The owl arrived the next morning, swooping low over the house tables with a superior grace. Minerva saw Dolores Umbridge frown suspiciously across the breakfast things and was glad she'd recently swapped her usual seat for one quite a way further along. The package landed safely in her lap and there was nothing Dolores could do.

She opened the envelope first. It was addressed in handwriting she recognised as belonging to Remus Lupin and she was surprised by the sudden frisson of heat that spread through her veins. She hoped her blush was not too obvious to the rest of the Great Hall's occupants.

After she and Remus had finally left the staffroom they'd escaped upstairs without further mishap. Remus had gathered the necessary information from Dumbledore's office and Phineas had been happy to pass it on to the Headmaster via the occupants of Grimmauld Place. Only the books were left and they could wait a few more hours… hours that had been spent in the safe haven of Minerva's chambers.

Just the thought of it brought a smile to her lips, until she noticed Severus scowling at her and hastily composed herself. Remus had nudged her awake as soon as dawn broke so that he could say goodbye. She'd shared a few sleepy kisses with him and then he'd slipped away. She'd arrived at breakfast tired, hungry and happy.

Truth be told, she hadn't been expecting to hear from him so soon. Curiously she unfolded his letter.

"Dear Minerva,

I hope this reaches you safely. I borrowed Mad Eye's owl – he's just as paranoid as Mad Eye and won't let anyone stop him. I'm almost hoping Umbridge tries because he'll probably peck both her eyes out!

Albus sends his gratitude and says that you are doing a sterling job in his absence (though I think he is a little concerned that there won't be a school left to come back to soon!).

I miss you more than I could ever say. I'm getting the Knight Bus to Hogsmeade tomorrow night. Meet me in the Shrieking Shack?

All my love,


PS. Forgive me, I couldn't resist.

Minerva read the last line and frowned in puzzlement. What couldn't Remus resist? Was this something Sirius had put him up to?

She turned her attention to the package, carefully removing the brown paper wrapping to reveal a small white box labelled 'Madam Malkin's Extra Special Adult Range'. The last time she'd been to London she'd had her eye on a rather fetching set of underwear in sea green lace. Unfortunately events at Hogwarts had precluded her being able to return and purchase them. Perhaps Remus had seen them and guessed that was what she would like. Or perhaps he had chosen something different, something new that she hadn't seen.

But when she opened the box she realised exactly why he'd written 'Forgive me'.

Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall was now the proud owner of one tartan thong.

* * * The End * * *

And the challenge conditions were:

From Juno:

Your fic may be of any length or rating, but must include the following:
~Minerva jumping Remus during some point of the story
~Minerva wearing Remus' shirt during some point of the story
~the use of the word 'lustworthy' (it was later agreed that 'lustfully' was also acceptable)
~Umbridge must make an appearance
~must include the line 'Are you purring?"

And, courtesy of Trogdor:

~a tartan thong