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Do it right!


"I have always wondered what's wrong with some people. They see me as the evil guy, the annoying person who likes to make fun of Harry Potter.

I think I'm taking crazy pills here.

I'm not an evil guy, nor am I annoying. Plus I am not making fun of Harry Potter, I am clearly trying to be his friend.

But some people just don't see it.

You see, Harry Potter, he's an enigma, a mystery or puzzle, for those who don't know what enigma is, I know what it is, I looked in the thesaurus.

Yes, I am very clever.

For the first time in my life, I realized that Harry Potter is not only a puzzle, but a very complex one.

For example,

Just the other day I was talking to him, like really talking. We were saying something about that Weasley kid I always see around him. I'm confused about that kid, I mean, seriously he claims that he is not gay (I know this, he hit me once for calling him it) but then he hangs around Potter all day. And I must admit, Potter is a very appealing looking boy, the way boys go. But why is Ron denying it so? It is so very clear. Anyways, we were talking about that Weasley kid, and how he was gay. Now Harry believed that 'no, there's no way that he's gay. You're the gay one,'. Of course I had to stand up for myself, no one would call me gay in front of my face. 'Well excuse me Potter, but I am not gay, I am bi-sexual, and you better get to know the difference before you start accusing people of being gay.'

Of course, Harry just laughed at me and called me a fag, but I'm willing to forget that. You see, I've always liked Harry. I thought he was rather smart, well except for his choice in friends. Still. . . he is a rather nice person. In fact, one day he picked up a book for me. Of course. . . it was his book that I had stolen a week before and accidentally dropped, so things didn't go so well after, but the fact that he picked it up for me is promising.

I think he fancies me. I see him always staring at me, and when I catching him at it, and give him my most charming smile (some people call it a smirk, I don't even know what a smirk looks like so they can go to hell), he always gives me the finger, 'and we all know what that means *wink wink*.

Wait what?!

No it can't mean that!


That stupid Harry Potter. I really hate that boy, he is the worst thing to be alive in years, I hate him with a passion. He is not a nice boy, he is not goodlooking, and he IS GAY! But most of all, he is the most annoying person ever.

First of all he. . .

Wait, what is that?


My session is over?

Alrighty then." Draco Malfoy ended his speech.

"Draco Malfoy, I am going to have to see you again next week, we still have to work out some issues with you. Harry is definitely NOT in love with you. I will see you same time next week! Have a great after noon." Harry Potter rolled his eyes. Why oh why had he volunteered to be the student psychiatrist and counselor? He was going to have to shoot himself before he ever had another session with Draco Malfoy.

"Although he is quite cute. . ."


"What Draco? What are you doing here? Oh shit. . ."

The End

Author's Note: Meaningless fic, something fun to right, and got it done is breaking time, uhh. . . fifteen minutes? Cool, but you can tell I didn't take all that long to write it. Oh well. I like writing stuff, even if it's meaningless. Have fun!