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Chapter 10

*How could this happen.*Buffy thought.*It was just once.*

She was sitting in the bathroom staring at the stick she had in her hand.

*Please no.*

3 months later

Spike was now trying to get over Buffy. He was now dating a girl Willow introduced him to by the name of April.

"Listen, pet."Spike told April,"I'm just goin' to get a drink. I'll be back. You just sit there, ok luv?"

"But I want to come with you, Spike."April told him smiling brightly.

"Just sit here for now."

"Ok."she said as he breathed a quiet sigh of relief and headed to the bar. When he got there he sat down and order a shot of whiskey. It wasn't that he didn't like April it was just every now and then she got a bit too possessive and just plain annoying. Spike decided to sneak out of the Bronze and go back to his apartment.

While everything was quiet where Spike was in Sunnydale everything wasn't in Sacramento. Today was Buffy and Angel's wedding. Buffy had told Willow about what happened with Spike before they left. She thought that she should tell him but Buffy wouldn't listen. Buffy hadn't told Angel about what happened between her and Spike nor the baby she was now carrying. Now they were standing in front of their family and friends at the little church Angel picked to have the wedding at.

"If there is anyone here who does not see fit that these two people should be joined together speak now or forever hold your peace."the minister said.

Just then a woman came in holding a sleeping child and said,"I do."

When Angel heard her, he choked. "Eve what are you doing here?"he asked and Buffy gasped. One because she was surprised and two because it didn't hurt much.

Eve turned to Buffy and said, "I guess you didn't know he had a one year old son, huh."

Buffy took one last look at Angel and ran out of the church ignoring his calls to come back.

About three hours later Spike heard a knock on his apartment door and went to open it. When he did he got the shock of his life. Right outside was Buffy.

"Can I come in?"she asked him.

"Of course luv."Spike said and let her come in.

Spike let Buffy change as he fixed some hot chocolate. When she came back in he asked

her,"What happened?"

"He has another girlfriend and a kid."Buffy told him sipping the hot chocolate he gave her.

"Oh. Sorry to here that,."Spike told her even though he was jumping for joy on the inside.

Buffy fiddled with the cup before she asked him,"Do you mind if I stay here for a little while?"

"Of course not."he told her.

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