Title: Regnava nel Silenzio

Author: Gia

Rating: PG

Pairing: None

Time: AU

Summary: In a world that's unaware of the Orders' War, a student mage, Harry Potter, must warn the other Orders of the coming evil. Things don't go well when he runs into a student mage, Draco Malfoy, who engages a fencing duel with an inexperienced Harry. The road already begins with a hitch; how will the rest of the journey be?

Disclaimer: The story here is non-profit and for purely entertainment purposes; nor is it affiliated to Bloomsbury or any other publishers of Harry Potter. The characters belong to J.K. Rowling and the plot belongs to me.

Author's Notes: So how are you liking the story so far? I certainly am enjoying myself! XD A reviewer mentioned the italicized lines in the chapters, and I've decided to remove them. The chapters will definitely be longer now, so that should be a plus for you all! XD By the by, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The year's at the spring
And day's at the morn
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn:
God's in his heaven—
All's right with the world!

Regnava nel Silenzio

By Gia

Chapter Five: Hasty Kidnappings

Harry was enjoying all of his classes, the Order's castle never ceasing to amaze him. The structure of the castle and classes were a bit strange to Harry at first, but he soon got accustomed to it due to the fact that he was sharing it with others around his age. He learned about the 'Three Walls', which referred to the East, West, and South wall of the castle. The walls were each charmed with large windows that gave a view of the outside along with protection charms. They represented the three general subjects taught within the Order. Incantations for the East Wall, Potions for the South Wall, and the study of Magical Creatures for the West Wall.

The first two subjects were broken down into several sub-sections and classed the student mages by magical prowess and theory. Transfiguration and Defensive Magic were some of the sub-sections for Incantations, though students fondly nicknamed the class 'Cants'.

Potions dealt with four sub-sections: healing, defensive and offensive potions. The fourth sub-section was reserved for the procurement of ingredients needed for potion-brewing. This section, aptly nicknamed 'Herbology', only went into effect every three weeks for refilling. As for the first three, a rotation system is employed in which students practice on each section for three and a half months before going to the next section.

Finally, the study of Magical Creatures, which occupied the West Wall, had only two sub-sections. The first section involved the study of magical creatures that resided in the Forest alongside of the order. It was referred to as the 'Forbidden Forest' because a Professor Mage was to be present in all undertakings to go inside. The second section was spent on becoming familiar with both the magical creature's description and geographic location that were too distant from the Order.

If the oddly arrange subjects were a lot to take in, so was which house table to sit in…at least in Harry's opinion. When breakfast started, he still hadn't decided on which table to sit on. It came as a slight surprise to find that the seat he had sat in for the morning was unofficially labeled his own. Seamus and Dean were already sitting there, and Harry immediately felt grateful.

He hadn't spoken to any of the three mages he first met, though he remembered their names. 'Draco.. Ron.. Hermione..' Harry counted in his head. They never did show up to meet with him again. This particular arrangement wasn't necessarily a good thing, but Harry felt that any type of interaction with them would be strained. The last thing on his mind was to start anything when things were going so smoothly.

"Oi! Harry, what are you doing?"

Harry blinked, looking around at the faces turned towards him. "What?" he asked blankly.

"You've been cutting nothing on your plate for five minutes now. And I think you just drank my drink." Seamus pointed out easily.

Harry flushed, looking down at his hands. He was eating a tasty slice of chicken, but apparently he hadn't realized that he was done cutting and had already eaten everything on his plate. And as for Seamus' drink…

"Oh! Seamus, I'm sorry--"

"Forget it, it doesn't matter." Seamus waved his hand. "But I wouldn't make it a habit of trading spit with me."

Harry blanched.

A boy on Harry's other side laughed, bumping his shoulder against Harry so that he'd relax. Harry remembered his name as Terry Boot.

"Seamus always says interesting things like that," Terry said with a grin, "we never pay attention to any of it."


"Eh? D'you hear that Harry?" Terry cocked his head to the side. "I swear I heard something vaguely annoying, but I can't seem to… no, no, I can't make it out."

Harry laughed, turning his head to the side to wink at Seamus.

"Let's go, class will be starting soon."

Harry nodded at the girl who had come over to tell them, but he couldn't pin a name to the face. Dean must have seen Harry's silent question because as they were walking through the corridors, he fell in step with Harry. "She's George's girlfriend."

Harry turned his head to the side, "George?"

"Ron's brother."

Harry's expression darkened for a moment, but he quickly wiped it away before Dean could notice. He shouldn't base off other meetings with this George, even if he was Ron's brother.

"George and Fred, both twins, and both obviously Ron's brothers." Dean continued. "Pranksters and extremely talented with explosive magic. Blew up several classrooms last week, and rumor has it that they're planning on doing an entire floor in the Order."

Harry raised an eyebrow at the destruction described.

"It's not all that bad, really, the other professors are used to it. The two always put it back to the way it is so there's no harm done. But I swear they've had the most demerits and detentions known to man."

Anything more Dean was going to say quickly faded away as they approached the door to Harry's next class. As far as Harry could tell, they were heading south of this huge castle. There were random doors along the corridors they traveled, but Harry was well aware that the farther everyone walked, the more everything seemed to slop downward. Besides that, all Harry knew about the place they were heading to was that it was Potions and the Professor of the class was the same one he first met upon entering the Order.

The walls were dank and the lighting was poor. The downward descent ceased and leveled off. When the door opened, Harry was amazed by the sheer size of the room. Connected desks were situated in the center, perfectly aligned and parallel to each other. What amazed Harry; however, were the gigantic windows on the opposite wall. From Harry's spot, he could practically feel the protection wards weaved through the glass. A slight push from behind reminded him that he was blocking the way so he quickly headed towards a seat.

There was a distinct herbal odor permeating the wooden tables, but it was a scent that Harry didn't mind. No one in the class had time to converse with one another because another person had swept into the room. Harry realized quite quickly that this professor was not a cheery one. If it wasn't his cold expression, or his intimidating posture, or quite possibly the man's narrowed obsidian eyes that made the temperature in the Potion's room drop, then Harry was sure he was out of the loop.

"Today's lesson will involve brewing a confusion concoction."

Harry blinked at the velvety voice, finding it quite difficult to place that mellifluous tone to the menacing figure.

"Ingredients are to be known as this was supposed to have been covered in your summer reading. In this case, a wide array of ingredients has been laid out for you in several tables at the back of the room." He paused as he regarded the wary faces of his students. Whatever he was or was not searching for didn't matter because he nodded minutely in approval and bade them to prepare their potions.

Harry stood up quickly along with the other students and made his way to the back. Along side the wide back wall were several tables laden with ingredient and several, rather large, shelves that carried even more ingredients. Potions wasn't necessarily a strong point of Harry's, but he was decent at it. At the moment, his mind was racing with lessons that Peisinoë taught him. Fortunately, the ingredients were abundant so there was no problem in fighting over them. Harry was calmly picking his way through until he realized that he was standing next to a certain silver-haired boy.

Tensing minutely, Harry made no move to show that he had noticed him. The other acted similarly, nothing in his moves implying harm. Seeing this, Harry relaxed and realized that the incident must have been forgotten by the other boy. Harry felt annoyed at first but berated himself for the foolish thought. Sighing quietly, Harry made his way back to his desk and the provided cauldron and started on the potion.

The potions master, whose name Harry had yet to find out, had taken to walking down the aisles to check the progress of each students' potion. Harry felt a bit apprehensive at the man's approach, and not just because he was nervous in his potion making. The memory of meeting the man didn't fade over time. No doubt the man may be angry towards him for lashing out without thinking. A small part of him could understand that but that only made him feel worse.

Harry felt more than saw the man's stop at his side. He slowly sucked in his breath and mentally prepared himself for anything the man may say to him.


Footsteps faded away.

Harry sat in his seat desperately trying not to appear too gob smacked. He expected anger, sarcasm, anything—but indifference? Not wanting to curse his good fortune, Harry relaxed and paid extra attention in the potion's completion. The remainder of the class was spent relatively quiet and before Harry knew it, it was time to leave. Oddly enough, Harry felt that something should have happened. 'What am I thinking…?! Asking for trouble is what I—'

"Mr. Potter, remain after class."

Harry blinked, and soon after, felt numerous sympathetic pats upon his shoulder as he watched his fellow classmates leave. Soon, the sound of carefree chatter died away and he was left alone. Well, alone with this foreboding figure.

Harry swallowed an uncomfortably, and stepped closer when the man beckoned him. Harry was well aware of many things the Potions Master could begin with, from berating him for their first encounter to threats of Harry's presence in his classroom. What Harry didn't expect was for him to propose new introductions for the two of them.

"It would be best, for both our welfares, that future interaction between us to not be so strained. Wouldn't you agree?"

"..er, y-yes, sir."

"Therefore I believe I should introduce myself. Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master of the Order of the Phoenix."

Harry blinked but hastily held out his hand to shake. "Harry Potter, former student mage of the Order of Thirteen and current student of the Order of the Phoenix."

Severus nodded his head in acknowledgement, releasing Harry's hand and walking to sit at his desk. "Now that we've gotten over the first hurdle, I want to reinforce that I am still your professor and thus, must be treated like one."

Harry nodded hurriedly, wanting to reassure him that he expected no special treatment.

Severus raised an eyebrow but with a wave of his hand, opened the door of his classroom. "I believe your class has already started. Best to hurry."

Harry did a double-take at the abrupt gesture but quickly made his way out of the room.

"I wonder why he called him to stay…" Hermione said thoughtfully, glancing at both boys in front of her to see if she would get any reactions. Ron shrugged, eyes averted while Draco briefly slowed down in his walking before resuming it again.

"Doesn't matter, does it 'Mione?" Ron muttered, his eyes checking the halls while he spoke.

"I suppose not," She conceded, her pace increasing as the door to their next class loomed. "but I was hoping we'd get the chance to befriend him, seeing as how we met him first."

The boys stared after her as she pushed the door open and walked in. Ron and Draco shared a look, shrugged, and walked inside.

The room was large, tremendously so with a high ceiling. Humongous windows nearly covered the wall across of the door, enchanted with a dozen enchantments to prevent any destruction from within or the outside. The Incantations room was already bustling with student activity as everyone hurriedly sat down at their seats. Everyone knew that as soon as everyone was ready, then the class could really begin. Two teachers walked in with considerable differences in appearance, one being the fact the one of teachers was astoundingly short, whereas the other was relatively tall.

"You'd think Professor Flitwick would charm some height on to himself." Ron whispered, nudging Draco with a grin.

Draco smirked and rolled his eyes.

Roll was haphazardly taken by the short teacher, Professor Flitwick, before the other man started to divide the class.

"Excuse me, Professor Lupin?" Hermione called out.

The other teacher, Professor Remus Lupin, looked up at the girl and inclined his head to show he was listening.

"I was wondering what sections we would start off today because I remember hearing that classes would start differently on the rotation system—"

Remus smiled kindly, raising his hand to stall her. "Basic charms with Professor Flitwick and Defensive Magic with me."

"Oh. Well… thanks." Hermione flushed at the easy reply.

After roll was taken and the class divided, the students immediately stood up and formed in line in front of their respective teachers. On one front of the room, there were two separate doors that led into smaller rooms to practice the individual magic. Students shared smiles and waved goodbye to their classmates as they stepped inside to begin their class.

Lunch, like breakfast and most likely dinner, was a loud affair, something that Harry gradually understood to be a norm. At the moment, some of his classmates were interrogating him as to what happened in the Potions room after Snape had dismissed everyone.

"What did he ask you Harry?"

"Did he threaten you?"

"Did he hex you?"

"How about curse you?"

"Did he feel you up?"


Seamus grinned.

Harry took all the questions, even Seamus' goodheartedly. It had been an altogether pleasant day that made Harry believe that things were beginning to look up. At that moment, with all the questions being thrown at him, Harry had a distinct feeling that everyone seemed more lively than usual. He voiced his question to Seamus and stared in bemusement as the boy looked speechless.

"By Cor, I forgot you didn't you!"

"Didn't know what?"

"Oi! Dean, come over here. Harry never knew about the crusades!"

"Crusades…?" Harry tilted his head in bewilderment. 'What did crusades have to deal with this?'

Dean plopped down on Harry's other side. "Crusades are just a fancy term for. Today's the day. Once a month, a group of students are chosen to go out to nearby towns and aid anyone we can. The entire time, we spend a week going to several towns. The crusades always occur on the last week of each month. It's sort of to give us the real-life practice of what we've learned each month."

Harry's eyebrows shot up. "Isn't that a bit much? We're only students… but wait. So the Headmaster calls up say, half a dozen of students and just sends them out there? What of the other people out there?"

Seamus shook his head. "It really is safe, Harry. You'll see what we're talking about when you're called. The people chosen usually split up anyway, so there's not really a group to begin with."

Harry looked astonished at that so Seamus hastened to reassure him. "It's been a tradition of this Order since… since I don't even know! We've interacted with the majority of the villages we visit for quite some time. Besides, our parents live in some of them, you know?"

"Oh…" Harry could've hit himself if he could. 'Of course! Not everyone's like me. Their parents live in the towns…'

"You okay there?"

Harry nodded his head, shooting them a small grin. "It doesn't sound too bad. A chance to help others."

"Yes, it's a great chance for us to use what we've learned here to benefit others."

Harry looked up at the girl he spoke up. Hermione, along with Ron and Draco had taken seats across from the three boys. Both Dean and Seamus greeted them with gusto but Harry remained silent. He didn't know yet how to act around the three, not after there terrible meeting with each other.

Ron shot a look at Harry, nudging Draco in the process. Both boys nodded to each other.

"Who do you think will be chosen this time?" Draco asked, the question open to everyone.

"Who knows? It'd be a good chance for Harry. I've never seen him do any of his magic yet."

Harry flushed when everyone turned to him. "Oh…well, it's…"

"We've already experienced it firsthand." Ron cut in, throwing Harry an engaging smile. "Haven't we Draco?"

Draco gave a dramatic sigh. "Still suffering scars, let me say."

Harry's eyes widened and to everyone's surprise, let out a loud laugh. Hermione smiled at Ron and Draco, glad to see that whatever had happened was forgotten or at least, let go. Soon, the entire table was engaged in story telling of past adventures. From the stories being told, Harry was already hoping he'd get chosen.

As if acting in Harry's wish, the Headmaster suddenly stood to announce this month's group. Albus stood up, smiling at all the students whose faces were turned to him. "I will now announce the roll for this month's crusades roll."

He pulled out a scroll and adjusted his half-moon spectacles. "Harry Potter--"

To his surprise, Harry was called out from the beginning. He hastily stood up and blushed at the attention coming towards him.

"—Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, Ron Weasley, Seamus Finnegan, Aidan Lynch, and Dean Thomas."

Albus rolled up the scroll, regarding the students chosen with a knowing smile. "You have an hour's time to get prepared before we see you off."

Not needing to be told twice, they all headed to their respective rooms to pack. It never really took an hour to get ready, what with the standard mage trunks, but the allotted time was usually to allow the departing students a chance to say goodbye to their fellow classmates.

Now, Harry was in his room surveying his room. He wouldn't be gone long but Harry wanted to be absolutely sure. He quickly scanned the contents of every compartment held by the trunk before closing it with a satisfying click. The students met at the front of the Order to be seen of by the other teachers. All their trunks were shrunk and safely tied to a cord slung around their necks. Harry fingered his nervously as he waved goodbye to the teachers.

As soon as they met a fork in the road, the other students broke away. Harry shared a grin with Seamus and Dean who were heading to the same town. Apparently, both their parents resided in the town and were glad to see them again.

"Care to join us?"

Harry turned around to face Draco, Hermione and Ron a little ways ahead of the two of them. "Sure." 'Nowhere else to go anyway…'

Draco shot him a look, but kept silent. They walked on until they came upon a small village. Their robes identified them as the visiting mages so there was no suspicion directed towards them. Harry followed the three, and for several hours, visited each house to heal or fix anything that would normally be irreplaceable.

Harry smiled down at one of the little girls who tugged at his robes. Harry bent down until he was at eye level with her. "Anything wrong?"

The girl gave a wide grin, two wide gaps in her smile that caused Harry to smile back as well. "I hurt my knee when I was playing my friend Alice."

"Oh really?" Harry gave another smile, as he inspected the light gash on her knee. He waved his hand and the gash disappeared.

"Wow! I wish I could do that! Thank you!"

Harry winked, waving his fingers as she ran off to her own home.

"Hey, Harry? Ready to go?"

"Yes! I'm coming!" He jogged towards the three and they left the village after saying goodbye.

"You seem to have a way with children." Hermione noted aloud while they were walking down one of the dirt roads. While the three had taken care of healing ailments of the people, Harry's main patients were usually children.

Harry shrugged. "Guess so."

Hermione opened her mouth to ask another question until the neighing of horses caught their attention. Seven horsemen were galloping on the road and heading their direction. The four quickly made got of their path but was suddenly made wary when the horsemen came to halt in front of them.

Draco narrowed his eyes but kept silent. Hermione glanced at the riders who were all male. The riders' ages seemed to stay in the early twenties, though two seemed to be their age. Her alert eyes landed on their arms, and she frowned in confusion when identical scars covered their right arms. It looked strangle familiar to her…

"Is there anyone needing assistance?" Hermione asked first, keeping her voice loud and steady.

The rider nearest to them stared at her and said something in a tongue neither of them understood. Their confusion must have been apparent because the man started gesticulating.

Harry frowned in confusion when the man gestured towards him and made a weird gesture by shaking his hand, as if it was clasping something. Hermione had a look of concentration on her face as she tried to make out what the man was trying to say. Draco pursed his lips in annoyance, and would've probably told the men to give up so they could leave if one of the riders hadn't suddenly called out.

It was a boy who seemed to be around their age, maybe sixteen. He had wavy, brown hair with messy strands falling over his forehead. His eyes matched his hair color, with the exception of tints of gold in his eyes that wouldn't be noticeable if not for the sun shining. The boy copied the first riders' actions, pointing at Harry then making a weird gesture with his hand.

Ron turned to Harry. "Do you know these people Harry?"

Harry shook his head, staring at the other boy with trepidation. "No, I've never met anyone when I stayed at the Order."

The boy gave a sound of frustration and pulled something from his waist. Draco's hand flexed but he withheld his magic.


The four of them looked down and regarded a leather pouch. Several gold coins rolled out and stopped at their feet.


"HARRY!" Hermione shrieked.

The boy had produced a long staff and before the three could react, had swiftly knocked Harry in the side of his head. Before the now unconscious boy could crumple to the floor, the boy used the staff to catch the hood of his robes and lifted him up bodily with the staff.

Both Ron and Draco raised their hands to cast but several riders already had strung bows pointed in their direction. While that wouldn't normally mean much, the boy who now held an unconscious Harry in his arms kept in their line of fire.

Without so much as another foreign word, the group rode off down the road and disappeared.

Ron bent down to pick up the pouch and threw it angrily. "What the hell just happened?"

Brows furrowed, Hermione paced. "I think I recognize something about them."

Draco, his arms crossed, headed over to her. "What do you mean?"

"What are we doing just standing here?" Ron cut in. "We've no way where they could be going and we have no chance if we just stand here—"

"Listen, Ron. I think I know where they may be going."

Ron looked faintly astonished. "How?"

"Professor Lupin…"