Title: Stormy Waters

Author: No Tears

Pairing: Will/Others, Will/Barbossa, Will/Jack

Warning: First of all, MAJOR SPOILER WARNINGS FOR THE MOVIE!!! Got that? So if you haven't seen the movie and don't want anything about it given to you before you see it, don't read. Second of all, this is AU, because let's face it, Jack and Will would never get together like that. But we can dream, can't we? Slash, but I'm sure you already knew that. Also warnings for a fair amount of Will abuse and rape, but I don't know how graphic I'll get with that. It probably won't be that graphic at all, because I'm not sure I can write a rape scene like that. But it will be DEFINITE NON-CON!! Well, SOMEONE had to jump into this bandwagon. You know you'll be seeing more of these types of fics eventually.

Author's Notes: I've only seen the movie once so far, so forgive me if I get anything wrong about it! Also, this won't be just plain sex. I couldn't possibly write just sex, and I plan to have a plot, thankyouverymuch.

Rating: R. May go up to NC-17. Not sure, yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Obviously.

Summary: (Might be considered a spoiler for the movie, too.) What if Barbossa knew that it would only take a small amount of blood to break the curse? What if he did not lose Will as a captive? What if he decided to take Will as his own lover after breaking the curse? (Yes, my summary sucks, I know.)

Part 1

The dank hull of the Black Pearl creaked and swayed as the ship steadily made its way back towards Isla de Muertes. The sun was fast setting, creating rays of blood red that cut across the sky and mingled with the cold white clouds. There was no sound on the deck, something unusual for the cursed crew. All had gone silent in anticipation that, after having their hopes risen and crashed at the escape of the Elizabeth girl, they would finally be able to lift the curse once and for all.

Captain Barbossa stood, surveying his crew and the bleeding horizon that lay before him. Jack the monkey was sitting on his shoulder, the small animal having also ceased its chattering in favor of looking out over the sea. With a small sigh that sounded more like a growl, Barbossa turned to the hatch behind him, the one that led to below deck, where he was currently holding the prisoners he had gained off of The Interceptor. Most of that ship was now laying at the bottom of the sea after its explosive end.

The door lifted with a creak, and he stepped onto the steps waiting under it. Surely the cabin below must have stunk like rotting corpses (and there had been quite a few down there in its history), but smell, like everything else, had been taken from him along with the gold medallions. He made a mental note to have a couple of the crew members come down here to clean later so that they wouldn't have to endure the stink after they got their senses back.

His eyes gazed around the cabin, catching sight of the two cages set on either side of it. The one to the left contained quite a few prisoners, stuffed inside so that they had very little room to move. All from The Interceptor, and all looking unfit to still be pirating, save for one feisty woman who had put up quite a fight upon being forced into the cell. They were all watching him warily, and he stood straight, enjoying the power he had over them and the look of fear that sprang onto their faces as he neared.

The cage across from them, one that stood to the right, only contained one prisoner. This one did not cringe back in fear as he came below deck. On the contrary, he did not appear afraid at all as he glared at Barbossa with hatred that seemed to light his eyes with the very fires of Hell. Dark chocolate hair fell in waves around his young, pretty face. Pretty, yes, but there was no doubt he could be lethal. Before seeing him, the boy had been pacing his cell, reminding Barbossa sorely of a large cat. A panther: strong, sleek, and graceful. A panther that would like nothing less than to rip him apart with its claws, to snap his neck with its teeth, and yet able to do nothing because he was helpless and captive on a ship filled with pirates who could not be hurt nor killed.

Barbossa smiled, his face sinister, as he came near the boy's cage. "Will Turner, is it?" he asked, coming to stand just outside of the bars, close enough so that the boy could reach through the bars and grab him if he wished. It was a clear dare, and one that Bootstrap Bill's son looked ready to take. He read the desire in the young man's eyes, and his smile widened as his eyebrows rose. "Go ahead, boy." he sneered. "Try and strangle the life out of a man who has no life in him. See where that gets you." Barbossa even bared his neck in invitation, the monkey on him switching shoulders as it watched the proceedings with curiosity.

Will bared his teeth in anger, making no move to attack the other as he himself stood near the bars, refusing to be cowed. Barbossa began to chuckle, and was cut off when Will spat in his face. The pirate looked surprised as he glanced down with a frown at the area below his neck where the saliva trailed down his skin. He scowled, then after a moment he gazed back up into the defiant eyes of his prisoner, then threw back his head and began to laugh loud and heartily.

"Good, boy! Good." he said as he regained himself and once more looked back at the young man. "It wouldn't be as fun if ya didn't have any fire in ya." Using the sleeve of his clothes, he wiped the spit off of his collarbone. He raised an eyebrow and smiled once more. "Of course, you realize, I felt that about as much as I'd feel a bullet tear through me gullet, so there really was no point to that, was there?" The monkey squeaked a few times, as if in agreement.

"It still made you angry." Will said, his voice low with hate. "You may not have felt it, but the feeling is not entirely what counts."

Barbossa's smiled faded away. The boy had made a point, and knew it. "Well boy, in case you hadn't notice, there's not much reason to make me angry, seein' as you're a prisoner here."

"A prisoner who's going to die as soon as we reach Isla des Muertes." Will growled.

"Yes," Barbossa said, the end of his lips turning up yet again, "and the curse'll be lifted from us, thanks to the blood you'll so graciously be givin'."

"Undead or not, you'll still be monsters." the younger man replied in a heated voice. "The scum of the earth."

At this, the monkey began to screech in rage and jump up and down on Captain Barbossa's shoulder. The Captain himself glared at the captive, his dark eyes angry. "Scum, is it?" he asked with a slight tilt of his head. "I'll be showin' ya scum soon enough, boy. Maybe sooner, seein' as you've got a little too much fire."

"Sir!" a deep voice called. Barbossa turned from Will to look up to find one of his burly crew members standing on deck above the open hatch. "We reach Isla de Muertes in a few hours."

"Good." Captain Barbossa said, his face looking pleased as he moved back to the stairs. He began walking back up to deck, but paused midway with a glance back at Will. "Bring Mr. Turner up to my cabin." he said to the other pirate, his eyes still locked on the boy's. "I'd like to have a talk with him before we reach our destination." Barbossa's gaze moved from the younger man as he continued up the stairs. When he was next to the other pirate, he placed a hand on the man's shoulder and leaned in to his ear.

"Oh, and, don't be too gentle with the lad."

Captain Barbossa patted the other man on the shoulder, then walked away to survey how the rest of his crew was doing. The muscle-framed crew member watched him go, smiling in pleasure. He cracked his knuckles, pleased with the sound, then turned and called a few of his mates over to help.