In Sickness...


This is a (vaguely) I/M vignette, written under my speculation that if Ivanova had stayed around on station at the end of Season Four, that she and Marcus would have, one way or another, carved out a "happy ending" for themselves - And that Marcus would have indeed ended up as the main Ranger for _Crusade_. This is set very near the start of _Crusade_, not long after the Drakh plague has been released, with Marcus responding to Capt. Gideon on a query.

Marcus looked steadily at Gideon. "Did you know that she had just told me, a month ago, that she was pregnant?" Tears shone in his eyes. "That was the reason why she had just transferred to Earth. With her promotion to Lt. Colonel, and the baby... We had figured that we would try for a quieter assignment in a stable place, where we and our children would be safer, and that I would be joining her in a couple of weeks. Safer! - *Hah*!

"*I want to be with her.* I want to look into her eyes, and be lost within their depths while I feel her reaching for me. I want to sink into our joining again, and feel our shared caresses on every level. I want to cuddle up to her, and bask in her comfort through the night.

"I want to feel our child stirring in her belly, and gaining strength to kick against my hand; and I want to be there to hold her hand and rub her back and find foods that don't make her turn green at their mention. I want her to again unsympathetically tell me, 'tough,' on something, while there is a twinkle peeking through her eyes and a mental whisper of, 'I love you.'

"I want my wife! My life is her, and my child, and the Rangers -- *In that order* -- And right now she is so far away from me, that I might as well already be dead."

His head sagged into his hands. "Gideon, I swear to you, if it were not for knowing that I *must* be out here, trying to find a way to save her life and the life of our child, I would have already have joined her."

"But, the blockade...?"

Marcus gave him a level look. "Do you really think that would have stopped me?"