy bun and the rest just fell over her shoulders, she was wearing her favorite green tank-top, and her mid-thigh khaki skirt, and her mother was pleased that she wearing a little lipgloss, but not too much. She knew her outfit was a little 'showy' but she knew that Hermione felt a little insecure about herself so she let Hermione do as she pleased.

"Yes honey you look terrific, now eat your. . ." But before her mother had time to finish her sentence she screamed out "Hermione you 10 mins before the train leaves!" Her mother yelled. Hermione gathered all of her things and rushed out the door.


"Good their still ....loading ....they haven't left ....yet" she panted. She checked around to see if she have everything and looked at her Time- Turner that hung in a gold chain around her neck.

"That is the most important thing I need if I'm going to return to Hogwarts" said Hermione aloud.

"Talking to your invisible friends again Mudblood" Hermione knew of only one person who would call her that and he happened to be in line with her. She hated the way he talked, acted, and walked, oh what the hell she hated everything about him.

"I knew you were crazy Granger I just never could prove it but now I can" Malfoy sneered.

Hermione couldn't stand it any longer, she turned around to face Malfoy when she looked directly into his eyes, she could she him starting to cower. He stared at her for the longest time, looking at her up and down and then he finally spoke.

"You know for a mudblood you look almost half decent in syltherin colors" he said sarcastically.

"Listen here Ferret Boy you are lucky that I'm Head girl and I have to set an example or else I would have ripped you in pieces" she said fearfully.

He suddenly conjured another sneer and said proudly " Well excuse but you are threatening the Head boy"

She gave him a disgusted look and quickly turned around to face the other way. But Draco saw something around Hermione's neck and he had to see what it was so he reached for it. She was startled by his movements and turned back to look at him. He grabbed the thing around her neck and started to shake it.

"What is this Granger?" he asked.

"No Draco stop turning it, it's a time turner you ..." But before Hermione could finish their sentence they were speeding through time and space into the past.


A/N: Ok I just have to say and ask that I loved Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I can't believe she killed who she killed, I started to cry after I read that part (I don't wanna spoil it for you guys who haven't read that far yet) . I kinda wished she never wrote that part of the story but I can't wait till the next one comes out. And tell me what you think of the 5th book. TTYL