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In the ruins of a city, a great beast stood.

Not a beast, actually, not truly. It was a monster.

It was too tall, too strong, and too heavy. Some might even argue that it wasn't evil, not by choice. That the tragedy in the creature's existence was that it had no wish to simply attack people, but because of its great size and strength, humanity had been left with no other choice. And so it had fought simply to survive.

The simmering rage burning in the monster's eyes, however, seemed to refute this. Terrible growls that echoed from its closed jaws were still loud enough to shake the ground. The beast's grimace was purposeful even as it walked through the rubble.

In reality, while the creature wasn't 'evil', there was no denying its violent nature and the hatred filling its heart. While it had an impressive intelligence, even a sentience, the beast was simply, at its core, a creature driven by instinct. Most of its actions had only been to satisfy its basic needs; sustenance, shelter, and safety. It wanted nothing more than to be left alone.

Instead, he was constantly being swarmed by the equivalent of enraged ants who were angry it had destroyed their little hills. Nevermind the fact that their jungles and fields of concrete weren't easy to avoid, but that the little creatures had actively attacked him simply for going for a swim some days. The beast simply couldn't catch a break. No matter what, they were always swarming him, 'biting' him with their little sticks of fire, swarming around with their flying metal things or following with their floating metal creatures on the water.

He hated them. It only felt so because they had acted that way first. If they hadn't hated the monster, it would never have bothered them. But because they never left him alone, they were always trying to hurt him simply for existing.

He just wanted to be left alone! Why wouldn't they just leave him alone?! You've already taken enough, j̸̫̓͒͑ų̵͍̯̔͒͝ŝ̸̜͘t̵͉̙̯̓̎ ̸̠̗̊̊̈́l̴̢̒̓͗ë̸̼͇͉́ä̸̤v̵̳͉́̈́̐e̵̜̮̜͛̐͂ ̴̲̇͛͐m̷̻̻̲͒e̷̼̳̝̎ ̴̺̰̪̀͊a̶̯͋͛̚l̷̫͂͋̄o̵̝̅̈́̚ň̷̜e̷̳̔̈́̈!

The only response the small things seem to give was a hail of bullets, KEPs, HEAT rounds, and other assorted GLGPs. The great beast winced slightly as the incessant flashing burned at his eyes, and the artillery barrage slammed into him with enough force to turn a building into a pile of dust. The monster's only reaction was a low groan of discomfort, and a drawn out whine echoing beneath it.

The monster shook himself in annoyance before glaring at the army before it, his baleful gaze pinning the assorted tank-pilots and artillerymen in place. Then, he took a deep breath and threw his head back-


The monster's roar shook the earth, to where even the very few buildings still standing slowly began to crumble beneath the weight of the beast's rage. Tanks were flung back, mortar-launchers shook and fell to the ground, jets were thrown off-course. The creature's hate echoed into the air long after his jaws had closed.

The great beast's eyes narrowed as he surveyed the army in front of him. There was a terrible glow from behind him, and a white light spilled from between his teeth.

Several moments later, the army was swallowed by a sea of fire.

Unbeknownst to the monster, the 'ants' that had been swarming him and attacking with their weapons had more than expected his victory. Even as the beast slowly trekked through the ruined city, a control-room filled with scientists and military personnel were glaring at him on a massive monitor. A countdown was ticking across the monitor as several smaller panels showed lines of data and code.

Several years prior, humanity had discovered a source of clean energy via plasma generation that used hydrogen as fuel. Initially, this had been a breakthrough for the entire planet, as utilizing such energy without worrying about pollution or nuclear fallout practically had entire countries scrambling to modernize their energy production. The world suddenly seemed to shift that day.

The celebration changed to terror, however, when creatures such as the monster on screen began making landfall in an attempt to make a meal of the new power plants, just as they'd done with nuclear energy so long ago. The use of Plasma Energy was suddenly strictly regulated to prevent the creatures from returning. Despite their tenacity, humanity couldn't see these beasts as anything other than natural disasters given physical form, so they did everything they could to not test them.

However, for a country such as Japan, who had quickly found themselves amid an energy crisis not long after their economic bubble had popped, their desperation had taken its toll. They were prideful and stubborn at times, qualities which some would say were admirable, because there were many times when this very beast had enforced its hateful rage upon them, and they continued to rebuild. And now, they had created something that would-so they believed-remove the monster once and for all.

"Are we sure this will work?" one man asked.

"We've come too far to stop now. This has to work!" another intoned as he frowned at the image of the still living beast. "Execute the command, now!"

A satellite floating high in the exosphere whirred to life as lights flashed across it. Attached to the bus, just beneath the antenna dish, was a large, sophisticated weapon with six prongs splaying just behind the tip of the barrel. Until this point, they had kept the weapon in standby mode just for this moment.

"Dimension Tide, start!" a command was barked out in the control room.

Buttons were pressed, lights flickered as alerts spread across monitors. In space, the barrel of the weapon slid out, the six prong clamping down to straighten its aim. Further behind this, two pairs of fuel cells hummed as the weapon prepared to fire.

"300 seconds to launch," a robotic voice echoed through the control room.

"Keep him busy!" a command was given to the remaining pilots.

In the ruined city, fighter jets aimed at the monster as it roamed towards the sea. A hail of bullets and explosives stopped the beast in its tracks, causing the creature to grumble hatefully. A low roar escaped his jaws as he glared at the flying metal things in the sky.

"We're ready to fire," the robotic voice intoned.

"Order a retreat!" the commander cried. "Lock onto him! Fire when ready!"

In the ruined city, the great beast's grimace deepened when the flying things slowly disappeared towards the horizon. A derisive snort escaped him as he turned his gaze back to the sea and continued on his approach to the shore.

High above in space, the gun charged with a brilliant white light, which quickly coalesced into a sphere of energy that sucked in all color. The energy shot towards the planet, spearing through the atmosphere towards its target.

The clouds above the ruined city began to swirl like water being sucked into a drain. The monster stopped suddenly, his eyes snapping upward as a tempest seemed to pick up. Above, there was a flash of light before all color and light was quickly siphoned away.

The rubble and scrap around the monster was pulled into the air as the color-stealing light speared towards him. As the surrounding air screamed, the beast felt himself being torn away from the ground as though he were lighter than a feather. A surprised roar escaped his maw as he found himself airborne.

The creature's eyes went wide as the siphoning light finally reached him. The black hole pulled him inside, and all he could feel was agonizing, screaming pain. The swirling vortex remained for several minutes as the ruined city quickly transformed into a massive crater.

When the dust and light cleared, only the crater remained. A single airship surveyed the area for an hour, sweeping the crater for signs of life.

After the hour passed, and confirmation was received, the control room stood still for a full minute. Then, everyone inside rose to their feet in jubilant cheer and began hugging one another. Military personnel pulled their comrades into tearful hugs, scientists began grabbing each other by the shoulders and bouncing happily as they chanted. Men and/or women grabbed a prospective significant other of either gender and pulled them into deep kisses.

That day, the JSDF took the old saying to heart: If you take a shot at the king, you best not miss.

Of course, they definitely didn't miss, what with their massive space-gun that shoots miniature black holes. But that doesn't mean they were quite…thorough with their shot. While the black hole pulled him inside, he wasn't simply 'killed'.

Inside the wormhole, the monster was completely decimated, right down to his most indestructible parts. Only a handful of tissue, tiny bits of flesh, bone, and other assorted viscera remained of the creature. Yet they all held close, all pressed together by one powerful source of energy that kept them from straying away.

The monster's soul remained, still technically alive despite most of his body being spaghettified by the unnatural wormhole. With this, his mind even remained intact, though it was as fractured as the remaining pieces of his body. He wasn't able to think, to react or respond, unable to even understand what was happening to him.

But his innate power still, despite all odds, continued to hold him together, and even attempted to heal him. Initially, this was a fruitless effort; the beast was nearly reduced to nothing. Even with his impressive healing ability, it couldn't possibly rebuild an entire body with so little to work with.

This didn't stop his healing powers, however. Within the wormhole, the monster found himself at the very crossroads between dimensions; a place not simply between two worlds, but many at once. With this, his power unconsciously began to work, searing outwards to pull on anything that it could.

Soon enough, this regenerative ability had more than enough to work with.

The best analogy one could make was the 'copy and paste' function. By unconsciously reaching out to find whatever it could use to pull itself back together, the monster's power surged straight into entirely new worlds. The result was that the beast's innate power pulled…at 'itself', or rather, several versions of itself.

One, a fearsome guardian of nature whose sole purpose was to keep the world's balance.

Another, a great mountain of a monster who had bent an entire biosphere to its will

The next, a tortured soul who, despite wanting everything to end, could only continue onward.

It went on; from an enraged beast that had besieged heaven and hell itself to a cheerful dinosaur who rose to save the day. There were more than a dozen of these creatures, all similar to the first, and many even more powerful and indestructible. Without knowing it, the beast trapped in the artificial black hole had found a well of indomitable power.

And all it was doing was unconsciously grafting pieces of flesh and portions of souls onto itself to recreate its body. The monster couldn't have known this, of course, nor could it have realized that the actions it had no control over would have great consequences for it.

In fact, the great beast couldn't feel anything, even as it finally incorporated the new tissue onto itself and slowly began to form its new body…

Okay, but you're probably wondering how I know this…actually, you're probably wondering who I am.

And you know, that's fairly understandable, all things considered. When I was thrown into this, I literally had no idea what was going on. You can imagine that I was pretty miffed that day-or I would have been miffed if the situation had been normal.

See, I'm a guy who died.

Yeah, so, already we're starting on a positive note, huh? Well, stay with me, because it's about to get worse, trust me.

See, right now, I am once again…take three guesses. The first two don't count.

Yeah, I'm dying again. Death number 2: Electric Boogaloo~!

Like, the entire multiverse has consistently decided 'fuck this guy in particular'. I would have said my existence was a joke, but this time around I'm not going out so pathetically…

Well, I mean, being shot isn't terribly pathetic, I think.

Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. I shouldn't start with my current predicament and hope it makes it to my obituary. I should start from the beginning…

Immediately after I first died, I ended up in some random room.

It was lined with bright gold and silver, lightly decorated with some fancy posters showcasing Japanese artwork. There was a clock on the wall ticking away the seconds, there were end tables and filing cabinets at different corners, and there were small sculptures dotting them. At the center of the room was a mahogany desk.

The man sitting at the desk looked like some regular guy. He had messy dark hair, wore a gray-colored robe, and a hippie-style necklace adorned his neck. He was also wearing a set of headphones and nodding to the beat of unexpectedly loud music with his eyes closed.

I honestly couldn't help myself as I stepped towards him. I mean, could you blame me? I'd just died, and now I was standing in front of some random guy who seemed to just be ignoring me. I dare you to handle that without being pissed off.

"Uh, hello? Excuse me?" I called to him, a frown tugging at my lips as he just kept nodding his head to his music. "Hello? Hey?! Excuse me?! What's going on?!"

"Hmm?!" the man opened his eyes in confusion before waving cheerfully.

I felt my right eye twitch as I pointed to the side of my head. He tilted his head in confusion and stared for a few moments, then his eyes widened slightly and he jolted in his seat. He quickly scrambled to shut off his music and remove his headphones, a sigh escaping his lips as he did so.

"Aww man, I'm like, so sorry about that, my dude. I forgot I was on the job," the man said tiredly.

"Job? Hey, look, I'm really confused right now-"

"Oh, don't worry, let me clear it up for you, man. So, like…you totally died."

I felt my eye twitching again at his words. "Really? I had no idea that had happened. This is very big news to me!"

"Yeah, it sounds pretty nuts, I know. Ah, but I'm sure it wasn't too bad…" the man leaned away slightly and shifted something on his desk, grimacing slightly as his eyes darted back towards me. "Ah, nevermind, I just saw what it was. Ouch, that's gotta suck, man."

"I was rewatching 'Spirited Away'. I wanted a nice feel-good movie, y'know…" I mumbled tiredly.

"And then the entire apartment complex collapsed?"

"I told the fucking landlord that it was a problem. My neighbors were complaining about it too! The shit that asshole pulled made me want to put him on a t-shirt!" I growled under my breath while inclining my head. "I hope he gets sued so hard he can't even take a shit without getting a court's approval."

"Yeah, brah, that sounds awful. And like, the feel-good movie part? Dude, you really got shafted there, dying while you're relaxing like that sounds un-fucking-fair," the man shook his head before grabbing a stack of papers. "Well, good thing it ain't stickin'. I'll just start up on the process to get you sorted out."

"Wait, what? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, you're being reincarnated, my dude!" the dark-haired man said with a cheerful grin. "You get to be reborn into a new life in a new world, even with a bunch of your old memories intact. Isn't that cool, man?"

"I…I'm not sure…" I replied, refusing to meet his gaze. "I mean, I guess that means my old body wasn't in any state to resuscitate, so I can't simply say no. But all this is really sudden-I guess dying is pretty sudden anyway, but this is just a lot to take in."

"Hey, dude, don't sweat it. I can understand how bad it is on your end-hell, I was the same way once, it was all sorts of crazy and stuff…" the man leaned back in his chair with a lackadaisical grin tugging at his lips. "But hey, if you're lucky-or, well, unlucky, actually-you could even get a job here."

"...Hold on, a job? They give out jobs here? Wait, what even is here?"

"Oh, well, I can't tell you much. But, we-and I mean my coworkers and my bosses and whatnot-we help the right people reincarnate for very specific reasons." He stretched his arms with a groan and cracked his neck, then eyed me offhandedly for a few seconds. "Sometimes, though, the system chooses a place that either isn't very impressive, or is too dangerous. So they give you a job instead."

"Not impressive? Wait, I could be reborn into a world that is too dangerous?"

"Yeah, so, like, an unimpressive world would be like being reborn into something like 'THE iDOLM STER', where there's nothing cool to do."

"Agree to disagree," I muttered in annoyance.

"Meanwhile, a world that is too dangerous would be like the 'Lovecraft-verse', or a world where the SCP Foundation exists. Sure, even if the system says that's the best way to do it, we're not lunatics here," the dark-haired man waved his hands defensively. "We'd only make exceptions for either situation if there was a call for it. Then again, there are always those illegal reincarnations and whatnot…"

"You have a system for this? Why are people being reincarnated into other worlds, anyway?"

"Brah, I'm really sorry, but I can't tell you that. Y'know, company secrets and all that," he waved offhandedly before moving things around on his desk. "So, the only thing I can do is get things working. I'll just press the right buttons and see where things go."

"Press the right buttons? What do you mean-that is an iPad," my voice suddenly deadpanned mid-sentence as the dark-haired man pulled out an iPad. "Why is that an iPad? For what reason could you have an iPad?"

"Well, it's a special 'iPad'...actually, it only looks like an iPad. It has this little thing where we hit a randomizer thing and whatever it lands on is your new world."

"So, you basically pull a 'Wheel of Fortune' on all this shit?!"

"Yeah, it's pretty efficient~!" the man chuckled.

"How is that efficient?!"

"Well, we're not just forcing you into a world we want, and we're not giving you a choice. We're leaving it up to chance so that it's as fair as can get," he hummed as he fiddled around with his device for a few moments. "Alright, just gotta click things right-and it's going. Alright, we just gotta wait for it to land somewhere."

"And…then what?"

"Well, then you might get some bonus or something. Sometimes you get a good one-we might have to randomize that too-but other times it's a pretty standard one. Like…'kay, have you ever read 'The Gamer'?"

"I've read 'Gamer Fics'. Does that count?"

"Ayyy, you've got a good idea then. That power is fairly common, but a 'common' power doesn't mean it ain't, like, broken as shit," the dark-haired man smiled. "And depending on the world you're reborn in, you could get swole enough to be completely broken already. Pretty neat, right?"

"I…I guess. I don't really understand the merits-"

"Babes~!" the man giggled perversely, a dreamy grin tugging at his lips. "Or, hey, dudes, if you're into that. But depending on the world, even with a seemingly weak power means you could pull some serious tail."

"And there it is…" I groaned.

"Ah, sorry if that ain't your thing, dude!" he said apologetically.

"I mean…yeah, it is my thing, but…that shouldn't be the only good thing. Most guys say they wanna be 'dripping in bitches', but that seems toxic and myopic," I inclined my head tiredly and leaned back. "Give me something to do with my life. I wanna have fun, yeah, but I want there to be some meaning behind it."

"Hmm? Wow, that's a refreshing perspective, actually," the dark-haired man mused. "I can't fault you for wanting to make sure your life is fulfilling. Suppose that means you won't be reckless in the next one, which is good because that would be pretty bad."


"Oh, hey! It's done-woah!" he grabbed his device and scrutinized it, a dopey grin tugging at his lips. "Hey, so, speaking of 'bitches', you won't believe which world you're getting reborn into."

"...Please don't tell me-"

"The girls in this world might as well be outta it. Like, some of the ladies are so good, it's downright sinful~!"

"How is this important?" I asked.

"I'm just saying there's a bright side to it. You're getting reincarnated, the world you're heading to is lit, everything is all good," the man tilted his head curiously as he fiddled with the device, a frown tugging at his lips. "Huh, y'know, I thought they'd get to giving you a 'cheat' with this. You know, like something that lets you game the system there."

"What, like a useless goddess?"

"Ah, we don't have those in stock," the robed man waved me off jokingly. "Trust me, dude, you're not the first guy to make that joke. But yeah, I figured this gizmo would get ready to set up your 'cheat' or something. It could be an item, could be a special power, could even be turning you into something that isn't human."

"Wait, what?"

"Well, you could get turned into a slime," the dark-haired man shrugged. "Just saying it's happened a few times. But there doesn't seem to be any change…huh…"

I blinked in confusion as the screen began flashing a strange light across his face. The man stared at the device blankly for several moments before frowning.

"Alright, so I've gotta head out really quick! Just wait here. I'll be back dude, I promise."

"Wait, what are you-"


I let out a small yelp as the man was swallowed by a pillar of light. When it dissipated, he was just gone. I just stared at the spot owlishly for several long moments, leaning forward curiously as the seconds ticked by.

"Ah, okay then, just…just gonna find a place to sit, I guess," I said to the empty room.

I sat in a nearby seat and rested my face across my palms.

Yeah, today was…an odd day. I'd just died, then I'd met a guy who said I was about to be reborn, and then he just up and split. And, you know what; I was still wondering if this was even real. This could all just be a fever dream I'm having as I lay suffocating beneath a pile of rubble.

I sat there wondering if this was all just a dying dream for the next several moments before a larger pillar of light flashed through the room. I flinched slightly as two shapes slowly appeared in the light as it settled.

The first guy was there, though he looked really nervous. But there was another man standing beside him.

He was tall, fairly intimidatingly so actually, he practically loomed over me and the other man. It didn't help that he was dressed in a dark suit with a bland tie and sharp looking shoes. His hair was dark green, with golden streaks throughout it, and it was slicked and smoothed down to an immaculate degree.

His eyes were framed by angular glasses, which only served to enhance his already sharp-looking facial features. The look on his face as he turned to me made me freeze; it felt like he was scrutinizing every inch of my form, judging every single portion of my being. His golden eyes seemed to glow slightly as he stared me down.

"...G-Good morning?"

"...It's not morning," the bespectacled man replied.

I fought back a wince at his cold response. "Good afternoon?"

"Evening," he said coolly.

"...Goodbye?" I said after a few seconds of silence.

The green-haired man suddenly placed a hand over his mouth and let out a suspicious coughing noise. As he pulled his hand away, I noticed the ghost of a smile gracing his lips for the briefest second before it vanished. He quickly straightened his tie while composing himself, his golden eyes glancing at me curiously as he strode towards the desk.

"Yoshira Shizu, correct?"

"Uh, yeah, that's me…was me, I guess," I replied, not meeting his eyes.

"Ah, yes, very unfortunate, of course. But you are being reincarnated," the bespectacled man said as he grabbed a piece of paper and scrutinized it. "There is just a slight issue we need to address."

"Oh, is my credit bad? I could have sworn I'd been safe with that," I said offhandedly.

The green-haired man let out a cough that sounded suspiciously like a giggle while shaking his head. "No, no, it's nothing to do with that. No, the issue is that, despite everything, you're the only one going through our agency that is being reborn into a specific world." He gave me a very serious look as he held a stack of papers up. "Our agency's goal is to act as a safeguard for threats to the greater multiverse and various branches across it. One of the things we also cover is reincarnating those who have died into new worlds when their souls show enough potential to pass in such a way.

"We do this because it grants a sense of order to the reincarnating souls, and it doesn't lead to more problems for us. With the system we've put in place, they won't have to worry about being reborn as a sentient germ or a lame duck, they'll be reborn into something that they'll most likely feel comfortable as, and they'll have a chance to live interesting new lives," the bespectacled man tilted his head thoughtfully. "Aside from that, we do contracts with worlds that call for others to be reincarnated for their benefit as well. We simply send them the odd soul that our system can't easily place, and work from there."

"...That's…actually really interesting. But this feels like something you wouldn't just reveal to a random guy." I swallowed nervously as the man cocked an eyebrow in response. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because, now and then, our job of safeguarding against threats sometimes crosses over with our rebirth system. The world you are being reborn into has a unique system of its own…one that benefits humans-which you're being reborn as-greatly." The green-haired man steepled his fingers while giving me a pointed look. "This system is also useful for sealing powerful creatures away. Creatures that, if they were not sealed, could cause problems for the greater multiverse."

I tilted my head curiously at the man's words, to which his right eye seemed to twitch. After several tense moments, he let out an exasperated sigh.

"In another world, there was a creature that the humans living within the world wanted to be rid of. They attempted to remove it by firing a miniature black hole at it." The bespectacled man's face fell slightly as a strained groan escaped him. "While it did remove the beast from their world…it did not kill the creature. It was swallowed into the singularity, and while its body was destroyed, it was able to regenerate and upgrade its physical form in order to survive."

"And this is bad…how?"

"It's inside a wormhole. As in, it has a path into the rest of the entire multiverse if given the chance." he set a fierce glance on me to pin me in my seat. "This creature isn't just some animal, it is the most dangerous creature to have ever been created. There are certainly beings that could defeat it, yes, but even then they would not easily fell it. This is the monster, the beast to end all beasts."

I fought back the urge to let out a horrified wheeze. "Ah, wow, really? I mean, I think I have some experience with that…is it really that bad?"

"Hey, bruh, you know that meme where the guy is sweating and stuff while wearing headphones and all?" the man in the robes suddenly chimed in, his face grave. "Well, we've got control-rooms full of guys just like that, and they're all running interference with this thing. It really is that bad."

"So, why are you…telling me…oh? You said that the system could be used to seal things," it suddenly dawned on me exactly what they were talking about. "You want to seal it in this system?"

"Not just in this system. We've already hacked it, now we just need to introduce the creature and the object it's sealed within. And that object also needs to be sealed," the green-haired man inclined his head, a small grimace tugging at his lips. "It needs to be sealed within an individual. The problem is finding an individual, one who is reincarnating into a world with this specific system running through it…"

"...Oh, wait, I'm being reincarnated into-" I froze suddenly when I realized what that meant. The two of them were giving me apologetic looks at this. "No…no, you're telling me that you-"

"Have to seal an incredibly powerful, god-like monster in your soul in order to prevent it from wreaking havoc elsewhere in the multiverse. Yes, that is what we're saying," the bespectacled man nodded. "I understand your trepidation, and I'm very sorry. I'm also very regretful to say this, but it may not be negotiable to escape this. This is, quite literally, one of our many last resorts, and if this fails, then we really can't stop this beast without resorting to drastic measures."

"I…have you tried freezing it-"

"We tried that~!" the dark-haired man chuckled. "It didn't work. Also, global warming is still a problem."

"N-Nuking it? Did you drop a-"

"It's eaten nukes to the face on a regular basis. We didn't even try!" the robed man continued.

"Did you think about just shoving it into space? Just dumping it on a random planet would-"

"That wouldn't work. It doesn't need air if there are certain resources nearby," the bespectacled man replied blankly.

"A pocket dimension-"

"Wormhole technology is the reason it's such a problem in the first place. Trying to shove a physical god into a pocket dimension will backfire," the green-haired man sighed while pulling out a single piece of paper. "If it makes you feel any better, sealing away the creature will not simply make you a living box. It'll be a sort of 'Jinchūriki' situation. You understand that, correct?" he hummed quietly at my curt nod. "The world you're being reborn into is quite dangerous. Consider the implications that a very powerful creature who, stubbornly, refuses to accept death, is sealed inside your soul. It will most likely attempt to defend you in some fashion."

"Oh, so, having a giant monster in my soul is my 'cheat item'? You know, that just sounds wonderful! I'm sure that won't have any repercussions!" I said in the most cheerfully sarcastic voice I could muster. "In fact, why don't we find more of them to jam inside me? I'm sure I have plenty of room."

The bespectacled man sighed in response. "I understand this isn't ideal. I assure you, this isn't something I want to do. But this is practically the last option we can take." He quickly adjusted his glasses while giving me an apologetic look. "If it's any consolation, we're fairly certain this will work. It will be contained, and you might possibly gain access to its powers in some way. Your new world will, hopefully, be less dangerous to you as a result…"

I didn't speak for several moments. My immediate response was to make a sharp intake of air and clasp my hands together nervously. For a few tense seconds, I kept my eyes closed while fighting back a frown.

"...You're basically telling me I don't have a choice in the matter, right?" I opened my eyes as I spoke, wincing slightly at the strained looks from the two men. "I guess there's no room for me to argue. I mean, you could have just shoved it inside me and been done with it, anyway. At least you're being courteous about it."

"So there won't be any resistance on your end?" At my defeated nod, the green-haired man sighed in both relief and dejection. "Good, good, that will make the sealing less difficult. I…I am sorry that we have to do this, truly."

"Quick question, before you…get to it," I frowned slightly as I leaned towards him. "What if it doesn't work? What if it gets out?"

"Well, you'll end up right back here, unfortunately," the suited man replied.

"...Ah, that's great."

"Now then, we'll need to take you elsewhere for the sealing," the bespectacled man stood to his feet and walked around the desk. "We'll need everything timed right. We need to seal the creature right as your rebirth is put through. That way, it's introduced into the Sacred Gear system quickly with the window we have."

"Sacred-what-now? This idiot only told me that there'd be 'babes' and stuff in the new world," I grimaced.

"Really? That was your sales-pitch?" the green-haired man groaned.

"I thought it would pique his interest," the robed man said sheepishly.

"Lovely. Now, come! Let's get you to the ritual room!" the suited man approached me hurriedly and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Time is of the essence, and we have very little of it left."

Before I could properly react, everything around me was swallowed by a flash of light. When it dissipated, I was in a sort of control-room, surrounded by several winged people while standing in a strange circle. On a nearby screen, I saw a dark shape pouring energy from itself into its surroundings.

I could have sworn that a pair of furious, glowing eyes turned my way…

In the dark of the wormhole, the creature's fractured mind reacted to a strange sensation.

A dome of energy suddenly surrounded the beast, numerous mystical circles springing to life across it. Snapping from the center of each circle were chains with strange, glowing symbols lining them. They quickly wrapped around his form as the surrounding arcane fonts began to shimmer with power.

The magics began to compress against the creature as the sealing began. Its response was to let out a low his as the energy seared into its body.

In the monster's mind, things had been fractious. Dozens of various personalities from different versions of itself raged against one another, vying for dominance or control. There were so many loud, violent voices screaming and babbling incoherently within the creature's brain that it couldn't quite form any thoughts.

The moment the sealing ritual began, the voices ceased. For several moments, the beast was left thoughtless, suffering in the quiet of the empty singularity.

Then, a single thought lanced through its head, in all voices at once.


Some voices expressed confusion. Others, some hint of pity and betrayal. And more still, expressed some form of bemusement within the tone.

But most, if not all, expressed rage.

The insects were trying something. They were doing something yet again to hurt him simply because he existed. A pang echoed deep in the monster's heart as a low whine escaped his beastly maw.

They keep hurting me, they won't stop. They hurt, and they hurt, and they keep hurting me. I don't understand! Why? Why? Why?! j̸̫̓͒͑ų̵͍̯̔͒͝ŝ̸̜͘t̵͉̙̯̓̎ ̸̠̗̊̊̈́l̴̢̒̓͗ë̸̼͇͉́ä̸̤v̵̳͉́̈́̐e̵̜̮̜͛̐͂ ̴̲̇͛͐m̷̻̻̲͒e̷̼̳̝̎ ̴̺̰̪̀͊a̶̯͋͛̚l̷̫͂͋̄o̵̝̅̈́̚ň̷̜e̷̳̔̈́̈!

The monster struggled against the chains, thrashing against the dome in rage and sorrow. A scream erupted from its jaws, mad and vicious as it echoed throughout the void in the wormhole. The dome shook slightly as the creature attempted to tear its way free.

Another scream echoed from the monster's jaws, one at such a high volume that the vibrations cracked the dome around it. Slowly, however, the magical circles repaired themselves, more chains emerging from them and whipping towards the beast. The glow within the dome suddenly shifted as a different color began to fight against the magical energy.

From the creature's back, brilliant light began to glow, a hum traveling from its tail all the way up its entire spine. Its maw opened wide, a brilliant beam of destructive energy spearing forth from inside as it swept its head back and forth. The dome was quickly breached, many of the magical circles cracking apart and dissipating.

More circles came to life to repair the dome, chains surging forward to once again ensnare the monster. The great beast roared in response and pulled at the chains as it continued to thrash against them. All the while, the spines on its back continued to glow a fierce color.

The creature took a single step forward and grunted loudly as dozens of beams suddenly emerged from its dorsal plates. The energy surged forth, slicing through the chains binding the beast and tearing holes in the dome around it. The monster rolled its torso and back around, causing the beams to sweep across its entrapment. Soon, bits and pieces of magical energy fell away as the dome nearly cracked apart.

Fierce glowing eyes stared around as the shattered magic dissipated. The monster's head straightened, a low grumble escaping it as its great lungs exhaled. Fanged jaws opened wide as it threw its head back manically.


The roar subsided into an exasperated breath as the beast began panting. The energy within the creature had built up with every counterattack, causing the creature great discomfort. The monster let out a low sigh as it squatted slightly, only to flip upside-down within the wormhole due to the lack of ground beneath it. The beast ignored this, instead forcing down the mad voices screaming within its mind so it could focus on preventing its body from overtaxing itself.

Energy was quickly converted into concentrated heat. The monster's body glowed bright red as the surrounding temperature skyrocketed to levels that would kill normal humans. The space within the wormhole began to warp as the heat blasted around the great beast. Under normal circumstances, nothing could approach it.

The magic dome suddenly came back to life, once again completely surrounding the monster. Chains sprung forward, surging through the dome and once again ensnaring the beast. As the arcane symbols across the dome and chains glowed, the heat emanating from the creature began to dissipate.

Steam seared into the air as the great beast's body cooled down. A scream of shock and rage echoed from its maw as it began its thrashing anew. Despite its struggles, the cooling of its body and the steam clouding its vision only confused it, hampering its decision-making and already fractious thought-process. With the sudden surge of energy from its heat-conversion depleted by the magic symbols, the monster's movements quickly grew sluggish.

The beast let out a stubborn growl as it raised its head with some strain. As more chains shot forward to entrap it, a roar built within its throat.


The roar died before the creature could continue, instead escaping as an enraged scream. The monster sluggishly thrashed around in its bindings, even as the strange voice echoed within its mind.

'Enough,' the voice echoed once again. 'Sleep.'

The creature snarled at the voice hatefully, even as its eyes drooped tiredly. Its vicious growl lulled slightly as its gaze became unfocused.


The monster fought the command for several more moments, stubbornly grumbled and lightly thrashing. The beast refused to allow insects to get the better of it, to do as they pleased when they had already done more than enough to hurt it.


It continued to resist, continued to fight back. A loud cry echoed from its jaws as it tried to hold itself together and stay awake…

But eventually, the creature's eyes glazed over. And it could no longer resist the pull of the voice.

I'd barely been paying attention to what was happening to the monster on the screen. Before I could react, the circle around me began to glow. Suddenly my vision was swallowed by light so bright that I thought I was going blind.

I didn't quite realize what had happened after that. I expected to be trapped in some strange soul-room with whatever monster had been sealed inside me-if that had even worked-before being reborn. I also figured I'd be jammed straight into my new self as an infant, so I'd start straight from the top.

I actually don't know what happened, honestly.

One second I was being swallowed by light. The next, I was lying on the ground with a throbbing pain in my head, staring at the open sky.

"Nii-san!" a small voice called out to me.

"Bwuh?!" I breathed out as several people approached me.

Standing over me was a small, six-year-old boy with spiky brown hair and light brown eyes. Along with him was another boy of the same age, with chestnut hair in a messy ponytail and violet eyes. Both of them looked horrified. They were at my side and gently patting me down.

"Nii-san?! Are you alright?!" the brown-haired boy asked loudly.


"Ise, he's not deaf! He just hit his head really hard!" the redhead told him.

"Ah! He's bleeding! Nii-san, how many fingers am I holding up?"


"Issei!" another voice called out. "Give him some space! We already called an ambulance."

A young woman with dark brown hair and hazel eyes was suddenly standing over me and gently holding me. Beside her was a man who looked like a much older version of the young brown-haired boy. The man had grabbed me gently by the shoulders and was in the process of lifting me up.

"Hey, son! How are you feeling?" the man asked.


The woman made a very sharp intake of air at my response. "Oh, that is not a good sign…"

"Okay, we don't have to worry. So, just put our hands against his head like this-" the brown-haired man placed his hands at the sides of my head, his grip firm but painless. He quickly kept my neck and head aligned while motioning for the other two boys. "Issei, Rin! I want you to grab some tissues and help me stop the bleeding. Isashi! Hey?!" he called to me gently while staring me in the eye. "I want you to hold still, okay? Can you do that for me, son?"

I nodded weakly while giving the man a confused look. Behind him, I could see the woman giving me a strained expression as she helped the other two boys. As my eyes glanced around, I winced when the pain finally hit me. And with it, flashes of the past six years rushed into my head as my vision swam from remembering last life's twenty.

So, it turns out I had to get my memories back through the 'Catalina Claes' route. One head injury, and I've got my memories back.

Spoiler alert; it is not worth it. Do not try at home, would not recommend it.

By the end of the day, I was sitting in a hospital bed with bandages clinging around my forehead. The brown-haired boy was leaning over the railings to my bed with worried looks, while the brown-haired man and woman were speaking with doctors. Standing further away were two other people, a man and a woman, who were talking to the redheaded boy and giving me concerned looks.

After my head cleared a bit, I went about trying to figure out my situation. First, I managed to access my memories from my new life, and I reconciled that with everything I was hearing the doctors and other adults speak about. While my thoughts were still scrambled here and there, I was able to follow the plot.

The brown-haired couple were Hyoudou Gorou, and Hyoudou Miki, while the brown-haired kid was Hyoudou Issei. They were my new parents and my twin brother, respectively, which threw me for a loop simply because I knew it'd be difficult to deal with having an entirely new family.

The red-haired boy was named Shidou Rin, who was mine and Issei's shared childhood friend. His dad was a priest at the local church, and as a consequence, their family was very devout. From what my memories said, there were very few days where one of his parents wasn't giving us an impromptu sermon.

Oh, also I was reincarnated back into Japan, which worried me slightly. In my old life, my old family had moved deep into the states after several…incidents, and we were content to stay. So, suddenly being back here gave me chills for a number of reasons.

"Hey, nii-san?!" my new brother called out to me. "Tou-san asked you a question! What's going on?!"

"Hmm? O-Oh, sorry!" I nodded to Issei worriedly.

"Are you alright, son?" my new father asked.

"...I have a killer headache," I grumbled.

Gorou simply laughed in response. "Well, your humor hasn't changed, at least!" He gently laid a hand on my shoulder while giving me a kind smile. "The doctors say you'll be alright in a couple of weeks. But you'll have to take it easy, you got that?"

"That goes for you as well, Issei," my new mother chided my twin brother lightly. "You and Rin can't roughhouse with your brother while he's resting, understand?"

"Yes, kaa-san!" my new brother nodded while leaning over my hospital bed with a worried but determined look. "Nii-san, get better soon, alright! Spring isn't over yet, so there's still a lot we can do."

I flinched at the boy's loud voice slightly before nodding. "I'll do my best, otouto! I promise!"

"Otouto?! I'm older than you by nearly a minute!"

"But Isashi is taller," Rin noted from behind the other boy. "So you are technically otouto~!"

"It's my hair! It's poofier…well, it was," I mumbled the last part when I noticed that I'd lost some hair from when I was being treated.

"Hey, it'll grow back, son," my new father said kindly as he pulled his hand away. "You'll be back home in no time! Just rest easy, okay!"

There was a warm, fuzzy feeling settling in my gut as my new parents smiled at me. I gave the man a short but cheerful nod while returning his grin. My new brother and our best friend wrapped their arms around the bedrail while excitedly talking about what it'd been like to speak to real doctors.

I may have died, but…I think things were gonna work out.

Deep within a dark place, a sound echoed, like the rumbling noises of the depths of the sea.

A pair of fiery eyes opened, wildly glancing around in confusion as it faded in and out of consciousness. The beast's rage swelled suddenly as it fought to awaken itself, a low growl building within its throat. Its endlessly jumbled thoughts screamed as its fractured mind reacted to the empty void around it.

The rumble died when the creature felt the emotions emanating from somewhere outside of its strange container. The monster froze, a shudder running through its form as it tilted its head around in confusion.

The feelings were warm, pleased, happy. For several of the fractured pieces of the beast's mind, they were foreign and confusing. But to many others, they felt an eerie sense of calm filling them as they groggily eyed the surrounding void.

After a few moments, the creature let out a low snort as it dropped its great head back to whatever passed as the ground within its odd container. Slowly, the monster's eyes grew lidded, and mild rumblings intermittently erupted from its throat.

Within minutes, the beast was asleep once again, its frenzy forgotten.

Elsewhere in The Multiverse

A suited man with gold-streaked green hair looked over a set of files with a calculating gaze. His eyes swept over to a screen on a computer, a hum escaping him as he scrutinized the data flashing across. After a few moments, he inclined his head thoughtfully while cupping a hand to his chin.

"He's remembered then. And the Sacred Gear is holding well…yes, this is good! This is very good," the bespectacled man's eyes flashed as he multitasked, simultaneously combing over the data on the computer with one hand while finishing paperwork with the other. "Six years and the crisis has been averted."

"Yeah, and the 'problem' ended up becoming useful for later," a voice chimed in from nearby.

The green-haired man adjusted his glasses slightly as he turned to his coworker. "Agreed! If the boy can unlock the Gear and cultivate his powers, it'll be a boon in the future." the suited man's eyes narrowed slightly as he combed over a new set of data. "There's always a gamble with investments like this, though. Hopefully, it pays off…"

"Hey, so, the Sacred Gear…is it, like, one of those bargain-bin ones? You know, there's that guy in the world making them."

"It's a real Sacred Gear, not an artificial one. It won't cause fatigue during use, and it won't hamper the abilities of the host." the bespectacled man frowned slightly as he turned to face the dark-haired man. "We spent countless hours researching different Sacred Gear users that we…invited into our agency temporarily. Hacking the system was easy once we knew what to look for."

"Ah, that's neat," the robed man mused flatly.

"...Something is wrong, is that it?"

"I just…do you think we're scummy? For doing this?"

The green-haired man sighed slightly as he paused his work. "Trust me, there isn't a day where I don't think the exact same thing. We're not 'good' by any means, that is certain." his frown deepened as his gaze swept across the office. "But what we're doing is necessary. If we didn't stand as a bulwark for certain threats, then what do you think would happen?"

"I…I don't know how to answer that. I just don't like that I have to hide so much from them-"

"There's nothing wrong with that! But even so, sometimes sacrifices need to be made." the green-haired man shuddered as phantom pains ran through him. "I learned that a long time ago."

The dark-haired man shook his head before turning away to leave. "I just wish I could know whether any of this is worth it or not."

As his coworker left the room in a flash of teleporting light, the suited man sighed. "If we do our parts correctly, then the answer will be obvious enough…"

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