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Chapter One: A Road Taken (yes I know its not the right title… I had to memorize this poem so I think I know the title…)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

(Robert Frost)


A voice was heard from far away, but the teenage girl decided to ignore it. Besides, whatever that person had to say couldn't be as important as the TV show she was watching at that moment: Stargate SG-1. The girl's name was Kirsten and she was no fool's fool.

Her older sister had shown her this show a while back during the summer break. The moment her eyes laid on Daniel Jackson, she knew it was the best show ever. Of all time. Sure she was obsessive, but she didn't have enough money to purchase the soon to be obsolete DVDs of the TV show. In fact, she had already spoken to her mother and father about raising money. Her father had told her that if she mowed the lawn, she'd get ten bucks.

" Oh no! The lawn!" She tried to jump off the couch, but failed tripping over her own shoe laces to some how and fell face flat on the carpet of the living room.

" KIRSTEN!" Her father screamed for the last time.

" I'M ON IT!" Kirsten managed to mumble through the slightly shaggy carpet.

Using her arms, Kirsten pushed herself to a standing position and sprinted to her room upstairs to change really fast. The first pieces of clothing that came into view was a baggy blue shirt and a pair of boxers that had nautical print on it. She took her clothes off faster than a Las Vegas stripper and unlike a stripper, but clothes back on just as fast.

She raced back down the stairs using the banister for reassurance and flew outside. Her father stood there in all of his hairy, shirtless glory. Kirsten's left eye twitched, she wasn't going to forget this sight any time soon. Without saying anything else he simply pointed to the lawn mower and left the front yard to finish picking weeds. She sighed in frustration.

" How come I have to mow the lawn when I can be watching Stargate!" Her mind clicked," Oh yea! It is for Stargate!" She happily moved the lawn mower to the edge of the grass. Just as her slender fingers grazed the pull on the mower, a sound clicked in the air.

" What the—" the sound seemed to be coming from under the ground.


" I know that from somewhere…" she started walking slowly around the lawn, checking the solidarity of the ground while listening.


Something clicked this time in her mind and it screamed in realization." It sounds like a Stargate!"


Her movements grew frantic, and she soon resorted to crawling on the ground. Like a dog on all fours Kirsten, scrambled around trying to find the source of the sound.


Kirsten turned her head to the left, bringing the right ear so close to the top of the shaggy grass that it tickled. She didn't care, it was a Stargate activating and she had to find out where it was coming from. Kirsten knew right off the bat that it was no recording. The sound was too crisp to be a recorded clip.


Sweat rolled off her forehead as the frantic teenager continued the degrading crawling on all fours. But, the sound was getting closer. When she finally found the source of the sound, the girl stopped moving and quickly realized that she had arrived to the middle of the backyard.


She didn't care if her fingernails ripped off; the girl had to find where it was coming from. What if she really did have a Stargate in her backyard? All she hit was dirt and more dirt. Occasionally a rock would unearth, but she'd just toss it away like it was nothing and continue the frantic and almost maniac clawing of the terra firma. She then realized that the last sound was the sixth chevron encoding. The next one would open the wormhole.


All movements ceased. Even her breathing had stopped to see what would happen. When nothing happened for only a few seconds, Kirsten let go of an aching breath and the world left her.


" What in blazes is going on? SG-13 isn't suppose to come back for another two days!" Hammond charged into the dialing room being his usual self.

And as usual as that was, Jack being right behind him was just as normal. Walter's eyes grew to three times bigger than normal. He read the screen and read it a second time even though the text hadn't changed.

" Sir, its Earth's signal. Someone is dialing to Earth… from Earth." Hammond sighed. Before he gave another order, the rest of the gang ushered into the dialing room and stood right next to their Colonel.

" Sirs, what's going on?" Daniel fought to roll his eyes. Sam always beat him to the punch.

" Seems like we have a visitor from a far off land." Jack, of course, jested.

" Where, Sir?"

" Earth."

" What?" Daniel exclaimed.

While the team had been chatting pleasantly, Hammond gave the order to open the iris. The team turned to the familiar sound and waited for something to happen. A few seconds went by, but nothing passed through the standing water. The General opened his mouth to tell Walter to cut the connection, but something fell though. Right when Hammond figured out that the thing was a human person; he called for Dr. Fraiser.

She had taken a rough fall through the very top of the Stargate and fell straight to the metal walkway, falling square on her right shoulder, dislocating it. The medical team rushed into the room and Dr. Fraiser slowly crept towards the girl unsure of her next move. A soft moan moved past her lips and the girl sat up with the unnoticed help of just one arm. Dr. Fraiser ventured two more steps, adrenaline in her veins; soon she was in the 'fight or flight' mode.

The strange girl slowly rolled into complete consciousness and the wild curly mess that was her hair got pulled behind an ear by her left hand. Her eyes still hazy, the teenage looking girl locked eyes with Dr. Fraiser. It took a second, but soon her brain rebooted and she knew who she was looking at.

" Ah!" Was all that came out of her mouth. In a frantic motion, the girl scooted back to where the metal walkway flattened out.

" Ssh its okay. I'm only here to help you." Dr. Fraiser tried to calm her down, but whatever was going through this girl's mind, it was almost overloading. Dr. Fraiser's heel made a clicking noise on the metal as she took just one more step.

" Stay back!" The frantic girl finally looked past the doctor and into the second story room with a clear glass window." No… no this can't be! This isn't real! NO NO NO!" When her left hand found the side of her face, she finally noticed that another one was missing. Her eyes slowly traveled from the familiar people to her limp, dead-like looking right arm.

" I need to see your arm. It needs to be fixed!" Dr. Fraiser encouraged.

The girl desperately tried to move it, and it only added to her frantic state. The Doctor ventured one more step.

" Stay back! I know who you are! All of you!" She warned, her blue eyes darkening.

" What?" Fraiser asked, not really understanding what this girl was talking about.

" Your name is Janet Fraiser." She pointed a finger at her accusingly like a mother scolding a child. It then moved to point at the people in the upper room," your name is General George Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c the Jaffa!" Silence filled the air; even Jack was at a loss for words. The pointing finger began to shake and the girl fainted from exhaustion and her brain overloading.

" Move in!" Dr. Fraiser ordered and two other doctors helped carry the girl down the ramp and onto a gurney, which was now heading to the medical room.


Right after Janet made the call that the girl was in stable condition, Hammond and the SG-1 team sat down in the conference room to decide what they were going to do now. As usual, Hammond sat at the head of the table and sat there staring at the rest of the team.

" So…" Jack started, being one who never did like silence.

" So what are we going to do?" Hammond asked being open for suggestions.

" I say we question her." The Colonel said the first thing that came into mind.

" I agree." Sam added.

" Agreed." Hammond, at this point, didn't care what two non-military thought of a military situation.

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The team assembled in the medical room where the girl was located. Even though she was asleep, she was still giving them answers. Like, where she was from, and if she really was human or an alien transformed. Janet took a blood sample and said that everything was normal. Even brain scans and body scans told the team and Janet that this girl was indeed human. Jack, on the other hand, wasn't convinced.

They had been fooled before and this could be a trick by the gou'ald. The hung out in the room with the sleeping 'beauty' for an hour until she awoke. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and with the use of both of her arms (Dr. Fraiser pushed her arm back in her socket while she was asleep) she sat up. Groggily, the girl yawned and blinked a few times… and then it hit.

" What the?" Her eyes searched the room.

" What's wrong?" Sam asked innocently.

" This… all of this! None of this is true… real, true, whatever!" Her head tilted down a bit and she started to mumble all possibilities of how she got here in this bed in the medical bed deep below the ground.

" Hello…" she didn't pay attention to Jack," hello! Hey look here!" Her head snapped up.

" Yes, Colonel?" She sounded oddly polite.

" Let's start with an easy question. What's your name?"

" Kirsten…Kirsten…Kirsten?" Her head titled this time to the side in question of her own answer.

" Kirsten… what's your last name?" Daniel asked quietly for she seemed to be in deep thought at that point. A strange smile crept onto her face like a sneaky cat.

" I don't remember!" The team gave each other strange looks as well.

" Well, can you tell us where you're from?" Sam tried.

" Earth." It was starting to scare her as much as the team. Maybe she was carrying the fate of the Earth… but she just couldn't remember. Maybe she knew something that would assist them in the fight with the gou'ald.

" Yes, we know that!" Jack exclaimed. They were getting nowhere fast, and Jack was getting very frustrated.

" Well, I'm sorry Jonathon! Er…" Kirsten trailed off. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

" Jonathon?" Sam asked while turned her head to look at the colonel. She had always thought that because everyone called him 'Jack' that his name was Jack.

" How do you get 'Jack' from 'Jonathon'?" Daniel looked at the Colonel as well.

" That's not the point! The point is that she knows this and she isn't suppose to."

" I can't remember a bunch of things come to think of it… heh… come to think of it…" she chuckled at her own joke.

" Tell us what you do remember." Daniel asked once again, but even softer this time. Who knows what kind of psychological damage this is doing to her?

" Okay… I remember my name, that I'm from Earth, and that all of this isn't real." The strange thing is that she sounded proud of herself that she remembered those three things.

" Why do you keep repeating that?" Jack asked still a bit frustrated.

" Because, from my world, or dimension, this is all a TV show on a science fiction channel. I think I was pretty obsessed with it and watched it all the time."

" So what you're trying to tell us is that…" Jack trailed off.

" Is that I know what has happened and what is going to happen." Silence. Jack singled with his hands for the team to follow him out the room for a little team meeting.

" What do you think, team?" He whispered to the others.

" I think she's telling us the truth." Daniel said automatically. With a confused look, Jack, Sam and Teal'c turned their heads at him.

" I agree with Daniel Jackson." Teal's spoke with confidence.

" Alright, I say more testing is in order." Sam nodded to the Colonel.

When they walked back into the room, they found Kirsten poking her IV bag with a queer interest. She looked up to see Jack stand at the head of her bed and the other three formed around him. Kirsten, getting more nervous by the moment, gave a small smile. When Jack didn't return it she knew he was here on a serious matter.

" Alright, since you seem to know everything, I'm going to ask you a few more questions." Kirsten nodded." So, what do the symbols on the Stargate mean?"

" They're star constellations. The first six symbols lead you through the galaxy and the last one is like the origin, the symbol that looks like a pyramid with a circle on the top." No one said anything.

" How did Daniel discover how to use the Stargate?"

" He was first contacted by an elderly lady who took him in after Dr. Jackson had made a fool of himself in front of the whole archeological community by saying the pyramids were made by aliens. She took him to the secret base under Cheyenne Mountain. From there, Dr. Jackson tried to decipher the symbols into ancient Egyptian text, but that didn't work. When he got up to get some coffee, a guard was reading the news paper and he saw a star constellation that resembled one on the Stargate. From there, he could figure out the rest in the sky." Kirsten sat there, with her arms nicely folded on her lap with a serene look on her face like all of this information she just spewed out wasn't a big deal at all.

" Okay…" Jack trailed off not really expecting her to get the real answer," I think that's it for now. We'll talk more tomorrow." For one second, Kirsten looked disappointed that they were leaving her.

She did not like to be alone. The echoing click of the door closing made Kirsten realize that she was stuck here. She was stuck here with no memory but a stupid TV show. No friends, no family.

She was alone.



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