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Daniel sat, staring, watching, and waiting. After the confusion and surprise in the briefing room, Kirsten was in the infirmary, still unconscious. It had scared them all, but Teal'c the most. Teal'c and the rest of the SG-1 team considered themselves family to Kirsten despite little to no relation of her blood.

There was a short field assignment the team had to leave on, but Daniel opted to stay behind. He told them a linguist was not needed and he wanted to stay with Kirsten incase anything should happen. Jack agreed and promised that the three would return in an hour and a half or so.

That was an hour ago.

The linguist sighed and began to look around the room. The beeps and clicks of the machinery hooked up to Kirsten reminded Daniel that even though she was barely moving, she was still alive. Copious amounts of tubing ran in and out of Kirsten to sustain her life. It was a relief to know that she didn't need oxygen pumped into her lungs, but that didn't ease the storm of feelings that raged inside of Daniel.

Still searching the room, not wanting to stare at Kirsten like she was an amusement at a carnival or a circus, his eyes soon fell upon a certain book: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. With eyebrow raised, Daniel reached for the book and turned to a random page.


"Crawling at your feet," said the Gnat (Alice drew her feet back in some alarm),"you may observe a Bread-and-butter-fly. Its wings are thin slices of bread-and-butter, its body is a crust, and its head is a lump of sugar."

"And what does it live on?"

"Weak tea with cream in it."

A new difficulty came into Alice's head." Supposing it couldn't find any?" she suggested.

"Then it would die, of course."

"But that must happen very often," Alice remarked thoughtfully.

"It always happens," said the Gnat.

After this, Alice was silent for a minute or two, pondering. The Gnat amused itself meanwhile by humming round and round her head: at last it settled again and remarked," I suppose you don't want to lose your name?"

"No, indeed," Alice said, a little anxiously.

"And yet I don't know," the Gnat went on in a careless tone:" only think how convenient it would be if you could manage to go home without it! For instance, if the governess wanted to call you to your lessons, she would call out 'Come here---,' and there she would have to leave off, because there wouldn't be any name for her to call, and of course you wouldn't have to go, you know."

"That would never do, I'm sure," said Alice:" the governess would never think of excusing my lessons for that. If she couldn't remember my name, she'd call me 'Miss,' as the servants do."

"Well, if she said 'Miss,' and didn't say anything more, "the Gnat remarked," of course you'd miss your lessons. That's a joke. I wish you had made it."

"Why do you wish I had made it?" Alice asked. "It's a very bad one."

But the Gnat only sighed deeply, while two large tears came rolling down its cheeks.

"You shouldn't made jokes," Alice said," if it makes you so unhappy."

Then came another of those melancholy little sighs, and this time the poor Gnat really seemed to have sighed itself away, for, when Alice looked yup, there was nothing whatever to be seen on the twig, and, as she was getting quite chill with sitting still so long, she got up and walked on.


As Daniel took a deep breath to continue reading, he noticed the heart monitor suddenly beeping at an exponential rate.


It wasn't her heard that was the problem; it was Kirsten's temperature.

"JANET!" Daniel screamed. It took a second, but Daniel soon realized that Janet was not there. She was speaking with General Hammond about Kirsten's condition with all of her nurses.

"Shit!" He cursed.

Kirsten's flushed face began to twitch, and she moved around under the hospital sheets, not liking the sudden discomfort her high temperature caused. Daniel dropped the book and pounded the emergency button. Next, without missing a beat, he carefully pulled out all the tubes that were in Kirsten's arms.

Reacting to the sudden loss of a patient, the machines beeped at full speed. He ignored the exasperating machines and ripped the blankets from Kirsten's hospital-gowned figure. Slipping one arm under her should and another under her knees, the archaeologist picked the sick girl up and raced to the infirmary's showers.


Janet sat with her team of nurses, explaining the sudden illness Kirsten had caught and was not showing signs of.

"I've ran a list of tests, and I still can't find anything wrong with Kirsten." Janet sighed; she knew Hammond wasn't going to be happy about that. One of the reasons he had accepted Janet's application was because she knew medical treatment and diagnosis like the back of her hand.

"Can you at least explain why she bled through the mouth?" Hammed asked trying to dig out any kind of information.

"Well, I can only guess that he body was trying to push some kind of unknown, foreign object or objects from her body."

"Can you find out what that was?" The General leaned in, trying to think with Janet, despite his knowledge of medical treatment and diagnosis was severely lacking.

"I can run more tests that can help us determine if it's a viral or bacterial infection. Who knows, this all might be something Bastet done on accident… or on purpose. We won't know until a test tells us, or someone asks Bastet."

"Do you know of a way to ask her?"

"No, I'm afraid not." Janet admitted.

"What about---"


Red lights flash in Hammond's office, followed by the ringing of his red phone.

"What the hell is going on?!"

"Sir! It's the infirmary!" Someone told him from the other side.

Hammond looked up without a word, and Dr. Fraiser instantly knew: Kirsten.

"They're on the way!" Hammond hung up without a moment to spare and Janet, with her team of nurses, sprinted from the room to the nearest elevator.

Hammond was left in his room, rubbing his lustrous bald head while pondering the enigma known as Kirsten.


Janet and her team raced into the infirmary to find the machines wailing, but no Kirsten.

"KIRSTEN!" Janet called out thinking that the stupid girl deemed herself healthy and decided to waltz on out.

"WE'RE IN HERE!" A distinctly male voice called out.

"Quick, the showers!" Janet called her nurses. The medical team sprinted into the showers to find something quite odd.

Daniel sat on the floor under the head of a shower, with Kirsten placed in his lap. The water was ice cold and pounded their bodies on full blast. Daniel looked up, with an unreadable look on his face. Everything seemed to stand still as Janet and her team looked on, not believing their eyes.

"Daniel…" Janet whispered. Suddenly, as though the sound of Dr. Fraiser's voice turned a switch, a look of fear crossed Daniel's face.

"Help her!" he begged.

The nurses flooded around Daniel just after the water was turned off. Two nurses picked Kirsten up while another checked her pulse. They quickly left. Daniel sat still on the ground, breathing erratic and clothes completely drenched. His body shivered from the shock of what had just happened and the frigid water. Janet stood and watched him a second more before turning to assist the nurses. Finally realizing that help had arrived, Daniel's body went limp and his soaked head smacked against the tile with an echoing 'splat'.

"Kirsten…" He whispered.


The Stargate whooshed open in its usual flare of blue light. The trio calmly walked down the ramp and noticed that everything was just how they had left it. Well, save for one thing.

"Hey… Walter! Where's Hammond? I want my welcome home hug and kiss, come on!" Jack called out.

Walter stumbled with the mic before turning it on. "Jack, Hammond's in the infirmary. It's Kirsten." The smiles dropped off their faces.

"What?!" Carter couldn't believe it.

"Hey, I know as much as you guys do. You better hurry down there." Walter called back.

It took a mere fifteen minutes for the team to completely de-gear before making it to the infirmary a few floors down. Jack, Teal'c, and Sam charged their way through people after exiting the elevator.

"Excuse me… yea, I'm sorry! Move!" Jack screamed to get people to move out of the way. Despite the fact that the elevator was only several feet from the infirmary, the three made it to the door out of breath, hearts beating faster and faster.

All three stopped dead at the door to gaze upon the aftermath of the mess. Daniel looked up from the chair at Kirsten's bedside. His glasses were missing and his hair looked exactly like he felt: crap.

"Daniel…" Jack whispered.

The linguist stood at the mention on his name and met Jack halfway but Daniel didn't know why he got up. Maybe it was because he did not know what to say to back… the poor man felt like he had failed; he promised Jack, the team… he promised.

"Daniel… what happened?" Jack asked in an unusually calm tone. Daniel's head swayed to the right, fearing direct eye contact. A warm sensation flooded from the archaeologist's shoulders as he realized that Jack had a firm grasp on them. He wasn't mad…

"Jack… she… the machines… and… I don't know…" it was hard to find the right words. Janet turned around to face Jack and the team.

"You might want to sit down for this." Janet admitted mournfully.


"So… lemme get this straight. You don't know if it's bacteria, or a virus. You think it might be more like a bacteria because of her temperature. But, you still don't know what it is or how to treat her. The anger of Jack's voice struck Janet like a six-headed whip

"Yes, that's exactly it." Janet admitted defeat. Jack only sighed.

"Do you… do you think this might be Bastet's doing? I mean, we did separate Kirsten from her. Theoretically, she might be doing something." Sam suggested not really knowing what else might explain Kirsten's sudden illness.

"I don't know… the possibility of Bastet being able to use her powers like that remotely seems slim to none." All eyes turned to Daniel.

"Well, what I mean is from scriptures I've read, Bastet did have some sort of scepter that she kept on her person at all times. This staff might be the same thing; however, her powers were and are not without limits."

Silence swept over the group like a soft spring breeze. It was soft, but still stifling. No one knew what to do, including Janet which scared them all the most. She was the resident expert, and if her, along with her highly trained nurses, couldn't figure out something soon… well, they didn't want to think about it.

A running nurse disrupted the stillness. She stopped abruptly in front of Janet and handed her some freshly printed paper. Janet's expert eyes skipped the information she already knew and looked for the numbers that had changed.

She dropped the papers.

"Her… Kirsten's organs… t-they're failing." The realization hit like a ton of bricks.

As if Kirsten had heard Janet speak those grave words, she began to stir.

"Mmmph…" She whispered.

"Sister!" Teal'c ran to her side. Kirsten's eyes began to open slowly and her arms and legs moved under the blankets.

"Mmmph!" She tried to say something again. Kirsten's mouth seemed to be failing along with the rest of her body.

"Has Bastet done this to you? How do we fix this?!" The blonde scientist cried out, desperate to fix the teenager's failing body. However, much to all of their astonishment, Kirsten reached out, trying to grasp something, even her eyes were fixated on the object.

She was reaching for the staff.

"No! That might overload her system!" Janet scolded Jack just as he reached for the staff. It was placed on a metal tray at the foot of Kirsten's bed. The sick girl reached further and raised her hand, frantic to get the staff in hand.

"No!" Dr. Fraiser pushed Kirsten's arm back down to her side. Despite the female doctor's best efforts to prevent Kirsten's possession of the staff, her impediment induced more struggling, which caused her already stressed heart to pump faster. "Please! Kirsten! You have to stop! You're very sick!!!" Janet tried to reach the girl verbally, but it was to no avail.

In one swift movement, Kirsten turned her head to stare directly at Janet. Her eyes looked blank, as if all of her movements were not her doing. It was like a puppet master was controlling her. That very look caused Janet to lose her train of thought and release the teenager's hand momentarily. Immediately, her arms elevated themselves, reached for the staff. The SG-1 team stood, read for something drastic to happen.

Miraculously, the staff began to slowly vibrate on the metal tray. The room stopped read as the staff began to bounce from end to end, simulating the exact sound of a trilling triangle. Kirsten's brow furrowed from the sudden concentration and her heart began to pump furiously, trying to keep blood flow to her brain.

"STOP!" The female doctor was forced to scream.

Suddenly, Kirsten's back arched as her heart went into arrest. All body moments ceased and all went still for one fleeting moment. Nurses abruptly scurried around the girl in an instant, reaching and grabbing. A defibrillator was wheeled to Janet and she rubbed the paddles together. Sam looked on, not believing what was happening. She was healthy. She was a healthy teenager that had a curse unwillingly bestowed upon her. She was healthy… healthy…

Just at the last second before Janet could press the charged paddles into Kirsten's chest, Sam reached for the staff and placed it into Kirsten's right hand. Just when she thought she had cured Kirsten, an explosion of dark purple light erupted from the girl's body. It was if a flash bomb had been detonated, and all backed away while shielding their eyes from the intense purple light.

As the light languidly died out, SG-1, Janet, and her nurses were met with a most peculiar sight. Kirsten was sitting upright in her bed, as if her body had been instantly healed. When the light finally dissipated, Daniel finally spoke.

"Kirsten?" she tilted her head slightly to the side like a confused puppy and smiled almost venomously.

She sighed, "And here I thought you were the smart one, Daniel." It was as if Kirsten was the mother and she was scolding her young, two year old child.

"Bastet?" Jack tried. Kirsten smiled very sincerely.

"See, I knew you were smarter than you let on." Something clicked in Jack's mind and it all made sense. He angrily rushed forward and almost shook Kirsten's body for all its worth.

"Damnit! Just what the hell did you do to her? Huh?"

"Now, now Jack, you wouldn't want to hurt Kirsten… again, now would you?" This time, the smile seemed more presumptuous and smug.

Kirsten, or Bastet rather, folded her hands neatly in her lap along with the staff. Everyone in the room was lost for words. At first glance, one would assume that it was Kirsten, but her body movements and facial expressions were definitely off. The girl held her head high, as if she were a billion times more important than all of them combined.

Bastet had taken over Kirsten's body.

"This, being ironic, because you call yourselves her friends. You first took all of Kirsten's memories and tried to erase them and then you put her in a situation where she clearly did not fit in. Then, when someone else tried to take her, you snatched her back like a greedy child not wanting to share his toy. Please stop me if any of this doesn't seem familiar." The egotistical sound of Bastet's voice coming from Kirsten was enough to make everyone sick.

"I'll ask again, what did you do to her?" The colonel asked through gritted teeth. Bastet had the galls to laugh before answering,

"Me? What did I do to her? Oh that's laughable. I did nothing. You hurt her. You hurt Kirsten, again, I might add." Jack took a step back as Bastet's words lashed his body.

"Let me explain, seeing that all of you are too stupid to put two and two together. You see, liquid naquada powers not only my staff, but Kirsten's transformations as well. It takes three times the energy to power the Stargate once compared to the energy it takes to power Kirsten's transformations. However, I have the unique ability to manufacture my own liquid naquada in my very staff. Like a battery, if you will. As I have stated before, it takes a substantial amount of power for Kirsten to keep her transformations. So, I got the idea to start storing some of that liquid naquada in Kirsten, just in case we ever get separated. For you see, if I ran out of liquid naquada, and Kirsten wished to stay in a transformed state, her life force would be depleted in a matter of minutes."

The looks on each individual's face was priceless to Bastet.

"So, it was actually your fault she became sick. I was helping her body adjust to a foreign object in her body. Then you humans got the bright idea to separate us."

"So… you've essentially turned Kirsten into a battery, like your staff." Sam couldn't believe this. She couldn't believe the lies that flew out of that gou'ald's mouth. Again, Bastet tilted Kirsten's head, pondering the previous statement.

"Yes, you could say that." Bastet admitted all too nonchalantly.

"You bitch!" Daniel screamed. A full blown laugh erupted from Bastet's mouth. The very sound sent chills down every spine in the room.

"Aw, Daniel, I don't think Kirsten would appreciate that. She wouldn't appreciate any of this shit you humans have done to her if she would just listen to me. You have no idea what kind of power she has, what she's capable of." Bastet paused for a dramatic effect.

"Well, before I go back into the recesses of Kirsten's mind, I would like to point out that Kirsten can now sustain transformations without my mental assistance for an extended period of time. Also, she can further her transformations by herself now that she has the mental power to," still more silence. "I hope you all have enjoyed this heart to heart. I suggest you take your level of abuse to Kirsten a bit lower before I am forced to take over again and take things into my own hands… or claws rather."

Her eyes closed, Kirsten's body then glowed a deep purple before her body went lax, and then she began to fall backwards. The team was relieved to see Kirsten back into control, however the second she made contact with the pillow, Kirsten shot up again, her breathing already accelerated.

"Kirsten!" Sam called out.

It was no use; she wasn't listening. Kirsten looked about the room trying to figure out how and why she had gotten there. As her breathing escalated to hyperventilation, tears rolled down her flushed cheeks.

"S-sorry…sorry…so…s…sorry…" she managed to pant out while trying to get enough oxygen to her lungs. With sympathetic eyes, Janet slowly pushed Kirsten down to the bed. With wide eyes, Kirsten gazed upon the doctor that was touching her.

With a sad smile, Janet spoke, "Ssh, it's okay Kirsten. It wasn't your fault, just calm down." While Janet calmed the teenager, a nurse handed her a shot of sedative. Kirsten was out in seconds.

As the girl passed out, the tension and anger in the room depleted within moments.


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