This is a short humor piece that got written on the Great fanfic group that I am on, B5RS, when one of the members made a comment that she was going to "pook" one of the other members. This turned out to be an in-joke for another list, but I thought that it was just a typo for "poke" (Who knew? {g}), and my Muse wrote this before I knew what was happening.

"My Little Pookie"

I/M fic (Like I would write anything else {g}) - Standard disclaimers, and we all know that I don't own these characters; but suing people with no money is unrewarding.

The Ambassadorial Reception area was calm, except possibly inside of the head of one of the officers that stood waiting in the relaxed parade rest. The Commander's thoughts had drifted, of their own doing, back to the scene of the previous evening: How, somehow, she had found herself kissing that most *irritating* Ranger, when she had failed to suspect that he would even have gotten within ten feet of her. Yeah, right, see if THAT happens again! - She would be tempted to shoot him into the Epsilon sun before she would let him get that close again.

A slight commotion near the door drew her, and the others', attention - And then drew a wince as she recognized the swirl of that cloak.

"Apologies, Captain, Commander, Doctor - Entil'Zha Delenn has sent me to send word that the Brakiri delegation has been delayed twenty minutes, and should be here shortly."

"What's up?" Franklin inquired.

"I believe that I would rather let the Entil'Zha explain the specifics on that one - Something to do with a borrowed Enphili translator and a mouse. Some things are better just left unsaid, you know," he grinned.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Ivanova muttered.

The Ranger's eyes perked up. "Ah, Susan! It was beautiful to see you by last night - I must remember to return that data crystal to you that you dropped by."

Luckily, Sheridan had turned to Franklin to discuss some detail about the Enphili and their translators, and what in the world a mouse would be doing in them, so neither noticed the delicate shade of green that was starting to cast itself over Susan's face. The Commander took a surreptitious step back, oh-so-casually away from the Ranger.

Marcus's eyes flared in a friendly challenge, with just a hint of something deeper lurking within. Taking a step forward, he said, "I was quite touched to see you there - If I didn't know better, I might almost think that you had wanted to see me personally."

Susan's step backwards pretty much failed in the "Oh-so-casual" test, although the extenuating circumstances of Franklin heatedly saying that the Environmental Controls were not sufficient to keep out mice and he had been requesting assistance on it for months had probably bumped it up to a "D-plus". "See *YOU* personally? Yeah, right." Her conviction behind the speech probably wouldn't have merited a Mind-wipe, although it may have been enough to get a sentence of Narn Opera.

The look in Marcus's eyes probably could have given Fred Astaire a run for his money, with the amount that they were dancing -- Which was just as well, since it matched pretty well the Ginger Rogers-like backwards dancing of Susan's logic. "A little spooked at the prospect, Susan? Awwww, you're my little 'Pookie'!"

Susan rose up in her spot, the flaring in her eyes making her look like she had suddenly crossed universes and had had a Goa'uld take up residence - "*Pookie*??!?! Oh, yeah, I'll 'Pook' *YOU*, Mister!"

The sudden exclamation dragged Sheridan and Franklin out of a discussion about who had, or had not, failed to authorize the rodent extermination in the Ambassadorial quarters because someone had assumed that the Pak'Ma'Ra would take care of it, and they stared. Sheridan essayed gently, "Um, Susan, Marcus, someone care to tell me what is going on?"

Susan turned to the Captain, and let out a bellow: "_*NO*_!!!"