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Chapter 3

They followed him all the way into the great hall and stood by all the new first years were so they can be sorted into their houses. Professor Dumbledore looked at Hermione and gave her a wink as he knew what was going on and Professor Dippet did the same. Draco and her didn't have time to change into their Hogwarts clothes so Hermione and Draco had some wondering eyes upon them including a certain Prefect boy who couldn't stop staring at Hermione.

~* Slytherin Table *~

"Who is she Tom?" said a boy sitting next to him.

"I don't know but I intend on finding out, John" he said with a evil smile. The light brown haired boy sitting next to him just smiled along with him. John was staring at Hermione up and down, first at her hair, then her face, her eyes, then at her neck, shoulders and her.

"John stop staring she's mine anyways, not yours" he said. John just grunted and turned to look at the other first years.

~* Normal *~

"Cici Coombs" Dumbledore shouted while reading the scroll. The little girl walked up to the hat and placed it on her head.


"Daniel Foster!" "GRYFINNDOR!"

"Emily Fyther" "RAVENCLAW!"

"Hermione Grayler" as Dumbledore said this the whole school went quite, they were waiting to see what house she would be put in. She walked up to the hat and put it on her head and it started to talk to her.


"Miss Hermione welcome back I see it seems you have to been chosen to a house again?" asked the hat.

"Yes" answered Hermione.

"Yes, YES I see it it's all here brains, the dedication, and a bit a mischief I see for not following the rules I know exactly where to put you" said the hat. Hermione was glad she was going to be put back with Gryfinndor.

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat yelled. Hermione was baffled by what house the hat put her in, she blinked back the tears that was starting to form in her eyes. She took off the hat and placed it back on the stool and went to go sit at her table. She hardly noticed that it was Draco's turn to put the hat on. Dumbledore changed his last name too, so it wouldn't mess up time. And of course, he was in Slytherin too. Oh she wished this was all a dream and she would wake up soon, but she was wrong it wasn't a dream it was a nightmare, and Mr.Nightmare himself was coming over as she spoke.

"I thought your name was Hermione Granger?" he asked while sitting down next to her.

"You must of heard wrong, because my name is Hermione Grayler" he looked at her with a weird look as if she wasn't telling him something, but as he was about to say something the blonde hair boy came back and sat in front of Hermione and Tom. Tom looked at him with a steady gaze.

"I thought your name was Draco Malfoy?" he asked. Malfoy gave him a famous Malfoy sneer and said " You must be mistaken because my name is Draco Malfloyd" he said smoothly. Tom heard what he heard but he didn't want to start yelling and causing an argument in front of everyone, so he just said "Well my mistake then" and sat back with his friends. Professor Dippet had some announcements he wanted to make so he stood up and waited for everyone to quiet down.

"As you know the Forbidden Forrest, is well forbidden and this year Head Boy and Head Girl are Tom Riddle and Hermione Grayler!" he said. Everyone started to whisper as they heard the new girls name being called for Head girl some were saying 'how did she get it she just got here' and 'she gets to be with Tom there goes my chances with him'.

"Prefects take your houses to their rooms and Head's come with me" Professor Dippet said. Tom and Hermione followed the Professor for short time before they stopped in front of a painting with a apple on it.

"Just tickle the apple and it will let you in" he said. "Now are there any questions?" Tom was first to speak.

"Yes I do Professor, how come Hermione just got here and she's been named Head girl?" Tom asked. Professor Dippet looked from Hermione to Tom.

"Because she is highly more qualified than some of our other students, now as scheduled you will have meetings every Sunday to discuss plans and events and you will have once a month meetings with the Prefects, now good day" he said and left. Hermione turned to go to her room when Tom made a sound.

"Yes" she turned around to look at him.

"Where are you going we have a Prefect meeting now, just started being a Head girl and already neglecting her duties, for shame" he said. She just gave him a cold glare.

"For your information Mr.Riddle, I'm going to change into robes because it's more appropriate" she stated and walked off.

"You don't have to change, I like what you got on already" Tom said deeply.

"That is precisely why I'm changing" she said.

"Toc'he" he said. "Well I'll be in the Prefect common room come down when your done" he demanded and left.

Hermione didn't like him already and she only spent 5 minutes with him, imagine an hour, she hoped she would be going home soon.

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