Jessica: So I says, I says to 'em ,"What if the Yami peoples moved out? You know, living together and all...away from the hikaris....and from everyone else who gives them a hard time...I guess...." And then he says, "I think that idea sucks, it sucks like a vacuum!" But what does he know? I don't even know who I was talking to when I said that...or came up with that idea....who knows, maybe I was talkin' to myself...AGAIN....anyways....yeah....okay, and I notice how peoples like to say that Marik is the yami....I don't like that...Malik sounds more I'm using Malik as the yami, and Marik is the hikari, Like it and/or love it! There is NO option C...errr...D!

Yugi: *claps hand to head* Yami....HOW did you lose the mail?

Yami: ....*shrugs* I's just...lost...

Yugi: I sent you to get the mail, and you LOST it! How is that possible??

Yami: I didn't LOSE it! Ninja raccoons attacked me!!

Yugi: Ninja raccoons?! O.o! Yami! You were standing right in front of the door of the house, HOW could DROPPED the mail in the flowers, didn't you?

Yami: No! Ninja raccoons attacked me!!

Yugi: There were no stinkin' raccoons outside the house!!

Yami: Oh, I get it...your mail is more important than the pharaoh's life all of a sudden!

Malik: Yep, that's about it.

Yami: Shut up, Malik!

Yugi: Yami, you're just being stupid!

Yami: *slaps Yugi* How DARE you speak to your pharaoh that way!!! Now, bow before me and BEG for forgiveness!!!!

Yugi: How about...NO.

Yami: *slaps Yugi again* Do as your pharaoh commands! Fall to your knees!

Malik: Ooooooooh....that'll be an interesting show! *Mind is in gutter*

Yami: Not THAT you moron!!!!

Yugi: Yami, I'm just asking you WHERE the mail is!

Yami: I don't KNOW! Now, BOW!! *tries to push Yugi to the ground*

Bakura: Yami didn't lose the mail, I stole it!

Yugi: (to Bakura) You stole the mail? O.o....Oookayy...was there anything for me at least?

Bakura: Um....there was was from Anzu.

Yugi: Really? Anzu? Where is it?

Bakura: I said...there WAS one from Anzu...I burned it.

Yugi: WHAT?!?!

Bakura: No no, no need to thank me, Yugi. It is all in what you people call "citizenship".

Yami: Citizenship...interesting......*turns to Yugi* BOW BEFORE YOUR KING!

Yugi: No!

Ryou: *comes walking in holding his head* Please keep it down...I have a dreadful headache...

Yugi: Ryou? Are you okay? You look like you didn't get much sleep.

Ryou: Oh no...I got sleep..../_\...Bakura had me drinking last night...

Bakura: I did nothing to you! You had mistaken Vodka for Sprite!

Yami: How's that possible?

Malik: Yeah, a bright-ass like Ryou should have been able to smell the difference!

Bakura: Honestly Malik, would YOU smell a drink before you drank it?

Malik: I guess not...but we're not talking about ME, you bonehead! *Bakura growls at Malik*

Bakura: Actually Ryou, you looked pretty funny all drunk. Yeah, it was all like... you had one drink of vodka, and then you gagged at the horrible taste....then you got curious after five minutes and tried some slowly drank the little glass you had....then you had another....then another....then another.....and another....then you started drinking the other liquor hanging out around there...and then you sang Celine Dion songs all night until you totally passed out.

Ryou: Oh could I do something like that?

Malik: Well, it's better than flashing the author! *Ish smacked in the head with a stuffed kitty cat that appears out of nowhere*

Yugi: Here, Yami. *Gives Yami an envelope* Take this and drop it in the red box at the end of the street. Can you do that WITHOUT doing something stupid or losing it??

Yami: *salutes* OF course I can!!

Yugi: Hmmmm....I don't trust you alone...Bakura, you go with him!

Bakura: Awww...but I don't want to....

Ryou: Are you sure that's a safe idea, Yugi?

Yugi: Hmmmm....maybe I should send Malik with you two also.... (man, is he stupid or what? I mean, I wouldn't even trust MYSELF to go to a mailbox to drop something in!!)