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It was cool and damp, and much to her preference at the moment. Lulu sat atop a flat, smooth bolder, right outside the edge of the cave. Rays of light shot in from the open mouth, illuminating its dark recesses.

One would think that she was relaxed by the mere darkness of the caves atmosphere, but in actuality, it was merely the fact that it was cool and kept her burned skin out of the way of the sun.

Taking her current condition into count, Wakka had decided to postpone their next swimming lesson until Lulu had felt a little better(and for her skin to stopped peeling, something she found very disturbing), so the two had made their way to the small beachside cave to relax and enjoy the cool shade.

Wakka at the moment was lying on the sand of the cave floor, resting his hands behind his head with his eyes closed. A look of calm tranquility on his sun kissed face.

For some time now, neither of them had spoken. Wakka still felt somewhat guilty over what had happened at the beach yesterday, so, as not to say anything that might remind the black mage about her current skin dilemma, he did the smartest thing he knew. He kept his stink'in mouth shut.

Lulu, on the other hand was too engrossed by the calm nature of the moment (something she hadn't had time to appreciate in the last few days) didn't think to say anything to Wakka. Unfortunately, this caused the poor islanded to begin to think that she was giving him the silent treatment, something not uncommon for her to do.

So far she hadn't said a word all morning.

After nearly an hour of silence, Wakka finally decided he couldn't stand it anymore, even if it meant suffering a small fire spell.


"Yes Wakka?" Lulu regarded the large islander through the corner of her eye.

"Um, you... alright?" He asked somewhat nervously. Lulu gave him a bit of an odd look before answering.

"Aside from my burned skin, I'm fine. Why do you ask?" She questioned.

"Well... Ya know... Its just that all morning... You really haven't said anything... I was, you know, just a little worried." Wakka explained, he was finding it somewhat difficult to explain with her staring at him.

"I was merely enjoying the serenity of the these caves... It's very calm and tranquil." Lulu explained. But Wakka still had a look of unease on him. "If this is about me being angry about the sun burn, you don't have to worry."

"Really?" Wakka asked hopefully.

"Yes, I should have paid better attention. I was just upset last night, that was all." She explained.

"That's good..." Wakka let out a noticeable sigh.

"Did my silence actually bother you that much?" She asked curiously.

"Er, Well, you know... I just hate having you angry at me Lu..." Wakka explained sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"It's alright Wakka, I'm not angry." She said, putting him fully at ease.

"Thanks... So... You've just been enjoying this whole serenity thing all this time, ya?" He asked curiously.

"Well... I was also thinking about a number of things." She confessed.

"Really? Like what?"

Lulu paused for a moment. Trying to collect her thoughts.

"Wakka... How well do you remember your parents?" She asked, turning to face him.

This caught Wakka a bit by surprise, sitting up, looking straight at Lulu.

"Well... I sometimes think I do." He replied.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well..." Wakka started scratching the back of his head. "My mom died when I was real little ya? I can remember her up until I was about ten. But my dad... I don't remember him at all. He died before Chappu was born. I think I can remember what he might've looked like... But... It feels like it was so long ago... In fact, it was a long time ago since I saw either of my parents... It makes me... You know... wonder if some of the things, I think are memories... Could they just be dreams?" Wakka explained. "Why do you ask?"

Lulu, brushed several loose strands of hear behind her ear.

"It's just that I wonder about my own family sometimes." She admitted. "You've been at Besaid longer than I have. I've said before that the past is the past, but even I can't help but wonder sometimes."

"You remember your parent's at all?" Wakka asked.

"Well... Not my father. But Sometimes... I think I can remember what my mother looked like when I was a little girl." Lulu explained.

"Can you tell me what she looked like?" Wakka asked curiously. Lulu looked up at the roof of the cave thoughtfully.

"I think... I think she had long hair black hair, she wore it down... It had a beautiful shine to it. She had such a beautiful smile. I can definitely remember that." Lulu smiled as she recalled her memories. "I think she smiled a lot."


"I think she smiled a lot because... It's the one thing I can remember the clearest." She explained.

"I bet she was beautiful Lu, just like you."

"Yes... wait, what?" Lulu looked at Wakka curiously.

Too late for Wakka, it was already said.

"I... Uh, you know... I..."

"Thank you Wakka." Wakka was put a bit at ease, by Lulu's reassuring smile.

"Well... You know... It's true... Heh... You know what?" Wakka asked, an amused smile gracing his face.

"What?" She asked curiously.

"You should smile more too. Just like your mom, ya?" Wakka smiled. "But... What brought on this whole thing 'bout family?"

"I... I was just contemplating somethings and it... came to mind." Lulu seemed to have some hesitation with her explanation.

"Oh... Okay." Wakka shrugged as got up. He stretched a bit and headed out of the cave. "I'm gonna go swim for a bit."

Once, he was out of the cave, Lulu, leaned slightly to the side, so she could look out the entrance, to see how far Wakka had gone.

"Smile more?... Hm...." Lulu, looked thoughtful as she considered Wakka's words.


"Okay, Lu... Yeah, that's it. deep breaths, and slowly kick your legs." Wakka explained as he gently head Lulu's waist while she floated on her back in the water.

It had been several days now, and Lulu's burns were healing quite nicely now. So the two had decided to continue their swimming lessons in the even right as the sun was setting.

For Lulu, being able to float was actually quite the accomplishment. Never one for physical exercise, the dark haired woman, felt a sense of accomplishment in even such a small physical undertaking. Little by little, she was getting herself acquainted with the water and feeling much more natural in it.

It was obvious that she was going at a much slower pace than others. But to be truthful... Did it matter? There was all the time in the world now. That in itself brought a small smile to her face.

Being on her back in the water, she could look right up at the sky and the beautiful blend of colors that graced the sky, as the sun made it's decent into the horizon.

Everything felt so right at that moment. The soft bed of water below her, the mesmerizing splash of color in the sky, the soft evening breeze, and the feeling of Wakka's hands gently on her waist.

... Lulu, hoped her blush wasn't noticeable as she realized just how nice it was having Wakka's hand's holding onto her hips, keeping her from drifting away. They were so gentle and surprisingly warm is the cold waters.

"You wanna call it a night Lu?" The Islander asked as he noticed dimming amount of light in the sky.

"Alright..." Lulu replied as she righted herself in the water, letting her feet touch the ground, revealing the level of water to be chest deep.

After drying off, both Wakka and Lulu, had opted to just sit on the beach for a while, looking up at the growing number of stars. It was so peaceful. Everyone else was back at the village, eating, getting ready for bed or what not.

"You're making a lot of process there Lulu." Wakka commented.

"Hmm..." Was the only response the woman gave, her gaze still upon the sky. It was as though her mind were as far away as those stars.

"Wakka?" She asked suddenly, never adjusting her gaze to look at the man.


"You said you didn't remember your parents very well right?" She asked.

"Yeah... I remember a little about Ma... Mostly just her teaching me 'an Chappu Blitz ball... But that's about it..." Wakka shrugged. "Why'd you ask?"

"I was wondering... have you ever thought about being a father?" The question caught Wakka so surprised he couldn't even speak, Lulu had to check to see if he was paying attention or not. "Wakka?"

"I, uh... What brought this up?" The large islander was totally confused.

"It's just... the last several days I've been wondering as to what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. I see others around me and how happy they are. Many have started families and are keeping themselves busy taking care of that." Explained Lulu.

"You been think'in of starting a family?" The question was asked in a way that left no doubt that Wakka was indeed surprised.

"I... I'm not sure. I've spent so much of my life, training and preparing myself to help lead Yuna on that pilgrimage and now... With Sin behind us now... Is that what I should do now? Start a family?"

"Well... Was there anything else?" Wakka asked curiously. The black mage sighed and lowered her head.

"To tell you the truth, I really haven't thought of many ideas... I could possibly teach the black arts onto a new student..." The dark haired woman hesitated.

"But?" Wakka, being surprisingly perceptive at that moment, urged Lulu on.

"But... I think about that and I don't feel any real anything for the idea." She finished.

"But... you do when you think about have'n a family?"

"... Yes." She admitted. "But, I don't think I would do well at something like that." The pale/partially red skinned woman brought her knees up to her chin.

"What? Why would you think that?" Wakka asked in surprise.

"I... I don't have any memory of my own parents... I don't think I could take care of a husband and child... I have nothing to fall back on as an example." She explained.

"But you really want a family?" Wakka was thoroughly perplexed. He didn't take Lulu for the type of woman who dreamed about having a family with... children.

Lulu as a mother... The thought was mind-boggling...

"... I really think I do. I never had a family growing up. You, Chappu, and Yuna were the only kind of family I ever had. I think... Now, with the Eternal Calm, I can finally have a real family and not have to worry about..."

"Yeah... I know." Wakka nodded. "Well... I guess I've thought about have'n a family too y'know... But... I'm not sure if I'd make a good dad y'know?"

"Wakka." Lulu, turned to the large islander, looking right into his eyes. "If you are half as good with your own children as you are with the children here, you'll make an excellent father."

"... Thanks Lu."

The rest of the night was spent in silence, as the two ex-guardians gazed up at the stars. When it was finally came time to turn in, both Wakka and Lulu made there way back to the village.

"Well, night Lulu." Wakka yawned. "And good luck with the family thing... I know you'd make a good Mother."

"Thank you Wakka." Lulu nodded as the two began to make they're way to their separate huts. She turned her head back, to see Wakka chuckling softly.

"Yeah, you'd make a good mother Lu." Wakka said. "Now you just need to find yourself a father too."

As she watched him enter his hut, a faint smile crossed lulu's lips and a barely noticeable pinkish tone grew on her cheeks.

"I could think of a couple of good choices." Lulu whispered as she took one last look at Wakka's hut.

To be continued.

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