Rose Bouquet

By: spikebuffyfan

Disclaimer: All I own are trading cards. Joss owns the characters.

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Summery: AU Buffy and Spike fell in love and got married when they were in highschool. College came and destroyed their marriage. 5 years later can Spike make her fall in love with him once again or will he lose her forever to the guy he hates most: Angel.

Pairings: X/C W/O B/S and a little B/A

A/N: I know I need to work on Rodeo but right now I have writers' block. ' =thought * = flashback

Buffy Anne Summers was sitting at her desk in at the newspaper company she worked at in Sacramento. She was working on her advise column when a guy she worked with came up and started talking to her. Alexander Harris had kind of black hair and worked on the comics for the newspaper. They had been friends since highschool when she 'No don't think about that, Buffy.'she reminded herself.

"Hey Buff. What's up?"Xander said.

"Nothing much, Xand. Just trying to come up with solutions to other people's problems."She kindly answered him while still typing.

"Hey wait a minute what's that there on your finger?"he asked.

Then she blushed and whispered "Angel asked me to marry him."


"Angel asked me to marry him."

"Buff I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?" She was starting to get mad.

"Because Buffy he is a big huge liar. I've seen him when he's not with you. He's totally different."

"Xander don't you need to finish the comics section?"she asked him.

"Yeah I do. You know I still talk to you-know-who right."He answered.

"Yes. Please don't tell him Xand."

"Sorry but I don't think he'd like it if I lied to him."with that said he turned to go back to his desk.

"Great."She mumbled and went back to her work.


He was walking the hall. He didn't really want to be there. Then all of a sudden. BAM.

"Sorry I didn't see . . . "the person said.

"It's ok, luv. Where ya headed so fast?"he answered as he helped her pick up her books.

"History class. If I get there late one more time, I'll be sent to Snyder's office."The girl said.

'She looks gorgeous. Don't go there, Spike. Look what happened last time.'He thought

"That's just where I was headed. Do ya mind if I tag along?"he asked her.

"No by the way what's your name?"she asked him as they started walking.

"My friends call me Spike. What's your name, pet?"Spike said.

"Mine's Buffy."she said.

*End Flashback*