Chapter 10: What Goes Around, Comes Around

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As we left off, Link was throwing a tantrum over Young Link's disappearance. The question you should be asking is, what could Aganhim and the others be planning for Young Link?

"What are you going to do to me?" Young Link asked as he struggled to get free from the rope.

"Quiet, child! I won't harm you in any way. But, I will make sure that Link gets what's coming to him." Aganhim explained.

"Don't you even dare!"

"I won't do anything to him, but you will! You see, I have the power to control minds. If I control your mind, I can do whatever I want you to do. So, what I want you to do is destroy Link. And that should be an easy task for you. Because Link knows that if he fights back and kills you, he'd also be killing himself!" Aganhim explained.

"Link's not that stupid! He wouldn't fight back.....would he?" He asked himself.

"Of course he would, actually none of you have a choice. If you manage to kill Link then you would also manage to kill yourself! So then my plans won't get foiled."

"But what about Marth? He's also part of this mess? Why didn't you capture him?" He asked.

"Marth....I know very little of him. But I do know that he is a betrayed prince of Altea he isn't from this he?" Aganhim asked as he circled the young child.

"I'm not telling you anything! You freak!" Young Link remarked.

"Hn.....maybe I should get this over with. You are becoming a pest." And with that Aganhim put his hand over Young Link's head. His eyes turned a full dark green, and before you knew it, he was controlled by the evil wizard. "Now your first task is to eliminate Link, do it and I shall spare your life."

"Yes, my master." Link said with a dull look on his face. He took out his light arrows.

"Good. Now I will open the portal to the Light world. And before you leave, I just want to say one thing. Don't let anyone get in your way, if anyone dares then eliminate them. Do I make myself clear?" He said.

"Yes master......."

"Then you know who to go after?"

"The one called Link."

"Exactly, you should do fine. Now go on and be quick."

And with that Aganhim opened a portal to the Light World and watched as Young Link went through it.

Back with the gang......

"I can't believe he's think he doesn't like me? Maybe he hates my guts. I mean, I have been a little mean to the kid." Link thought.

"Link? Are you talking to yourself?" Zelda asked.

"Ugh. No Zelda I'm not, I was talking to you." Link explained.

"I think this is all your fault that little Link is gone. He was so adorable!" Zelda thought.

"What....about me?"

"Link?" Y. Link called out.

"Hm? Hey! I found him! Zelda he's over here!" Link shouted. "Hmph! You got us all worried you moron!"

"I must eliminate you. Take this! (Pulls out light arrows and shoots them at Link)"

Link quickly dodged all three of them.

"Whoa! What the heck is your problem? What's wrong with you?" Link asked.

"That must be it! He's been brain washed! Link, you've got to snap him out of it." Marth warned.

"Hm....brain wash huh? I can deal with that. Hey, you little brat! Get over here!" Link called.

"Huh? Die!" Young Link took out his boomerang and threw it towards Link. Luckily he dodged it, by jumping on the nearest tree branch.

"You can stop attacking now! You're not gonna get me from up here." Link said.

"Urgh! I can try again then!" Young Link once again threw his boomerang, but missed Link again.

"That was poor aim. (Crack) Huh?"

Young Link purposely used the boomerang to hit the branch, making Link crash right into the ground.

"That was smart.....maybe you're not so stupid after all." Link remarked.

Young Link then took out his light arrows.

"Oh great, now I'm gong to have trouble dodging all your attacks. Listen. If you want to kill me then just come over here and get it over with." Link said.

"Are you crazy, Link?" Zelda shouted.

"Sh! Quiet, he has a plan. I know that stupid look anywhere." Marth explained.

"You think I didn't here that?! When this is over.....all right, I'm ready to be killed." Link said. "But first, can I tell you something?" Link asked.

"Hm? (Walks up to him)"

"(Whispers) Graveyard." Link smiled.

"(Eyes widen) AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Young Link started running around in circles.

"^_^ Haha! He's back to normal. HEY! I WAS JUST KDDING! Moron........" Link said.

"Huh? (Looks at Link) I wasn't scared......I was just testing my voice out, that's all." Young Link fibbed.

"Uh-huh. Right, I believe you." Link smiled again.

End of chapter

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