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Chapter 1: Death and a Promise


Fifteen year-old Lan Hikari's voice echoed through his house as he arrived home after hanging out with his friends at the park. At first he thought the house was empty but the loud sobbing from the living room destroyed that thought and left worry in its wake.

"Mom? Are you ok?" Lan asked worriedly when he found his mother crying on the living room floor. Next to her on the floor was the telephone. She was trembling and had a look of pure shock on her face. Lan hugged her close, not sure what else to do. Inside he felt an emptiness in his heart that he hadn't felt before. Something had happened...something terrible.

"Please mom...what's wrong? Are you hurt?" he said frantically. She wiped her tears before facing her distraught son. "It's your father..."

Time seemed to slow down as his mother explained how his father had died when the plane he was traveling in crashed. Nothing registered after the news sunk in. He faintly heard her mother say she was going to call his father's family and tell them the tragic news. He had nodded before walking upstairs, his face calm and stride normal.

When he reached his room he closed the door and dropped himself on the bed. Curling up in a fetal position he ignored the questions of worry from his Net Navi Megaman.

"Lan? Lan what's up? How was it at the park? Did anything bad happen?" Megaman asked from the PET on Lan's side table drawer. He could feel the waves of hurt and devastation coming off his brown-haired friend.

All he received was silence. This worried Megaman greatly. Lan had never been this upset over anything before...he had to help somehow. He had to comfort Lan...

An idea rose in his head.

"Lan, I'm going to try something. It might drain most of the PET's battery but I need to try this."


Taking the silence as an ok Megaman proceeded to put his idea into work.

In the minutes that followed many strange noises erupted from the PET. This caused Lan to peer over at it in vague bewilderment.

"Megaman, what are you doing?"

The noises stopped and the room became quiet once more. A thin beam of light shone from his PET.

"Hologram System activated."

Lan quirked an eyebrow at the computerized voice that came from his Net Navi's home but his confusion soon turned to shock as the light started to produce an arrangement of white lines starting in the center of his room. The lines moved upward, arranging themselves into the shape of a human body. A different set of lines came from his PET giving more detail to the body. This continued till a blue-clad figure stood in the place of the light.


Emerald green met chocolate brown as the two boys stared at each other; one in shock while the other was oddly calm.

Lan, eyes wide, blinked twice before managing to speak to his now human Net Navi.

"" he gestured to Megaman, seeing as he was currently too in shock from everything to do anything more.

Megaman, who had been examining his body, looked up at his friend with a wide smile on his face.

"Well I wanted to figure out what was wrong with you but I knew I wouldn't be able to help without actually being there with you. So," he drawled out the word before continuing, "I came up with the theory that if the PET's Hologram system had a little energy boost it would make the hologram could I put this...animate."

The green -eyed boy waited as Lan took in the information. Finally, Lan closed his eyes and let out a huge sigh before falling backwards onto his bed.

Megaman raised an eyebrow before sitting next to Lan's sprawled body.

"Will you please tell me what's up?" he asked pleadingly.

Lan's expression saddened as he opened his brown eyes. Turning on his side he looked up at his Navi's worried expression and decided to explain.

"My father," he paused, "My father is gone."

"Gone? What do you mean gone?"

Lan's eyes narrowed and became angry as he sat up on his bed. "He's dead! He kicked the bucket! Bought the farm! HE'S D-E-A-D DEAD!"

The outburst left Lan panting and Megaman shocked.

Megaman looked down and spoke in a hushed voice. "I-I'm sor-"

"No, no I should be sorry," Lan said in a cracked voice. His brown eyes were shut tight to stop tears from escaping but a single tear managed to escape and slide down his flushed face.

Warm hands on the sides of his face caused Lan's eyes to snap open. Megaman gently wiped the tear away with his thumb all the while looking into his friend's sparkling brown eyes.

"Megaman!" The shorter boy hugged the other tightly as more tears fell down his face. The force of the hug pushed Megaman against the headboard with Lan clinging to his waist.

For awhile the only noises in the room were Lan's muffled crying and Megaman's words of comfort. Soon the crying was replaced with soft whimpering and hitched breathing then slow rhythmic breaths.

"Megaman?" Lan's subdued voice questioned. He did not look up at his Navi, only stayed lying on his chest.

Megaman, who had been playing idly with Lan's hair, stared at the back of Lan's head. "Yes?"

"Promise-" he paused thinking of how to word his thoughts, "Promise you'll never leave me."

There was another quiet moment between the two boys before anything was said.

Megaman smiled lightly. "Of course."

Lan fell asleep that second feeling warm and safe in his Navi's arms.

The next morning he awoke under the covers of his bed wondering if yesterday had all been a dream.


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