*That night....*

Malik: I....I think I've got it!!! *puts the bread in the toaster and pushes the handle down*....Okay...now what do we do?

Yami: I don't know....Bakura, what do you propose we do? (I wish Bakura would PROPOSE to me! ^.^ LOL)

Bakura: I don't know...wait until it does something?

Malik: That is THE most brainless thing ever.....how do you know we even do that?!

Yami: _..Yeah, Bakura....HOW do you know?

Bakura: I've seen Ryou use this thing before. *points at toaster*

Malik: Yeah, that's exactly what you said when you used the big metal box thing with the four coils on it...._ *Namely, the oven*

*The toaster pops, the three of them jump*


Malik: Yeah!! To the depths of hell with thee!! *Has no idea what he just said*

Bakura: Look!! The bread is cooked!

Yami: Well what do you know? Cooked bread! *takes the toast out of the toaster and takes a bite out of it*...Mmmm....very good cooked bread....*turns the toaster* but very discourteous of you nonetheless!

Bakura: See? I told you I've seen Ryou use it before....

Malik: Hmmm...what about eggs! *pulls out two eggs and walks back over to the toaster*

Bakura: Um....Malik...I don't think I've seen Ryou use that thing for eggs. *looks at the oven/stove* I know I've seen Ryou use that thing for eggs.

Malik: Yeah, then you burned the whole apartment building thing down!

Bakura: No...I'm serious.

Yami: Sure...whatever, Bakura. Malik, put the eggs in the thing.

Malik: Yep.

Bakura: Nope. *turns to Yami* Are you just a stupid pharoah or what? You don't even know what's going to happen if he puts those eggs in there!

Yami: Everything will be fine, Bakura. Besides, even YOU don't know what'll happen!

Bakura: Hmmm...true! *Turns to Malik* Put the damn eggs in already!!

Malik: I'll actually agree with you on that one, Bakura. *shoves the eggs in the toaster and pushes the handle down. Electrical spark-things fly everywhere...heehee...it's funny!*

Yami: It's gonna start another fire!! Quick, Malik! Do something!

Malik: Like what?!

Yami: *sees the cord plugged into the wall, sparks flying from it* There!! Pull that thing out!

Malik: I can't touch it, it looks like it's going to attack back or something...

Bakura: I'LL do it!! *grabs a fork and tries to dig the plug out of the outlet. The breaker goes out and all the power is off in the house, and Bakura is zapped.* (Funny really, I got that idea from my little sister when she was only five or six...I was about 10 or 11...my dad was cooking kraft dinner and weiners for supper, and my sister...sitting at the table with her fork already, stuck it into the empty outlet, which, blew sparks, and blew the breaker...phhht...you babies, she was fine! Nothing happened to her. We still have the melted fork to this very day!! ^.^)

Yami: Ummm....Author....we um...need some uh....light...please...

Malik: Yeah...

Yami: ....Author? Hello?????

Malik: Yeah!! We need some light!!

Jessica: *is nowhere to be seen* Go turn the damn breaker back on!!

Yami: The what?

Jessica: The breaker!....It's down in the basement.

Malik: Hey, you're like a magical person. Why don't you just use that damn keyboard of yours and type us in some light or something?

Jessica: How about....NO? Now quit being lazy and go turn on the breaker!

Yami: Okay....*walks over to a door* Is this the door that leads to the dungeon?

Jessica: The basement? Yes, yes it is.

Yami: Okay....*opens the door and walks in, but trips and falls down the stairs* OW!! Dammit!!

Malik: Are you okay?

Bakura: Yeah, you didn't die again, did you?

Yami: No....I just didn't know that there were STAIRS behind the door.

Malik: Funny, you don't see ME tripping down the stairs! *True, Malik isn't TRIPPING down the stairs....Bakura is PUSHING Malik down the stairs! ^.^...then BAKURA trips and falls down the stairs!!*

*The three of them get up and start looking around for the breaker*

Yami: What does this "breaker" you speak of look like, author?

Jessica: It is a box on the wall....with many switches.

Bakura: How are we supposed to see switches? We can't even see our own hands in front of us...ACK!! *Just walked into the dryer*

Malik: Bakura, can't you do ANYTHING without making a fool of yourself? Hahahaha-ARRRRRGGHHHHH!!!! *Has tripped over the bottom edge of the water heater and fallen into a cold cement wall*

Yami: (To Malik and Bakura) Ha ha-OW, SON OF A-!! *walked face first into the breaker*....Is this it???

Jessica: Yes, Yami. That is the breaker.

Yami: Okay, you said there are switches on it?

Jessica: Everywhere!

Malik: *squints and can barely see the outline of the switches* Which one?

Jessica: It's the switch that is facing the opposite direction of the others.

Yami: So.....these are all facing down, does that mean that we switch this one that is facing up?

Bakura: I know!! It's this one!! *flicks a switch. Gets electrocuted again. But the power is back on in the house*

Yami: Yeah!! We can see again! *Looks at Bakura and realizes that Bakura's hair is standing up* O.O...Wow, funky hair, Bakura.

Bakura: What? *Looks in a nearby mirror and sees his hair standing up* ACK! *Turns to Malik* Oh, great!! Now I look like YOU! _

Malik: Oh, shut up. There's nothing wrong with looking like me! You're just jealous because I look good.

Yami: Naw, Malik. He's just happy to see you.

Bakura: WHAT?!!?

*The three of them suddenly hear banging on the front door*

Yami: Who's that? *goes back upstairs and opens the door. Marik runs inside the house*

Marik: You guys...have to come quick!!

Yami: What? What happened??

Marik: Yugi's become so lonely and un-influenced that he's started his own stripper club in our house, and Ryou's been kidnapped by Martha Stewart!!

Bakura: Martha Stewart?!! That bitch!!!!

Malik: (To Marik) Really?!

Marik: Actually....no...none of it is true...we just really miss you guys and want you to come back...

Yami: Why?

Marik: Well...it's been peaceful ever since you left...we miss you guys totally trashing the place...and Bakura playing with the bug zapper....


Bakura: *looking at the bug zapper in the backyard* Hehehe!! Hey,guys!! Look at this stupid thing!! *laughing histerically at the bug zapper*

Yami: Bakura, what is that?

Bakura: I don't know, but it's hilarious! Hmmm....*walks up and touches the bug zapper. Gets electrocuted* (That's the funny thing about that incident, actually. I have the Sims for Gamecube, and I had made the characters of the "Yugi-man" show...and yeah...made them as characters in the Sims game...and Bakura had started laughing at the bug zapper, then a few seconds later, he touched it and got zapped....funny as hell...that's where the bug zapper idea just came in...I learn from the Sims!! ^.^)


Marik: Anyway, that's not the point!! The point is...everything has been clean, no alcohol's been touched...and people keep beating us up for money!

Malik: Why didn't you just kick them?

Marik: Well, we tried to take self-defense classes....


Instructor: Okay, ladies. Now scream as loud as you can, I want to hear you tell them to leave you alone! All together now! *Women start screaming things like, "Get away from me", and "don't touch my purse"*

Yugi: DON'T TOUCH MY BREASTS! *giggles*


Marik: THIS IS STUPID!!!!!! *turns to Yugi and Ryou* And this is a women's course.

Yugi: Yeah, well there are no MEN'S self defense classes around here.

Ryou: That's sad...women need classes to learn how to protect themselves and men don't...

Marik: What's so sad about it?

Ryou: It must be hard to be a woman...having to live in a world full of untrustworthy men.

Marik: O.o....Okay, that's it, I'm getting you the hell outta here. *Grabs Ryou and Yugi and drags them out of the class, all the while Yugi's screaming, "DON'T TOUCH MY BREASTS!!"..and giggling some more*


Yami: Yugi, that little pervert....

Marik: But yeah....we really want you guys to come back!!

Yami: Hmm...but no..honestly, none of that stuff happened? Like, Ryou kidnapped by Martha Stewart, and Yugi with the stripper club?

Marik: Nope, not true...err..except the Martha Stewart one.

Malik: WHAT?!

Marik: Yeah..um...that just goes to show you, never show up Martha Stewart....see...Ryou was watching the show, and she's started a mail thing where she reads the letters on the show...and well, she put a bowl on a table with red roses and red wildflowers, and Ryou wrote and said that because they're both red, you really can't tell which types of flowers are there, so he said to use yellow roses instead...and well, she read the letter, then switched the red roses with yellow instead...which then she got comments saying that they liked Ryou's idea MUCH better...so she kinda got jealous I think...

Bakura: When did this happen?!

Marik: Oh, about half an hour ago, actually. Yeah, Yugi, Ryou and I were all like, sitting around on the couch talking about how we missed you guys and all, then Ryou got up and left the room for a second...then we heard Ryou scream...of course Yugi and I didn't do anything, we thought nothing of it at the time, I mean, Ryou screams about everything, doesn't he? But then after a few minutes, we got up thinking, "What the hell? Is he hiding on us or something?" and when we walked into the kitchen, the window was open, he wasn't there...and judging by the red roses and red wildflowers that had magically appeared on the table, we knew right away that it was Martha Stewart...crazy, huh?

Bakura: Great...now my hikari's been kidnapped by a psycho prison woman, and it's all YOUR fault!! *points at Yami*

Yami: ME?! What for??

Bakura: "Well, maybe we'll move out then!"

Yami: That was YOU who suggested we move!

Bakura: Yeah, well YOU agreed to that stupid suggestion!!

Marik: So...will you guys come back??

Malik: I'm going back!! I don't want to go shopping again!

Yami: Hmm...Yeah...*thinks back to the gumball machine and shudders* that sounds good...and I don't want to have Bakura cook again.

Bakura: Hmph...I did better than Malik...

Yami: At least Malik was able to COOK bread!

Bakura: I cooked lots of other things besides bread!! I cooked the whole building, and it had many different types of food in it!

Anyway, to put an even longer story short...the yami peoples moved back in with their hikaris. And yes, they rescued Ryou...well, actually, I "attempted" the rescue mission, but accidentally on purpose got captured myself so that Bakura would come to save Ryou...AND me!! ^.^ Yeah, I'm pathetic....and creative!! ^.^