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Sakura Kinomoto is a young successful lawyer taking on a case that may perhaps be the highest point of her career yet. With the support of her good friends and family, she has complete claim over victory. However, the defendant is not exactly the most law-abiding person. With countless money at his disposal, the callous corporate owner has hired one of the best crime-organizations in the world, the notorious Li Foundation, led by the young and ruthless Li Syaoran. Sending his best assassin out for the job, Li had Kinomoto's death guaranteed. The invincible Eriol Hiragiziwama always had the job done. However, there is one small point that Li had failed to consider: his top agent falling in love with the target. Now Sakura and Eriol are together on the run from the furious criminal leader, and very soon, the law. Hunted by both the criminals and the cops, how much worse can it get? How about when Li had finally captured the two lovers? Or when Li starts falling for Sakura himself and will stop at nothing to attain her?


"Nooooooo!" screamed the frightened brunette in her last attempt to protest her death against the killer. However, the raven-haired assassin paid no head to her pleading as he shot the last silver bullet ending her life. The screams of terror stopped in the majestic Montgomery Mansion that was now empty of any inhabitants.

The mysterious assassin looked at his kill with contempt. A rare feeling of sadness crossed his features, then disappeared as soon as it had come. His face was stone cold and devoid of any emotions once again as he began to leave the dark silent mansion. His ice blue eyes scanned the dark garden before jumping out of the second floor window.

The assassin landed with perfect grace and began to run the direction of the forest. He did not once glance back over his shoulder at the grief he had inflicted. He just kept running, as if he put enough distance between himself and the mansion, the feeling of sorrow would not be able to catch up. But he did not regret his actions. He was a highly trained assassin. This is what he does.

He reached the iron gates that marked the exit of the Montgomery Mansion. He climbed up and over with remarkable speed, not once struggling against the gravity that threatened to pull him down. Landing just as gracefully as the fist time, he sprinted toward the forest where he would be hidden among the shadows during this cool August night. He loved the dark night and the long black shadows that would always offer him refuge from the world. The world that would want nothing to do with a killer.

He was not necessarily shunned by the world. In fact, he would be highly desirable to strangers. He had a brilliant mind, favorable looks, rare talent, and no doubt, money with his line of work. Of course, he would have had the perfect life if not for his job.

He was the best in his profession. A fascinating role model and an infamous legacy of his time. Although every major crime organization wanted him, he would always stay with his company. The company that he had started out with as nothing but an apprentice and had climbed his way up to the top. The perfect assassin that all the rest feared. He was the most valuable killing machine to his boss. He was only reserved for special missions. The missions that he executed with perfect skill.

At last, he has reached the safe refuge of the black shadowed forest, his safe haven. He slowed to a walking pace and began to walk among the trees. He looked up at the tiny piece of the star filled night sky that the tall trees of the forest did not manage to block. It was a full moon. The sound of howling wolves filled the near silent forest, no doubt hungry for blood. But this did nothing to discomfort the perfect assassin as he gripped the gun pinned to his side. The wolves would not stand a chance against him. This was a fact.

He looked back one last time at the tiny building that the trees soon covered from his vision.

"Mission accomplished" he muttered in an emotionless tone and began to walk deeper into the forest.

The forest that would always shield Eriol Hiragiziwama from the wrath of the outside world.